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Election Oversight

The League is asked to perform oversight for the elections of other organizations.
Here are documents that we use.

LWVC Oversight of Elections

LWV California has prepared guidelines. These are written to be used for Homeowners' Associations, but apply to other organizations just as well

Here are LWV California's guidelines:

Certification of Elections


Election of Directors

The League of Women Voters Oakland (LWVO) was contracted to serve as the Inspectors of Election on____________.

As the duly appointed Inspector of Election, I hereby report as follows:


The number of members in good standing and entitled to vote was:_________

Supervision of Election

1. LWVO reviewed and supervised the registration process.
2. LWVO determined the authenticity, validity and effect of each of the ballots received.
3. LWVO determined all challenges and questions in any way arising in connection with the right to vote or run for the Board.
4. LWVO determined if any ballots were invalid and were not counted for any reason.

Election Process

1. There were _______vacant positions open for election on the Board of Directors.
2. The terms were for _______years.
3. The candidates were as follows (listed alphabetically) and the votes received by each candidate is listed behind their name.

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________
4. LWVO counted and tabulate all votes as follows:

The total number of ballots counted_____X (no. of positions) =_______total possible votes

The total votes cast in the election: ______________

The total number of votes not cast was:__________

The total number of ballots not counted:____*

  • Reason(s) for not counting:

5. The ______candidates receiving the highest number of votes are as follows and will serve for terms set forth:

Names of Directors Elected                                                            Term to:

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________

________________________________________________               _________

Certification of Inspector of Election
I hereby certify that the above are the results of the voting undertaken by LWVO as of this date and time.

Print Name____________________________ Signature_______________________

Date:_______________________                  Time:_______________

Election Monitoring Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the election management services of (name of local League) for the upcoming (name of association) election of (type of election, eg board of directors).

The (insert name) Association comprises (insert number) units, with (insert number)
eligible voters. With this size association, (insert name of LL) would offer the following services:
1. Ballot Receipt: Pursuant to the California Code, the address envelope will be mailed to P.O. Box (insert #), where they will remain in our custody until the board election.
2. Voter Verification: : (insert name of LL) will verify all votes cast with a number list provided by the association. The association will provide this list to (name of LL) by (insert date).
3. On-Site Hand Counting of Ballots: Pursuant to the association's by-laws, one (1) or (3) League representatives will tally the valid votes cast by the association members. The League representatives will also conduct all other Independent Third Party duties pursuant to the California Code.
4. Certification of Election Results: After all votes are verified and counted, the results of the election will be certified. Possession of the ballots will be turned over to the association by (insert date).
(Local League) will provide these services to the (name of association) for the cost that is determined by the number of inspectors required. If one League representative will be utilized, the cost for our service is $400. If three representatives will be needed, the cost for our service is $700. It is important to note that this cost covers the first attempt at the annual meeting/election ONLY. If a quorum is not reached and we are required to return for additional cost per meeting for one representative is $100 and three representatives is $250.
(Local League) can also provide additional services if needed. If your association is interested in services such as ballot creation/printing, mailing of ballots to the membership, etc., please contact us for more information and the additional costs involved.
Thank you again for the opportunity to provide our Independent Third Party election services. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to working with (name of association).


Katherine Gavzy, President

(page 2)

Election of Board of Directors
Of (Name of Association)
On (date of election and time)
At (address)

1. Election Administration
Preparation of mailing documents
Notice, Ballot, Envelopes and Mailer
Address Registration Envelopes
Prepare all election materials
Receipt of Ballots
PO Box pick up, sort, check against list
Ballot Check in and Registration
Storage of election materials

2. Independent Election Administrator
Oversight of election
Counting of ballots on Election Day
Certification of election

3. Miscellaneous Expenses
Rental of post box

Direct expenses for the printing and mailing of the election package will be an expense of (insert name of Association)

At $20 per hour, estimated hours: ____________. Total fee : _____________

Idemnify agreement

This agreement is entered into on ______________, 20___ by and between the League of Women Voters of Oakland (the "League") and the ____________ ___________________ Association (the "Association").
As the duly appointed Inspector of Election, the League pledges to conduct the election/vote with fairness to all members of the Association; to perform our duties impartially, in good faith, and to the best of our abilities; and as expeditiously as possible. The League is not liable for any challenge to the election as a result of faulty or incomplete information provided to it by the Association or as a result of actions or situations out of its direct control.
The Association shall indemnify and hold harmless the League, its successors or assigns from and against any and all claims, liabilities, expenses, or causes of action arising out of or in connection with the League's administration of the Association's election, including the following:
Creation of ballots
Mailing of ballots to members of the Association
Receipt and custody of voted ballots
Verification of ballots against the polling list provided by the Association
Opening ballots and tallying the votes
Custody of counted ballots
This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California. This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties, and may be altered only by an agreement in writing, executed by both parties.
In witness whereof, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed on the date above written.

INDEMNIFIER:                                       INDEMNITEE:
(the "Association")                                   League of Women Voters of Oakland

Signature:                                               Signature:

Name: __________________________    Name: __________________________

Title: ____________________________   Title: ____________________________