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Board Meeting Minutes 2011-2012

June, 2012

Old Board/New Board Meeting
June 28, 2012

The meeting of the Old Board/New Board members was held on Thursday, June 28th at 6:30pm at the home of Judi Bank (5458 Fernhoff Road). The business meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:55pm.

Old Board Members - Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo, and Sandy Venning.

New to the Board Members - Miranda Perry, Yolanda Schonbrun, and Rosalee Schubert.

Absent: Debbie Mills, Suzanne Loosen, Katherine Oberle, Echa Schneider, Leslie Smith, and Emily Wilson.

Buffet dinner, greetings and introductions.

Agenda approved by consensus.

Previous Board meeting minutes were approved by consensus.

Treasurer's report - Katherine distributed a copy of the report for discussion. We have not received the final expenses for the 2012 National LWV Convention in Washington D.C. Katherine gave an overview of the budget: our budgeted net income for the closing fiscal year is $3,566 but we expect to end the year with a larger surplus due to the success of the annual Luncheon. This will be used to help pay for the cost of the Oakland Easy Voter Guide in the fall.

The Absence Calendar was circulated for updating.

Planning for Retreat - The Board retreat is scheduled for July 8 at 1pm until 6pm at Swan Cooperative Housing in Oakland.
Refreshments for the Retreat - Rosalee and Sandy volunteered to take care of refreshments.

Program for Retreat - Yolanda will help Katherine plan the program. Three topics we will discuss are the September Kick-Off, Hot Topics and the monthly Programs. Board members should think about what we want to work on this coming year and send our ideas to Yolanda and Katherine.

Action Committee
Mary presented the committee recommendations.

Measure B (transportation) - If this measure is passed by the voters, the committee is concerned that changes cannot be made for 30 years. Since many changes can occur during this long period of time, and the voters and/or transportation administrators will not be able to adjust using the bond money from Measure B, the Committee is recommending a NO vote on the proposition. The Alameda County League Transportation Committee is recommending we remain neutral on this measure. The Board agreed by consensus to be neutral. We will report our vote to the Alameda County Council of Leagues.

Education Committee</u.
Yolanda and the committee requested permission to possibly update our local education position. She received information at the National Convention indicating this may be necessary. Katherine requested she bring their ideas to the September Board meeting.

Committee members attended the last meeting of the Oakland Board of Education meeting. Jody London, president of the Oakland Board of Education, has been attempting to get together with City Council members to arrange to meet one on one but has not been successful. Jody would like LWVO to help her arrange this meeting with the hope these two groups will meet and take a more focused and proactive approach to education. Since these efforts are not working (elections coming up) a suggestion was made that we ask the question at Candidate Forums as to how the candidates plan to work on City Council/ School Board cooperation. Then at the start of 2013 when both newly-elected council members and newly-elected school board members take office, we can consider approaching them all about getting together.

Development We are looking for funding for our Oakland Easy Voter Guide. One idea is to contact the East Bay Express. Kathleen Cha said the Express is interested in the possibility of funding the English version only and might help with layout, etc.

The next Easy Voter Guide will be 12 pages. The budget is at least $12,000. We pay the advisor (Alec McDonald), a focus group, translators, and printing costs. We do not have a grant at this time.

Rosalee will meet with Judi Bank regarding the distribution of the Guide. It is possible that one or more of the organizations receiving the foreign language Guides might help with funding of these publications.

Katherine, Miranda and Kathleen will try to meet with East Bay Express to see if we can work more closely with them.

Oakland Easy Voter Guide Contents - Kathleen suggested that we include only Oakland candidate statements and photos in the upcoming Guide. For the special districts (e.g., BART, EBMUD etc.) and County offices we would include brief description of the office and names of candidates, with a note referring readers to for additional details, Of course, we would continue to include the Pros and Cons information on all of the Oakland ballot measures, as well as Alameda County ballot measures.

Judy Merrill moved and Louise seconded this proposal. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Voter Service Voter Registration - It seems that many groups are already registering voters at the colleges, and the consensus is that colleges are already pretty well covered. Mary volunteered to check in with local affiliates of groups with which LWVUS is partnering on national voter registration Day (September 25) so that we direct interested volunteers towards their efforts.

Registrar of Voters will have a table at the Art & Soul Festival on the first weekend in August. We can share a table with them if we share the cost of the table ($275). The Board agreed as long as we can display our materials on the table. Katherine will find out from ROV soon.

Allene Warren would like to move on from some of her present responsibilities. Judy M described her responsibilities as mostly giving information to other groups. Sandy might want to take on this portion of Allene's current responsibilities and will confirm by the summer retreat in July. Sandy will work on partnering with Allene's usual contacts so that LWVO is involved in the National Voter Registration Day activities.

Candidate Forums - Joey Hansell will be out of the country at the time of the next Forum, and Judy Merrill will need someone to fill in.

We are co-sponsoring a forum for District 1, and have been asked to provide support for District 7. We will need to run our own forums for Districts 3, 5 and 7.

We now have a videographer for Forums not held at City Hall.

Pros and Cons - We need more speakers for Pros and Cons. Louise will review the Interest Surveys to see if we have anyone who expressed interest in this area.

Cooperative Bay Area Leagues video production - Professional quality video on youtube. We need to film it in a studio with a teleprompter. Bev has a name to send to Judy as a person who will be in the video.

Katherine suggested we have an inter-league steering committee to pursue this. Yolanda, and Louise volunteered to help with visuals. It was suggested that Miranda (absent from this meeting) would also be likely to help.

Membership Membership now stands at 334, a net increase of 25 since January 31st 2012.

A party for new members is scheduled for July 12. Please RSVP to Louise.

Committee chairs, please let Louise know what help you need so the membership committee can tell new members when they call them.

The POWER group will have a Delilah Beasley event at the Pardee House on September 15 and have asked us to sponsor. The event will be used to welcome Girls, Inc to Oakland and their new location. The Board agreed to co-sponsor this event. Louise will send a flyer to Sandy for the VOTER, to Bev for the website and to Miranda for Facebook.

Membership will reach out to PTA's at junior and senior high schools to educate the students on the voting process and hope to attract parents as members.

Louise will present other ideas for expanding membership for discussion at the retreat.

Publicity Miranda encouraged us to join Facebook, and to send her information on each committee's activities. She sent Board members instructions on how to "like" the LWVO, LWVC and LWVUS Facebook pages.

Katherine & Miranda will follow up with East Bay Express on get-out-the-vote insertions

VOTER No August VOTER. Sandy would like to get the September VOTER out right after Labor Day. For this she will need all submissions no later than August 19th. Keep the date change in mind.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

Annual Meeting 2012

LWV Oakland Annual Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The 2012 Annual Meeting of the League of Women Voters Oakland was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at the Lake Merritt Hotel, 1800 Madison Street in Oakland, California at 6:45pm.

New members present at the meeting were introduced to everyone.
Fifty-year members introduced - Mary Straus, Fumi Sugihara and Lorraine Force.

Bonnie Hamlin reported we have 327 members. Our bylaws call for 10% of the membership to be present to have a quorum. We have a quorum.

A motion was made by Helen Hutchison and seconded by Fumi Sugihara to adopt the rules of the meeting. The members present voted unanimously to adopt the motion.

A motion was made by Mary Straus and seconded by Katherine Oberlie to approve the minutes of last year's meeting. Members present approved the minutes from last year's Annual Meeting by consensus..

Miranda Perry and Rosalee Schubert were appointed to review the minutes from this meeting.

Judy Merrill was appointed timekeeper, and Kathleen Cha and Mary Bergan were appointed Parliamentarians.

The Order of Business was adopted.

The Rules of Meeting were adopted.

The Committee consists of the following three members - Kathy Collup, Katherine Gavzy and Deborah Mills. Katherine Gavzy presented the budget to the members. Forecast on 2012 completed in March and does not reflect today's status. Katherine explained how the dues are distributed to the National, State and Bay Area leagues. The National dues have been increased by $1 per member per year.

Grants - We do not have a grant as of this time for the Oakland Easy Voter Guide, but are hopeful.

A question was asked about when we may use the Ed Fund money. We may use Ed Fund money for the Easy Voter Guide, Pros and Cons, and to pay our PMP to California LWV.

The Budget for 2012-2013 was approved unanimously.

