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Our Newsletter, the VOTER, is published 10 times a year, both online and on paper.
The online VOTER comes in two versions; a .pdf version, (November 2014 VOTER in color) and the version with titled paragraphs, (November 2014 VOTER).

If you prefer to not receive the paper version, please email .

Please let the chair of the communications committee, Leslie Smith at, or the webmaster, Bev Solo at know how you like the new version and which works best for you.

The candidate forum dates and participants in the September voters are no longer valid. Please see the Calendar or the Home page.

November 2014 VOTER.pdf in color
November 2014 VOTER
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October 2014 VOTER
September 2014 VOTER.pdf in color
September 2014 VOTER

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April 2014 VOTER
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March 2014 VOTER
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February 2014 VOTER
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January 2014 VOTER
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November 2013 VOTER
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