Making Democracy Work

Voter Service and Education

We make voting easier through varied voter education programs.

Pros & Cons for the November 2014 Election

The League of Women Voters Education Fund conducts voter service and citizen education activities. It is a nonpartisan nonprofit public policy educational organization, which:

  • Builds citizen participation in the democratic process.

  • Studies key community issues at all government levels in an unbiased manner.

  • Enables people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues through education and conflict management.

Donations to the Education Fund, a 501(c)(3)corporation, are fully tax-deductible where allowed by law.

Voter Education Forum Ground Rules

  • Speakers/panelists and format will be chosen to ensure a comprehensive, unbiased and well-grounded presentation of the issue being discussed

  • Written questions from the audience will be screened by a question sorting committee

  • The people who serve as moderator, question sorter, etc., will have no connection with any group or organization that is strongly identified with one side or another of the issue being discussed and will not have made public statements supporting or opposing any side of the issue being discussed.

  • No literature/paraphernalia supporting or opposing any side of the issue being discussed will be displayed or distributed in the meeting room.

  • In forums in which the League is the lead sponsor, we reserve the right to have the final say on ground rules. In those initiated by other organizations where the League is a co-sponsor, we reserve the right to publicly disassociate ourselves with any forum that is not non-partisan.

New LWVCEF Web Site

Check out the new LWVCEF Web site for information on state propositions. You will find new online Pros & Cons, along with supplemental information on the propositions. League researchers will be providing updates to the online information as new developments come to light before the election in June. This website has been created for this election, but will continue afterwards to showcase the materials that the LWV Education Fund produces for various governmental issues.

The site will also lead you to the Easy Voter Guide and to SmartVoter