Katherine Oberle presented the LWVO Board's proposed program for 2012-2013.
We need to vote on 3 issues:

The Board recommends adoption of the issues for emphasis for 2012-2013:

  • Expand the reach and impact of the LWVO, including efforts to expand the Observer Corps
  • Educate members and the public about city finance and budgeting issues
  • Provide active support for the Public Ethics Commission
  • Encourage increased transparency and accountability in city government

The Board recommends retaining these current positions:
  • Education-Oakland (1971, 1980)
  • Local Government - Oakland (1970, 1993, 2001, 2011)
  • Waterfront - Oakland (1993)

The Board recommends retaining the following position with the change noted:
Housing- - Oakland (1992) (small change recommended by Board)
To change "Redevelopment Agency" Section 1(c) of that position to "redevelopment agency(ies)" in order to include any redevelopment agency-type successors to the Redevelopment Agency.

After revision, that clause (c) will read as follows:
"(c) encourage the City government and redevelopment agency(ies) to attract developers with established records of success for development of housing in the downtown and neighborhood commercial areas..."

Several questions were asked by members for clarification purposes.

Motion was made by Mary Weinstein and seconded by Susanne Loosen to adopt the issues for emphasis for 2012-2013
Motion was made and by Helen Hutchison and seconded by Genevieve Katz to retain the current positions noted above.
Motion to make a change to update the housing position relative to redevelopment was made by Judy Merrill and seconded by Meg Bowerman

The members present voted unanimously to approve the above three motions.

Introduction of Current Board of Directors
     Carol Agnello
     Judi Bank
     Mary Bergan
     Kathleen Cha
     Katherine Gavzy
     Annmarie Hallin
     Susanne Loosen
     Judy Merrill
     Deborah Mills *
     Katherine Oberle
     Louise Rothman-Reimer
     Echa Schnider *
     Bev Solo
     Sandy Venning

  • could not be present

Nominating Committee
Members of the 2011-2012 Nominating Committee were: Louise Nathe (chair), Carole Agnello, Lorraine Force, Annmarie Hallin, and Yolanda Schonbrun.

Carole Agnello reported on behalf of Louise Nathe who was unable to attend.

Nominated for 2-year Term - July 2012-June2014:
     Annmarie Hallin, Secretary
     Miranda Perry, Public Relations
     Louise Rothman-Riemer, Membership, Community Outreach
     Yolanda Schonbrun, Vice-President, Program
     Rosalee Schubert, At Large
     Leslie Smith, At Large
     Beverly Solo, Webmistress
     Emily Wilson, Treasurer

Continuing on Board: terms expire June 2013
     Carole Agnello, At Large
     Judi Bank, Voter Service - Distribution
     Mary Bergan, Vice President, Action
     Katherine Gavzy, President
     Suzanne Loosen, Leadership Development
     Judy Merrill, Vice President, Voter Service
     Sandy Venning, VOTER Editor

The incoming Board was approved by voice vote of the members present.

The following members were nominated to be the 2012-2013 Nominating Committee:
     Anne Killebrew
     Jane Klein
     Susan Veit
Plus two Board members to be selected by the Board before September 2012.

Carole Agnello moved and Louise Rothman-Riemer seconded the motion that the members accept the above nominations. The members present voted unanimously to adopt the motion.

Other Business
Chairs from various committees presented information on their committees and reminded members of sign-up sheets on the table to sign up for one of the committees. Chairs who presented information were:
Mary Bergan - Action Committee
Bonnie Hamlin - Development
Judy Merrill - Voter Service
Katherine Gavzy reminded us that the Register of Voters has a contract with LWVO to keep several locations in Oakland stocked with a supply of California Voter Registration Forms. LWVO gets paid for this activity. We need more volunteers.
Yolanda Schonbrun - Education
Miranda Perry - Communications
Louise Rothman-Reimer - Membership, Community Outreach

A drawing was held for those members who had renewed their membership for 2012-2013 AND who had completed the Interest Survey before or during the Annual Meeting. The winners of the raffle prizes are:
Gift #1 - LWV Note Pad - Kathleen Cha
Gift #2 - Ball Point Pen with a light - Gail Weininger
Gift #3 - LED flashlight - Susan Harris
Gift #4 - LWV Tote Bag - Ruth Vaughn
Gift #5 - Dinner for 2 at Lake Merritt Hotel - Winnie Gallagher
Gift #6 - Ticket to the Annual Luncheon - Nancy Auker

The business portion of the meeting paused at 7:55pm

Speaker presentation began at 8:00pm. Natasha Minsker, American Civil Liberties Union, spoke on Ending the Death Penalty in California.

Following Ms Minsker's presentation, a few announcements were made.

Mary Bergan took this opportunity to remind everyone present that LWVO needs more members to volunteer to be Observers at Oakland's public meetings. Contact Mary for more information.

Helen Hutchison reminded members of an important statewide need to update the study of the initiative and referendum process. This study is in need of more help. Contact Helen for more information.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

May 2012

LWVO Board Meeting
May 14, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor library at 6:34 p.m.

Attendance: Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Susanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning

Excused Absences: Debbie Mills and Katherine Oberle

Absent: Echa Schneider

Guest: Yolanda Schonbrun

Revised Agenda approved.

Previous meeting minutes - Privatization Study Committee ...add Yolanda Schonbrun. Judy M moved to accept, Sandy seconded. The Board approved the minutes unanimously.

Treasurer's report - Reflects a partial view of the luncheon. We may have a net income of $12,000 or so. More money than in previous years.

The absence calendar was circulated for updates.

Action Committee
Mary discussed the Committee's request for Board approval of Measure B on the June ballot, a parcel tax benefiting the Peralta College District. This tax is the same for any size parcel and would last 8 years. The Committee recommends support for this issue. Other local Leagues in the Peralta College District have voted to support this tax. Louise moved we support, Sandy seconded it, and the Board voted unanimously to support the ballot measure.

Report on recent activities - Also recommended we undertake to have a variety of citizens approach Records to determine a policy on handling public records audit (an attempt to look at the City and audit just how accessible the public records are to the citizens). This would be an "undercover" effort. The Committee would assign a particular record to an individual. Are the records available to anyone, regardless of physical appearance. The Board recommended the Committee conduct an audit of public records.

Sandy, Carole and Judi Bank attended a Parks and Recreation meeting on restructuring the Parks and Recreation department. The City Administrator is proposing to combine Parks and Rec, Human Services and Neighborhood Services. A discussion was held at this meeting as to whether or not this is a good idea. The goal is to decide by this fall. Every speaker at the meeting was against the idea. This was the first public hearing on this issue. Judi Bank suggested we pay attention and make sure we are aware of what is going on. Action Committee at its May 29 meeting will have an update, and will develop questions for Deanna Santana when she speaks at our May 31st Program.

Alameda Country Transportation Committee - This group approached Suzanne with a request to give a presentation at one of our Program meetings to get LWVO support for their November Ballot Measure B (sales tax increase to fund transit projects). Suzanne will tell them the Alameda County Council of LWV is working on this issue and if we have time before the November election to schedule a presentation, we will let them know.

The speaker for the May 31st Program will be Deanna Santana at Hearing Room 2 at 6pm in City Hall.

Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 13th. Send in reservations by June 2nd. Committee chairs should bring to the meeting information on plans for the coming year and bring a sign-up sheet for members to sign up for committee responsibilities. We will have the sign up sheets at the Registration Table.

Yolanda has volunteered to provide an exhibit of photos from the National Convention. Set-up of the meeting room will be overseen by Katherine Oberle, Katherine Gavzy, Bonnie Hamlin and Yolanda Schonbrun.

Annual Meeting Kit - Katherine needs reports for the Kit by May 30th or June 1st at the latest .Legislative interview with Loni Hancock - Sandra Coleman submitted an unofficial report on the interview to the Board: Loni is in favor of a majority rather than 2/3 majority for taxes; is against the death penalty; for Brown's tax initiative; public financing of elections; likes the DISCLOSE act; among other ideas. We will have more details when Sandra and the other interviewers have their report ready to print for the September VOTER

Education Committee
Yolanda came to the meeting and sought clarification on whether the Education Committee should request the Board's approval to include the results of the National League education study into our local Education Position and then apply it to local action on education. The Board explained that a new National position once adopted from the study would be "vertical downwards" where appropriate and therefore automatically permit local action. No need to revise our own Education position.

The Committee is staying on top of the education issues and working to keep it in the public eye. They would like to help the School Board members talk about their education plans with the City Council...possibly a School Board member team up with a City Council member.

Jodi London asked if the League could set up this process...not a public meeting, not Hot Topics, just one-on-one's between councilmembers and school board members. The Education Committee will meet with the Action Committee and discuss.

Luncheon was very successful, even turned people away.

Grant application is in process. "Coming of Age" has a grant of $2,500 for organizations to train people (non LWVO members) over 50 years of age. Sandy asked about the level of competency of the potential volunteers. Louise and Bonnie had attended a 2-day session put on by this organization and came to the conclusion that the level of competency is high. Is this grant worth pursuing?

The board decided to discuss this at the Retreat in the summer. If possible, we will come up with an appropriate project where we can use their expertise, then contact them for their possible assistance.

The Board agrees this grant is not appropriate for the Easy Voter Guide, but possibly as a source of volunteers to assist us on a specific project later.

Voter Service and Education
High School registration project update: progressing well, over 100 students registered.
Miranda Perry has located a You Tube site. Miranda will post the Congressional office/judgeship Candidate Forum on YouTube with a link to Smart Voter.

June 5th election - Report on Candidate Forum of May 11th - very successful

LWVCA Easy Voter Guide for June election distribution - Judi Bank is working on it.

November 6th election: Oakland Easy Voter Guide update - Kathleen Cha is following up with someone who can post it online. She thinks the printing cost will be about $9,000. Alex McDonald of LWV Bay Area is available again to help with this project. Work should start late July or early August.

Louise reported on the new Brochure and each Board member took a few. Committee members have been contacting new members to learn their interests and also those who have decided not to renew to see why. Membership asks Board members who have portfolios or are committee chairs to tell Membership about upcoming events and projects that need volunteers so Membership can bring these up in their phone conversations with new members.

We have about 328 members at the moment. This makes Oakland the 2nd or possibly 3rd largest League in California.

Sent out 189 letters to new homeowners and are waiting to see the results.


Alameda County Council of LWV meeting on June 2nd and will discuss Transit among other topics.
National Convention - Yolanda, Miranda Perry, Mary Bergan and Katherine will attend as voting delegates. Louise will be in the area visiting family and will attend as a non-voting delegate.

June Old Board/New Board meeting - Katherine will send a Doodle to old and new Board members with potential dates for the meeting which we may hold at Louise's house. We are planning a potluck for the meeting.

Luncheon report
Report on teen registration
Candidate Forums
Sandre Swanson interview
President's message
Annual Meeting - reminder to members to renew their membership before or at the meeting.
LWVBA meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:26pm

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, Secretary to the Board

April 2012

LWVO Board Meeting
April 9, 2012 - Revised

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor library at 6:35 p.m. Attendance: Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Susanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo, and Sandy Venning

Excused Absences: Kathleen Cha, Katherine Oberle, Debbie Mills, and Echa Schneider.

Guest: Helen Hutchison privatization study consensus committee

Administrative Agenda approved. Previous meeting minutes approved. Treasurer's report - Since Debbie Mills was not here, Katherine Gavzy presented the March Treasurer's report. There was nothing important to point out. The absence calendar was circulated for updates.

Nominating Committee (Committee report was distributed to Board) We discussed what we believe is our very good luck with the incoming Board members. It was moved by Louise and seconded by Judy Merrill to accept the recommendations of the Nominating Committee. The Board approved unanimously. Nominations for new 2012-13 Board and the 2012-13 Nominating Committee will be distributed to all members with the Call to Annual Meeting. Complete Nominating Committee Report will be in the Annual Meeting Kit.

Budget Committee (proposed budget was distributed to Board at March and April meetings) We need to present the 2012-2013 budget to the LWVO members for approval at the Annual Meeting. Bev reminded us that we will owe $100 for a 5 year renewal for our URL during the next year or so.... probably in October 2013. It is less expensive if we pay for 5 years, rather than for one year. We can expect to receive the bill for the URL renewal via email.

Judy Merrill questioned the amount in the budget for making copies of Voter Service materials. Do we have a sufficient amount? Louise asked about printing costs for the new membership brochure. Katherine added additional funds for the above increased expenses. Sandy moved and Louise seconded we accept the updated budget. Katherine will make the accepted changes and the revised budget will be included in the Call to Annual Meeting.

LWVUS Privatization Study Consensus Helen Hutchison reported on the Privatization study consensus meeting led by Helen, Kathleen Cha, Mony Flores-Bauer and Yolanda Schonbrun. Twelve individuals attended from the Oakland LWV, 8 from the Berkeley LWV, 1 from the Piedmont LWV and 3 from the West Contra County LWV. The LWVO consensus on the study questions will be reported to LWVUS and published on our website. The report to LWVUS will include comments from consensus participants that some of the questions were poorly written, too vague, and not completely neutral/objective.

  • A high priority in this area is public accountability. We know that competitive bids for public property is a necessity,
  • Standards are needed for the privatization process. It is also important to be flexible.

The results from all of the consensus groups will be forwarded to the National LWV. Once the National Privatization Committee approves the study, it will become a LWV Position.

Louise moved we accept this consensus report and Suzanne seconded the motion. The Board agreed unanimously.

Action Committee (Committee report was distributed to the Board) Mary reported on the proposed initiative to repeal Ranked Choice Voting. Mary is trying to find out who is behind this initiative. Action Committee would like the Board to approve their efforts to actively oppose this initiative. Louise moved and Carol seconded the proposal and the Board agreed unanimously.

Mary asked the Board to approve their efforts to support the open data policy coming before the City Council. Judy M moved and Sandy seconded the Committee's proposal and the Board unanimously approved this effort in the interest of transparency.

Mary and Marion Taylor would like to present a brief review of the bus rapid transit topic at the next Board meeting. An article will be written for the VOTER after the May Board meeting.

The Committee needs to correct Desley's last name in the Action Committee report to Brooks.

Action Committee will keep an eye on the relationship between city staff and the city auditor's office, which has been difficult.

Hot Topics - April 23 - two propositions on the June ballot and an advance look at the November ballot

May 21 - water issues (tentative)

Joey Hansel of the Action Committee is interested in spearheading a committee to research water issues.

Local Redistricting action planning - April 28, 10am, Dimond Branch Library. LWVO is organizing the event. Most local political party clubs will attend along with Oakland Rising and other community groups Mary would like a few of the board members to attend the meeting but we don't need to publicize this to the general membership since it is a planning meeting not a public meeting.

Program Katherine G reported for Katherine Oberle. We were able to choose the menu for the Annual Meeting. We chose the hot meal.

We need to make up the Annual Meeting Kit for the Annual Meeting June 13th. Katherine will send us the information we need to submit our reports for the Kit.

No general program meetings are scheduled for May at this time (Annual Luncheon is May 2nd).

We discussed finding something of interest for a meeting, and agreed that it would be a good idea to invite the City Administrator Deanna Santana to talk to us. Katherine will try to get a date from Deanna. If she cannot be available in May, we will not schedule a meeting.

Voter Service and Education Judy M talked about the high school senior's voter registration project. Unfortunately, the community college students will not be able to make the presentations, so League and other adults will do so. The sessions begin next week and will last about two weeks.

June candidate forums - LWVO will sponsor the 9th Congressional District forum (Barbara Lee). LWVO Alameda will organize a forum for the 18th Assembly district (Sandre Swanson's old district) and LWVO Eden Area will sponsor the County Supervisor District 4 (Nate Miley). LWVO may provide volunteers to help with the forums organized by Alameda and Eden Area,

Superior court judge position - possibly Piedmont will sponsor the forum. If not, we might do it because we have access to KTOP and more people will see/hear the discussion.

Judy M asked Board members to email her questions on current issues for the forums.

Development (Development Committee report was distributed to the Board) Reservations are coming in for the Annual Luncheon.

Katherine gave each Board member invitations to send to friends or associates along with a personal invitation to the luncheon.

Membership (Membership Committee report was distributed to the Board) Katherine really liked the effort the committee members are making to contact those who did not renew their membership and request an exit interview. Louise reported we have 6 new members this past month.

The new brochure will arrive in time for the Luncheon.

The committee is calling and welcoming new members. Louise asked committee chairs to let her know of their needs so the committee can suggest volunteer needs to the new members.

Mary B. said it is ok to have a membership table at the local Redistricting planning meeting.

Louise will attend as the Membership Committee representative.

Announcements The Loni Hancock interview is scheduled for April 27. Contact Sandra Coleman if you are interested in participating in the interview.

LWVC Leadership Council in Sacramento May 18-20. Judy Merrill, Louise, Mary B and Katherine plan to attend. Katherine will send all Board members link to the LWVC website to look up workshops and see if they are interested in attending.

The National Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. in June. LWVO members planning to attend are:

Mary Bergan
Yolanda Schonbrun
Miranda Perry Katherine Gavzy

Louise Rothman-Riemer is also planning to attend. Katherine has a waiting list of 4 or 5 people.

Bay Area Convention on May 5 from 10 - 12noon in the Lafayette library. Will Travis will speak on the status of regional planning in the Bay Area. We have 4 delegates planning to attend:
Sandy Venning
Annmarie Hallin
Judy Merrill
Judi Bank


Vote with the League Annual Meeting on June 13 Bio on the speaker for the annual meeting Sandra Swanson interview ABAG and free speech Annual Luncheon Voting rights Sunshine ordinance name remains Privatization study Egyptians visit Hot Topics

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, Secretary to the Board

March 2012

LWVO Board Meeting
March 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor library at 6:34 p.m. Attendance: Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning

Excused Absence: Suzanne Loosen, Debbie Mills, Katherine Oberlie and Louise Rothman-Riemer

Guest: Tam Hege, the new Management Training Associate for LWVO Board


  • Approved agenda
  • Approved previous meeting minutes by consensus.
  • Treasurer's report - Katherine reviewed the 2012-2013 proposed budget report. The Board will review the report during the month and vote on the budget at the April Board meeting. The finalized 2012-2013 budget will be presented to the LWVO members at the Annual Meeting.

  • Circulation of absences calendar
  • Introduction of Tam Hege - Tam is replacing Carol Levenson in this role. She will advise us on policy issues and remind us of League history on topics we may be discussing.

Nominating Committee Carole read the draft report from the Committee for next year's Board. The Committee has two more positions to fill, and is working finalizing the project.

Budget Committee - We will end up next year with a $3,494 loss. We will need to raise that money if we want to break even. Board members are reminded that we do not usually expect to break even in a major election year, and we have ample reserves to draw on if needed, We might ask public and members for donations to pay for the Oakland Easy Voter Guide, or ask members at the Annual Meeting for donations. Katherine proposes we present this budget to the members at the Annual Meeting. Board members will send her any additions or changes they think would make sense for the areas of their portfolios and responsibilities. The Final Budget is scheduled to be approved at the April Board Meeting and presented to the members at the Annual Meeting.

Action Committee Mary reported on the activities of the Committee.

  • Board members should try to attend the City Council meeting on March 20 during which the Council will vote on whether or not to rename the Sunshine Law for Sanjiv Handa. The League doe not support this change. Libby Schaaf, Nancy Nadel and Ignacio De La Fuente voted against the change at the last City Council meeting, Pat Kernighan is not convinced and may vote against it in response to LWVO statement.

  • Meeting with community groups to plan action on City Council and School Board Redistricting has been rescheduled to April 28.

  • BRT - AC Transit's Bus Rapid Transit proposal is to provide an express bus lane. This proposal will eliminate some auto lanes. The proposed route is from San Leandro BART to downtown Oakland. The Action Committee believes the proposal should be supported by LWVO as it is relative to an established League position. Transform asked us to support this issue. The Board requested more time to study this proposal and will discuss it again at next month's Board meeting after Mary provides more information

Program Meeting and consensus on the LWVUS Privatization study is scheduled for March 24 at Caesar Chavez Public Library. Kathleen Cha and Helen Hutchison will present the discussion and Mony Flores Bauer will facilitate the consensus questions.

Annual Meeting - The meeting is scheduled for June 13 and the speaker will be Natasha Minsker, Leader of the ACLU campaign against the death penalty in California.

Mills College is sponsoring a talk by Lillie Ledbetter who sued for unequal pay for equal work. She has written a book on her experiences and will speak at Mills on March 29. Mills has asked for $50 from us and for our sponsorship of the event. A motion was made to honor their request by Mary Bergan and seconded by Kathleen Cha and approved by voice vote. March 29 - 6:30 - 7:30 at Mills Lisser Theater

Voter Service and Education Judy Merrill - Tomorrow she will meet with the Bay Area Young Debate League to ask if they will assist our efforts to go into high school classrooms and discuss voting/civic responsibilities with high school seniors and register those eligible. Committee members will be recruiting classroom teachers willing to allow speakers into their classrooms for this program and community college students to join us together with the Bay Area youth debaters.


  • Board members are urged to attend the invitation mailing party.

  • We have had a good response for table sales for the luncheon.

Membership The new Membership brochure was circulated to the Board. The new brochure is on its way to the printer.


  • Lonnie Hancock is available for an interview April 27 @ 2pm. If you would like to go, contact Sandy Coleman and she will contact you. Keep in mind that it is possible the meeting will be rescheduled due to a potential conflict between the interview and events in Sacramento. We discussed possible meeting

The Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee has asked us to monitor their election on March 28 at 6:00pm. They will pay us at our standard scale of $20 per monitor per hour. Annmarie volunteered and Judy Merrill will ask Allene Warren to do it.
  • National Convention in D.C. we are allocated 4 delegates June 8 - 12.

  • Bay Area Convention on May 5 we have 5 delegates.

VOTER Luncheon President's Message Program and Hot Topics on education Hot Topics for April - ballot measures for June Profile of a member (Yolanda) Legislative interview with Sandre Swanson Annual Meeting Vote with the League

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the League

February, 2012

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2012

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor meeting room at 6:35 pm.

Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Suzanne Loosen, Katherine Oberle, Louise Rothman-Reimer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning.

Excused absence
Debbie Mills, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill

Guests: none


  • Agenda changes Discussion of the Nominating Committee process added after Legislative Interviews'
  • January Board minutes approved by consensus.
  • Treasurer's report will be emailed tomorrow.
  • Board away dates update circulated to board members for updating.

The Redistricting meeting will be Saturday, March 10 at 1:30 at the Dimond Library. The intent is to gather groups interested in working together for a fair and open City redistricting process. Mary Bergan has a list of possible groups to partner with. This will be a planning session.

The Rainy Day Fund: request from councilmember Schaaf for LWVO to support a proposed ballot measure gathering signatures currently. If it qualifies for the ballot, Action Committee will review the measure and present a recommendation to the Board.

Budget letter commenting on weaknesses in the City budget process : it was moved, passed and approved that we send the letter to every councilperson, the mayor and the city administrator. along with a request for meetings. The final signed letter will be posted on our website in the Action section.

City Council agenda Feb. 21 will include a proposal to rename the Sunshine Ordinance the "Sanjiv Handa Oakland Sunshine Ordinance" in memory of Mr. Handa. Action Committee is strongly opposed and considers this insulting to the League and other groups that worked to write and implement Sunshine. Board members are urged to attend the Feb 21st meeting and support Action Committee members who will make statements against the new name.

Public Ethics Commission: former PEC Commissioner Andy Wiener is drafting a petition to the court to require the City to hire an Executive Director after laying off the person hired in December. When the petition is finalized, Action will review it and recommend to the Board whether LWVO should cosign it. LWVC has confirmed that this would not be against League policy.

Report of the Jan. 21 Program Planning session was approved by the Board. Decisions on the LWVUS program positions, including a revised decision on Military Spending from Marion Taylor after the meeting will be submitted to LWVUS by Katherine G. Recommendations on LWV Bay Area positions will be submitted to LWVBA and recommendations on LWV Oakland positions will be submitted to the members for approval at Annual Meeting. After making minor edits to the document, it will be circulated again to Board members. It will be posted on the website after members approve the local position and issues for emphasis at Annual Meeting.

The board discussed the location of the annual meeting: The Trudeau Center, where we have been the last few years, or the Lake Merritt Hotel. We decided to use the Lake Merritt Hotel because of price, easier accessibility for those without cars, and the downtown location. The speaker is undecided. The committee has a list of possibilities. Board members should send suggestions to Louise R-R. Program will email a final proposed list to Board members for prioritization and an email vote before the March Board meeting.

The Saturday, March 24th National Privatization Study program and consensus will be from 9:30 to noon at the Cesar Chavez Library. LWVO committee organizing the consensus includes Helen Hutchison, Yolanda Schonbrun and Kathleen Cha. Members of other local Leagues are invited to attend and participate in the consensus; they will be identified separately on the report to LWVUS.

The women's suffrage interorganizational committee, including LWVO Board members Louise R-R and Kathleen Cha, will hold a Women's History event on March 3rd at City Hall. The Board agreed to support the event (no financial contribution requested) and publicize it to members. A flyer has been posted on our website.

Voter Service
We discussed Oakland Easy Voter Guide for Nov. 2012. We have no grant at present. We will continue to search for one, but will ask members for donations and make up the difference from Ed Fund and General Fund money, of which will have plenty. Mary B suggested that Jean Ross of the California Budget Project, who has just moved to the Ford Foundation to work on open government, might be approached to recommend OEVG for a Ford Foundation Grant. Mary will ask Jean about it. We decided that the EV Guide will have 12 pages and have budgeted $12,500, which is in line with the actual budget for Nov 2010 when it was unusually large due to the large number of local candidates. This budget includes the cost to translate and publish in English, Spanish and Chinese. The State had not intended to do an Easy Voter but is now reconsidering, after consulting with LWVO.

We will not do an EV Guide for June. There are no Oakland-only offices, although there are some lower-level regional offices that include Oakland.

Voter Service is working with Laney College students, on a project to register senior high school students. This project will emphasize schools, both public and private, that have students who are less likely to register.

The public education forum on the mayoral recall process, which we cosponsored with Bay Area News Group Jan. 25th, was written up in the Tribune a couple of days later. It was a very successful event, about 100 in attendance, and many signed up to receive membership info about LWVO.

Luncheon sponsorship update: so far, Clorox will take a table and BART a half table.

Final numbers as of Jan 31 (cut-off for our growth goal): we are down by a net 6 members, from 315 to 309. We will look at members who have not rejoined; if they joined recently; try to find out why they did not rejoin.

Legislative Interviews
Judi Bank is coordinating the interview with Sandré Swanson, set for March 24th at 2 pm. She has enough volunteers to participate. Sandra Coleman will coordinate an interview with Loni Hancock and those interested in taking part should contact her directly. LWVBAE will arrange an interview with Nancy Skinner.

Nominating Committee
There was a discussion concerning the appropriate process for approaching potential candidates, and how much the Board should or should not be involved. It was agreed that we do not have useful guidelines for the nominating process and should work on clarifying them to avoid confusion. Carole A. who is a Board member of the Nominating Committee will take this discussion back to the Committee. Possibly a good topic for the summer Board retreat.

David McDonald, the Registrar of Voters, is retiring. The Alameda County Council is writing a testimonial.

The Alameda County Transit Agency wants to put an increase of the sales tax for mass transit in the county on the ballot. Their proposed measure has no sunset clause, insufficient transparency and no performance audit, so the Alameda County Council is criticizing it.

The LWVC Workshop in San Jose is Feb, 25 and looks really good. Judi is coordinating carpooling. Board members planning to attend should get in touch with Judi.

LWVO authorized by an Executive Committee email vote (see Jan. minutes addendum), joined many other local Leagues to request LWVUS make campaign finance reform an advocacy priority. LWVUS has announced that they will do so.

Highlighting of a volunteer - Yolanda
Jerry Brown's new tax plan for education???
Program Planning Meeting - brief summary
Board meeting highlights
Registering High School Students
Luncheon - "Reserve a Table!"
Women's History Empowerment Event on March 3rd
Hot Topics
Recall Forum write-up? Replacement for Disclose Act (that failed)

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Beverly Solo, secretary pro tem


On 3/02/12 four members of the Executive Committee (fifth member not voting) approved the text of a statement that LWVO will present at the 3/06/12 City Council meeting opposing renaming the Oakland Sunshine Ordinance after Sanjiv Handa. Final vote on this resolution will be taken on 3/06/12 by Council. The statement will be posted on our website in the Action section.

January, 2012

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2012 - Revised

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor meeting room at 6:36pm.

Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergen, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning.

Excused Absence
Deborah Mills, Echa Schneider, Kathleen Cha and Katherine Oberle.


  • Agenda changes approved by consensus. The revised final Agenda is attached
  • December Board minutes approved by consensus. It was proposed and approved that from now on, when Board members are assigned a task at the previous meeting, a report of the results is due at the next Board meeting.
  • Treasurer's report deferred to February.
  • Board away dates update circulated to board members for updating.
  • Agreed that Committee reports should be emailed to Board members no later than the Sunday evening before the monthly Board meeting to allow enough time to read them. If the reports are not ready by then, a hard copy of the reports should be available for each Board member at the meeting.

The Board reviewed the letter the Committee will send to the Oakland City Council regarding last year's budget adoption process. The Committee would like to meet with members of the City Council as well as with the mayor to discuss LWVO concerns about the budget process and to seek ways in which Oakland's budget process can be timely, more open and more informative.

The Committee will meet with the city administrator and then begin meeting with Council members.

Louise motioned and Bev seconded the motion that we send this letter, incorporating edits that Mary B. will make to the second paragraph to clarify that budget meetings which were held were informal in nature and did not constitute formal hearings and debate of the full Council before the public. The Board voted in favor.

The Committee would like efforts renewed to recruit a full complement of observers. We discussed the possibility of joining with other groups that observe and share the information. We are proposing to broaden the observer corps by sharing information gathered by people who may not be League members but who attend city meetings we are not able to attend. One example was the bloggers, who could be contacted by Echa on our behalf. Another was the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The Board agreed to give permission to the Committee for this effort.

Redistricting - The Committee would like to convene a meeting of interested organizations and individuals to discuss the redistricting process for the City Council and Board of Education. They would invite these groups and individuals to a meeting on February 18 at the Brookfield Library. The Board agreed to this proposal.

Kelly O'Hare has been appointed as Executive staff Director of the Public Ethics Commission.

The schedule for upcoming Hot Topics:

January 23 - Privatization of public services February 27 - Education March 26 - Monitoring open government at the City Council, Planning Commission and Port Commission April 23 - Campaign finance reform, state ballot measures

Voter Service and Voter Education
The forum on the recall of Mayor Quan is scheduled for January 25, 6 to 8 PM, at Nile Hall located in Oakland's Preservation Park. The co-sponsors of the event are: LWVO, Laney Tower (the student newspaper at Laney College), the Oakland Tribune and the Maynard Institute. Panelists will include Barbara Parker (city attorney), Prof. Max Neiman of U.C. Berkeley, Prof. Corey Cook of UCSF and Cecily Burt of the Oakland Tribune. Board members are encouraged to attend and bring a friend. LWVO will provide question sorters and gatherers, possibly a timer. Judy M. will recruit volunteers.

High school voter registration project - The project has not begun due to timing issues, and the discussion may not come back to the Board until April.

Nominating Committee
Carole reported that Yolanda Schonbrun is the latest addition to the committee, replacing Terry Kulka who had to resign for family reasons. Louise Nathe is the new Chair.

Louise reported for Katherine. The Program Planning meeting is scheduled for January 21 and begins at 9:30am at Swan's meeting room. Several Board members have volunteered to bring refreshments. Louise took down their names and assignments,

Katherine G suggested board members bring a guest with them.

February 21 - OUSD Strategic Plan Panel presentation - all set. Judy M will check to see if she has a movie screen at home, needed for Power Point slide show.

March 20 program will be a discussion and consensus on the LWVUS Privatization study. Helen Hutchison will facilitate. Members of other local Leagues are invited to participate.

June 13 Annual Meeting - We are looking into the possibility of meeting at the Lake Merritt Hotel instead of the Richard Trudeau Training Center; the Hotel will offer use of the room for free but charge for catering. Louise and Katherine will do a financial comparison, and they will confirm whether the Hotel will allow us to "sell" wine by the glass. Louise and Katherine are searching for a speaker. A few suggestions were made, noted by Louise for follow up. Louise and Katherine will evaluate location options and potential speakers and come back to the Board with their findings at the February Board meeting.

Alex Briscoe, Director of the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, will be the speaker at the Annual Luncheon on May 2. Mr. Briscoe will discuss the meaning of the Health Care Reform Act to Oakland residents and to the City.

The Awards Committee will meet this week to review the 10 nominations they have received.

We need 16 net new members by January 31 to reach our goal. This will require at least 30++ non-renewing members to renew. A list of names was included in the Membership Report, and Board members urged to make personal calls to any that they know. Katherine G will call Lynn Dailey and Paul Hathaway; Judy M., will call Shawna Williams.

Louise brought a copy of the new brochure for review and the Board liked the sample. Louise moved and Susanne seconded that we go forward on this new brochure and the Board agreed.

Susanne may have a graphics person who would work on the new brochure gratis.

Empowering Women of Color Conference is scheduled for March 3. Katherine G. will check on the time for this event. We will have a table at the event as a recruiting effort, together with LWV Berkeley. Volunteers will be recruited to staff the table.

Alameda League County Council: Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) is planning to place a measure on the ballot for an additional tax to fund transportation. They have asked the LWVO to review and comment on the proposed text. The LWV of Alameda County, Transportation Committee drafted a letter to ACTC that Katherine G distributed to the Board along with the Agenda for this meeting. The Boards of all the other local Leagues in Alameda County have approved the letter. One point made in the

LWV letter was concern over lack of sunset clause and accountability. Louise moved and Susanne seconded approval of the letter and the Board agreed.

LWVC - State League sponsoring a workshop in San Jose on Saturday, February 25, 9am - 3pm. The topics to be discussed are:

California State Budget
The Rules have Changed - 2012 elections
Privatization - Growing Trend in Government

Board members are urged to attend. Katherine G will circulate the announcement via email so those who wish to can sign up. In the past, the State League has processed the State Easy Voter Guide, but will not do so this year. No one is sure what this means and what will happen for the next elections.

LWVC Leadership Council in Sacramento May 19-20. LWVUS National convention will be held in Washington, D.C. June 8-12.

There are funds in the budget to subsidize most but not all the cost of attendance for our allotted delegates.

Bay Area League Day - February 4: Housing. Echa will send email blast.
Program on Education
Hot Topics on Education
Observers needed
Save the date for the Annual Luncheon
Committee of the Month - Action Committee
Disclose Act January 7th Kickoff Meeting report

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary

Executive Committee decision : On January 19th Katherine G. asked the Executive Committee to approve a request to urge LWVUS to make advocacy against the impact of the Citizens United decision a legislative priority in the coming year. As of January 21st, four out of five Exec. Comm. Members (Katherine O., Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill and Katherine G.) responded to the request and voted unanimously to approve it. Katherine G. sent an email to the Advocacy section of LWVUS joining LWVO's name to other local Leagues making this request. LWVUS Board on Jan. 31st will decide the legislative priorities for 2012.

December, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2011

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:37pm.

Attending Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergen, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning.

Excused Absence Kathleen Cha, Deborah Mills and Katherine Oberle

Administrative Agenda approved by consensus. November Board minutes approved by consensus. Treasurer's report approved by consensus. Board away dates update circulated to board members for updating.

Action Mary B reported the Committee would like to change Hot Topics to begin at 6pm rather than at 6:30pm. The Board voted unanimously to approve this change. It will begin in January.

The Committee plans to schedule a meeting with the City Administrator Deanna Santana to discuss when the new executive director of the Ethics Commission will be selected. They plan to meet with Deanna Santana to get a handle on the budget process, too. Before the meeting Mary will circulate the revised edited version of our letter on the budget process to the Board for email approval.

The Committee will try to meet again with Richard Cowan (Mayor's staff member following boards and commissions for Jean Quan) to revive attention to our recommendations on improving the operations of boards and commissions that were submitted in a report several months ago.Mary will reschedule a one-on-one meeting with Councilmember Jean Brunner regarding the proposed lobbyist registration ordinance. Currently, the Committee is looking into redistricting for the City Council to be sure the process is open and transparent.

Hot Topics upcoming : January 23rd on Privatization of government services, as background for the national League study.. There will be informed resource persons at the meeting. Feb 27: probably a discussion on local education issues, following up on the Feb. 21st program panel. March 26 : TBD April 23 : State League positions on June 2012 ballot measures, plus discussion of Nov 2012 election. Voter Service and Voter Education The Board held a thorough discussion concerning the decision on whether or not the League should co-sponsor with the Bay Area News Group and Laney Forum an event educating the public on the facts of a possible recall election in 2012. Louise moved we put this issue up for a vote. Nine voted aye, one voted no and one abstained. Katherine G and Helen Hutchison are working on the event details with Martin Reynolds of BANG.

Voter Service and outreach : LWVO will be working on a project to do voter registration of High School seniors in the schools, and possibly mock elections. Carole Agnello, Sandy Venning, and Louise are interested in participating. Judy Merrill and Allene Warren will get it started.

Nominating Committee Louise Nathe Annmarie Hallin Carole Agnello Lorraine Force

We need a chair as Terry Kulka had to step aside due to personal matters. The Committee will meet with Katherine G and select an additional person for the committee. It is time to begin searching for new Board members.

Program Katherine O was unable to attend this evenings meeting so Katherine G and Louise presented her report

The plans for the LWVO Holiday Party this Friday evening are set. Most Board members said they planned to come.

The Program Planning meeting is scheduled for Saturdy January 21st at Swans Market CoHousing Commons Room in Oakland between the hours of 9:30 - 12:30. We will discuss and vote on recommendations concerning League policies and postions at the following levels of League organization: Local (presented by Louise); Bay Area (presented by Marion Taylor); National (presented by Carole A. and Katherine G - this is in preparation for the biannual National convention in June 2012).

The February 21st Program meeting will be on the state of Oakland Education. We will have a three person panel to lead the discussion on the new OUSD strategic plan. The three individuals for the panel are Katy Murphy (education reporter), probably a parent who has been involved with the process and an administrator and/or a teacher. Jody London, School Board president, has offered to participate and will be contacted by the Education Committee.

The March 20 Program meeting will be the national privatization study discussion and concurrence led by Helen Hutchison. Katherine G also volunteered to help with the concurrence process. Members of the other Alameda County leagues have been invited to attend and participate in the concurrence; LWVO members are also encouraged to attend meetings of the other Leagues if they cannot go to ours, and the dates will be published when known.

We do not have a topic for the May 8 Program.

Development We are receiving donations from the non-event fundraiser letter : approx. $1,600 as of December 9th.

Luncheon planning - progress reported on choosing a speaker, receiving nominations for the Making Democracy Work awards, expanding membership of the Steering Committee. See Development Comm. Report circulated to Board members by Bonnie Hamlin and Cathy Collop.

Membership Tomorrow, Louise will email a revised version of the proposed new Membership pamphlet for Board review and comments.

The Committee will send a letter to new homeowners in 94618 and 94611, 94610, 94602 and 94619 and 94605 ZIP codes. The letter will introduce the new homeowners to LWVO and welcome them to become members.

Louise will get the list on non-renewals from Bonnie and we will follow up with telephone calls and/or emails after January 1. We need to obtain renewals from 31 more people in order to meet our Membership growth goal by January 31st.

Communications/PR Echa will continue to publicize our upcoming events. Board members have confirmed that they are receiving the new format email newsletter blasts. It was pointed out that if a Board member wants to forward these to neighborhood list serves or forum groups, you need to remove the photos first.

Announcements Mayor Quan's office asked LWVO if they could include our name as a supporter of the Day of Inclusion event at City Hall on 12-14. The Executive Committee agreed to this request via email vote between Nov and Dec Board meetings. The Day of Inclusion reminds us of the anniversary of the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act and celebrates the immigrant community.

February 4 Bay Area League Day will be held at the Unitarian Church located at 14th and Clay Streets. The topic is Housing.

State League events - legislator interviews are to be conducted by local Leagues in Jan and Feb. LWVO is in the districts of Sandre Swanson, Nancy Skinner, and Loni Hancock. Judi Bank volunteered to coordinate the interview with Sandre Swanson. Echa volunteered to participate in the interview with Nancy or Loni, which will be coordinated by another League, probably Berkeley. Katherine G will finalize arrangements with the Alameda County Council. May 19 and 20, 2012 - LWVC Leadership Council in Sacramento : Judy Merrill and Sandy Venning will plan to attend.

VOTER Program meeting President's message LWV Bay Area event scheduled for February 4 Hot Topics January 3 Article on Hot Topics meeting on transportation development Co-sponsor of forum on potential mayor recall Holiday party Disclose Act kick-off on January 7 Death penalty petitions New suggestion for a monthly column - interview each standing committee.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary ADDENDUM TO MINUTES OF DECEMBER 2011 MEETING :

LWVO and LWVBAE (Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville) were urged by State League to share a table promoting League membership and other information at the Empowering Women of Color Conference to be held in Berkeley on March 3rd. LWVBAE Board voted to approve. Due to timeliness requirements, Katherine G called an email Board meeting on December 27th to discuss and vote on this proposal. As of Dec. 30th, eleven Board members responded with a "yea" vote via email (via telephone from Judy Merrill. There were no "nay" votes. Katherine G will follow up with LWVBAE on the arrangements and ask Membership Committee to provide materials and recruit a few people to man the table.

November, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2011

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:37pm.

Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergen, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Katherine Oberle, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider and Bev Solo.

Suzanne Loosen, Deborah Mills and Sandy Venning

Yolanda Schonbrun

Agenda approved by consensus.

Minutes - Change "for" from "to" in treasurers report area of the minutes re Judy M. Minutes accepted as corrected.

Treasurers report - Includes expense of printing roster but not pros & cons which will be included in the November report. Louise motioned the report be approved, Kathryn Oberle seconded the motion and the report was approved by the Board.

National Education Study
Yolanda reported on the LWVUS Education Study consensus, resulting from three meetings. She explained the difference between national standards and federal standards. The Committee is satisfied with the outcome of the consensus. Yolanda will check with Bonnie as to the number of participants at the three meetings since she needs to report this to LWVUS along with LWVO's responses to the concensus questions.The Board pointed out that for this purpose, only LWV members should be counted, and each member who participated should be counted only once, even if she/he came to more than one meeting.

Louise moved that we adopt this report and submit it to LWVUS. Kathleen Cha seconded and the Board approved.

Mary reported the Action Committeewill request the City Council members meet with members of the Action Committee to discuss the our recommended approach to redistricting for city council districts. The committee is asking for an open process and would like the Council members to participate in community meetings on the subject. Helen Hutchison and Mary will contact active neighborhood organizations, political clubs and other interested groups to form a coalition to advocate for this matter. The proposed statement on the City budget process that was reviewed by the Board in October is still being revised to incorporate Board input. Action has deferred completion of this item until after the redistricting effort is done, since the budget process is less timely right now and redistricting needs to be completed by the city next spring.

The Action Committee is not recommending endorsement of the campaign to place a City Council term limits measure on the 2012 ballot because the proposed measure would require permanent lifetime limits. Ensuing discussion at the meeting clarified League policy : although State League has opposed term limits for State offices, LWVC says that local municipal or county situations may be different and local Leagues may decide to support OR oppose local term limits. Occupy Oakland - Barbara Newcombe and Katherine G visited the site and registered several occupiers to vote.

The committee has a new member, Lynn Stanton. Lynn will research the Oakland campaign finance laws and compare the Oakland experience with San Francisco.The January Hot Topics meeting will be on campaign finance laws.

Jody London, president of the Oakland School Board of Education, would like to speak to League members about the new Strategic Plan. Katherine had suggested that she could be a resource person at a Hot Topics meeting on the Strategic Plan. It was decided that it would be more appropriate to have her speak at a Program Meeting, but only as one member of a three person panel (since she will probably be running for re election). Board requested the Education Committee to recommend others for the panel : a teacher or a parent and Katie Murphy, a journalist writing on education suggested by Mary B.

Louise asked whether or not the Action Committee is studying the Occupy Oakland situation. Should LWVO make a statement at this time? Do we have anything to say that would help at this time? The answer is no as there is no particular issue on which to respond.

Louise will work with the ACLU to write an article for the VOTER regarding Occupy Oakland.

Marion Taylor is working on Transit-Oriented development for the December 5th Hot Topics meeting.

The DISCLOSE Act, a pending bill in the Assembly, is an attempt to have meaningful reporting as to where the money is coming from to pay for campaigns. LWVCA is supporting this bill.

The DISCLOSE Act campaign is asking LWVO to co-sponsor an event on January 7 and to go on record endorsing the Act. Katherine reported that LWVC has no problem with local League endorsements even though it is a statewide issue.

Mary distributed petitions from the DISCLOSE campaign to gather signatures that will be sent to Sacramento indicating public support for the bill..

Louise moved that we endorse the California Disclose Act and that LWVO act as a co-sponsor of the campaign "kick off" event on Jan. 7. Kathleen C seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously.

Louise reported that at the moment we have 20 net new members. We have 35 new members since January 2011, but have lost 15 either because they have died or moved away. About 37 members have not renewed when their memberships expired. If they have still not renewed when we are supposed to update our membership roster with LWVUS in January 2012, we have to drop them.

The Committee is working on a new brochure and will have the draft available at the next Board meeting.

The Committee is contacting each new member and will share the new member's interest with the appropriate LWVO person.

Kathryn O reported all is ready for tomorrow night's program at city hall: Trudy Schafer of LWVC on Intitiative and Referendum..

The annual holiday party will be December 16. The tentative time and place for the party is 6pm - 8pm either at Bonnie's or Louise's.

Program Planning is scheduled for January 21. We hope to hold the meeting at Swans 9am - 1pm.

Katherine is working on a date for the Program for February. The Oakland Board of Education strategic plan will be the topic. As noted above, a panel including Jody London and two others will discuss the plan,.

The topic for the March Program will be privatization of government services, as part of the LWVUS study.. Katherine O will contact the national League study committee to get more information and will consider potential speakers to present the topic.

Today, Katherine G spoke to students at Holy Names University about voting and how to become an informed citizen. Louise is talking with a Girl Scout leader about speaking to Scouts.

Send ideas for speakers at the April luncheon to the Committee.The Board should submit nominations to the Committee for the Making Democracy Work award.

Echa is working on producing attractive and informative "blast" emails to LWVO members on upcoming events. Not everyone is receiving these emails. Echa will check into this.

Circulating petitions on repealing the death penalty. LWVC supports this campaign to put a repeal measure on the Nov. 2012 ballot.

VOTER deadline Sunday 11/20
Tomorrow night's Program - Katherine O.
Education study - Yolanda and committee
Interview with Sandre Swanson (already written)
Report on Dec. 5th Hot Topics - Mary B/Marion
Holiday party - front page
Freedom of speech issues re Occupy Oakland - Louise

Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary

October, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes (corrected)
October 10, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:32pm.

Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergen, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Katherine Oberle, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning

Kathleen Cha. Deborah Mills and Echa Schneider.

Agenda approved by consensus.

Minutes - Change on page 2 of the September Board meeting minutes listed under Other Action Items - New Interim City Administrator. Deanna Santana has been appointed the new City Administrator, not Interim City Manager. Motion to accept Minutes as corrected was made by Susanne Loosen and seconded by Katherine Oberle, approved by voice vote.

Treasurers report - Katherine Gavzy reported the $500 listed as expense for Other Fundraisers is our donation toward expenses for the Suffrage Centennial Parade organizing committee. Also noted, is the $170 income listed under Services. This includes $100 paid to Judy Merrill and Allene Warren for their work monitoring a residents' council election at Westlake Christian Terraces senior housing. Judy Merrill moved and Louise Rothman-Riemer seconded the Treasurers Report be accepted by the Board. Approved by voice vote.

Refreshment sign-up sheet and the Away Dates sheets were updated.

Carole Agnello has volunteered to be second Board member on the Nominating Committee along with Annmarie Hallin.

Louise reported we have a net total of 18 new members since January 1. Members who have not yet renewed and paid their dues, but indicated they would do it, have been counted as active members. Those who were contacted with requests to renew but did not respond have been dropped from the roster. Louise believes we will meet our MGIK 5% net growth goal for the year. The Committee has a list of potential new members generated from the Women's Suffrage events of October, and will make follow-up contacts with each of them. Louise is working with a Girl Scout leader on meeting with older Girl Scouts to educate them on the value of voting. She will notify the Board if we can help with the event.

Join Us brochure - Louise circulated the latest version of this form. She will email a copy of the form to each Board member for review. Board members will quickly email any comments/suggestions to Louise. The next step is to have an online Board discussion of the proposed brochure (within a few days) before it is printed. This will replace the "generic" brochure we have been ordering from LWVUS.

Louise will contact organizations connected to the suffrage parade as potential sources for new members.

Voter Service
Judy Merrill distributed copies of the Pros & Cons for Oakland's special November election. Judy will forward a copy via email to Bev for posting on LWVO web site. The cost of printing the Pros & Cons material is approximately $700. Judy recognized Mary Bergan and her committee for writing the texts, and Kathleen Cha for producing the document.

Currently, we have 8 speakers going to 32 sites.

Judy was contacted by a Cambodian woman, Sevina, who offered to translate Pros & Cons into the Cambodian language. Apparently, Sevina previously has translated voter information in San Francisco. Mony Flores-Bauer is in contact with her.

Action Committee
Mary reminded us the discussion at the October 24th Hot Topic session will be the Oakland Budget. December 5th Hot Topics will be on transit-oriented development.

The Committee plans to meet with the mayor and city council members "one on one". Their concern is the process of the budget development. The development process is not always transparent and is not well organized. Mary presented a draft of a letter the Action Committee would like to send to the mayor and members of the city council stating our concerns. The Board discussed the letter, raised several questions and made suggestions to clarify segments of the letter. Once Mary revises the letter, she will send it electronically to the Board. Katherine G will hold an online Board discussion of the revised letter.

Mary will send an electronic copy of the approved version of the letter to Bev for posting on the LWVO website. She will then mail the letter to each member of the city council and mayor and immediately follow up with a request for the one-on-one meeting. After these meetings and input from the council and mayor, we will consider opening the issue of budget development process up to a broader public hearing.

Mary also circulated a proposed letter to City Clerk Latonda Simmons pointing out a lack of timely and complete information about the current election on the City website. Board members made some minor edits and asked Mary to insert a suggestion that the City website include a link to the Registrar of Voters election information. The Board approved Mary's sending the letter after she incorporates the proposed edits.

Jody London of the Oakland School Board would like to speak to the community on school board issues at a Hot Topic session. Katherine G suggested that the Education Committee and Action Committee get together and organizing this. Carole and Mary B. will follow up.

Mary, Echa and Helen will meet with a group working on a ballot measure for term limits for the city council. The group is seeking LWVO support.

Lynn Stanton and Jennifer Janichek are new members on the Action Committee.

Louise reviewed the Suffrage Centennial Parade of October 2. Mayor Jean Quan, Representative Barbara Lee, several Oakland city council members, Nancy Skinner and Nate Miley were among the elected officials attending the event. Approximately 300 people participated. The statement commending the League of Women Voters read by Barbara Lee at the event and read into the Congressional Record has been posted on our website.

Katherine O reminded us about the October 11th program, Mysteries of the Ballot Revealed. Libby Schaff, city council, has placed a notation in her newsletter to District 4 announcing this event. Megan Chenoweth will present pros and cons of the November Oakland ballot measures, and Helen Hutchison will explain new Statewide election rules changes.

Shall we have a program on November 15 at City Hall? What topic shall we discuss? Suggestions from the Board are welcome. Katherine will email her suggestions to each Board member. Keep in mind we need to finalize this issue in time to include an article in the next VOTER. Deadline for the VOTER is this Sunday.

The Spring 2012 program meeting will be a topic related to International Woman's Day, March 8, 2012.

Sandy suggested a program regarding the evolution of voting rights; there was general enthusiasm about this topic.

Education Committee
Carole reported 20 members attended the last event. Mony Flores-Bauer facilitated the consensus. The final session is November 5. Helen is unable to facilitate the November 5 meeting. So we are looking for a replacement for Helen. Katherine suggested asking Kate Quick from Alameda to fill in. Judy Merrill has back-up suggestions.

After the November 5th meeting on Early Childhood, Equity and Funding, the committee will write a summary of the responses to the consensus questions and present it at the November 14th Board meeting. The Board will review and approve the final consensus for submission to LWVUS.

Sandy reported the committee has a list of ideas for a speaker for the April luncheon. The decision has been made to stay with Scotts Restaurant.

The year-end fundraiser will be the same as last year. A letter will be mailed to members requesting donations to LWVO.

Judi B requested a response by December 15 for nominations for the Making Democracy Work award. The nomination form is posted on the LWVO web site. We will ask Echa to send an email blast requesting nominations.

LWVUS - Began a study on the privatization of government services. The study will investigate the feasibility of outsourcing government services to private organizations. LWVO members interested in this topic can set up a local committee to work on this issue. Katherine G will send the link to the appropriate LWVUS site to each Board member.

LWVCA - Began a study on California initiatives and referendums. We need someone to chair a local committee...either on-board or off-board.

LWVBA - Closely following new developments at the Bay Area Regional Development Council dealing with climate change and impact on rising sea levels. They meet regularly and welcome LWVO attendance at their meetings.

Photos from parade
November program for page 1
Presidents message
Sandre Swanson interview
Education forum
Making Democracy Work award
AAUW has an announcement to include in the VOTER
LWVUS Privatization study
State study on Initiatives and Referendum (Helen H. has written an article)
Bay Area activity
Pros & Cons will be inserted in the issue
Board minute's summary

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

September, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:37 p.m.

Attending: Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergen, Kathleen Cha, Katherine Gavzy, Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning

Excused Absences: Annmarie Hallin, Debbie Mills, Katherine Oberle

Guest: Yolanda Schonbrun

Education Committee Report: Yolanda Schonbrun
Yolanda gave a summary of the kick-off program about education held Sept. 10th. The board congratulated her and her committee on a good meeting. Delaine Easton was a dynamic speaker that held everyone's interest. Yolanda and the board discussed how to conduct the next two meetings (Oct. 1st and Nov. 5th) that will seek consensus on a new LWV position on the role of the federal government in public education. Because the purpose of the meetings is to achieve consensus, discussion should be limited to people who are members of LWV. The board believed that this could be tactfully explained at the beginning of each meeting, and non-members who really wanted to take part in the discussion should join the League! The fact that there will not be a guest speaker at the next meetings will probably also mean that there will be few non-members who attend. Yolanda circulated the preliminary agenda for the Oct. 1st meeting indicating Mony Flores-Bauer will facilitate the consensus discussion. She also circulated a thank you note to Ms. Easton which all Board members present signed.

Administrative Issues

>> Approval of revised agenda: Louise moved, Judy M seconded.
>> Approval of June minutes: Bev moved, Louise seconded
>> Approval of Treasurer's report, with minor modifications: Louise moved, Kathleen seconded
>> Retreat Follow-up:
       >> Two Board volunteers for the Nominating Committee are required by our bylaws. AnnMarie volunteered at the Retreat, but we need one other. All eligible board members should consider volunteering. Judy Merrill said she could possibly do it but will be away for several weeks in January and February. Katherine said we must fill the committee by October.
       >> Board Policies: approved as revised at retreat. Echa will send a more complete revision of the Communication policy to Katherine, who will distribute it to the board. Bev will add it to the members-only Web site. All Board members should keep copies of the final policies on hand to refer to when needed.
       >> Web Site: Bev pointed out that no member addresses, phone numbers or email addresses will appear on the web site without their explicit permission, even on the members-only site. She suggested, and it was agreed, that the same policy should apply to the monthly Voter too. "Generic" email addresses are in use now, e.g. or Others can be set up if requested.
       >> Covenant: Board agreed that the covenant suggested by Katherine at the July retreat was an excellent idea. After considering adding it to the agenda of every board meeting, the group decided instead that we should just keep copies of it with our files, where we can refer to it when necessary. Bev will add it to the Members only section of the website along with the Board policies.


>> The list of people who did not renew their memberships this summer was circulated and board members signed up to call people they knew. Louise will send out the names to those who volunteered, and will assign remaining names for follow-up. We have gained a lot of new members since January, but unless we get more renewals we will not reach our membership goals.
>> The membership committee recommends a new format for the membership brochure, a fold-out design that can provide more flexibility and can be customized for our League. Louise will send out a sample of the brochure to the board for review.
>> The membership committee would like to send another membership mailing to new homeowners in Oakland. There was no objection from the Board
>> The suffrage centennial parade is an opportunity to recruit new members. LWVO should have a table set up at the bandstand at the beginning and end of the parade.

Action Committee

There are three measures on the upcoming Oakland Ballot. The issues are complex and the board spent some time discussing them. The outcome of the discussion was:

Measure H Elected City Attorney No Position
Measure I Temporary Parcel Tax Neutral
Measure J Deadline for funding discontinued Police and Fire Retirement Plan No Position
Note: No Position means that the LWV has no policy position that can be used to justify taking a position on the measure; Neutral means that there are relevant positions on both sides, and the board cannot reach a consensus on which side has the stronger argument.
The League is often asked for their stance on ballot measures, so it is important we be clear on the issues, even though we are not taking a position on any of them. We should all be able to explain the reason for our decisions and the meaning of "no position" and "neutral."

Other Action items:
>> Action Committee is writing a letter the the Mayor and City Council (Mary will circulate it to the board for approval by the end of September) complaining about their lack of transparency and poor management of the budget process..
>> Definition of "lobbyist" and new lobbyist registration ordinance is on hold pending next steps from Jane Brunner.
>> Public Ethics Commission: LWVO was on the City's interviewing committee for the new Director. Katherine reported that the committee selected 4 out of 8 candidates as top choices and the City Administrator is expected to choose one of those 4 shortly.. Katherine was impressed by their caliber and would be comfortable with any of them being selected. Katherine also reported that the new interim City Administrator, Deanna Santana, has promised to find administrative support for the Public Ethics Commission from a staff pool she is putting together.
>> A group calling itself Moving Oakland Forward is pushing to impose term limits on City Council and would like LWVO support. Mary and other Action Committee members will meet with them to learn more about them.
>> LWVC has a Decline to Sign campaign, urging people not to sign petitions for new ballot measures to overturn newly adopted State and Congressional district maps or to require a referendum on collecting sales tax from out-of-state vendors. Local Leagues are urged to write letters to the editor etc.

Program October 2nd--Suffrage Parade
October 12th : ballot measure Pros and Cons plus explanation of changes coming in the spring 2012 Statewide election. [Subsequently the date was changed to October 11.]

Voter Service
Judy has several volunteers to do Pros and Cons. First presentation is October 10. Training for Pros and Cons speakers will be later in September, so details about the 3 ballot measures are needed quickly. Mary will write up a four page Pros and Cons summary to be printed for general distribution. 6000 will be printed. This will be our Local Pros and Cons publication replacing the Easy Voter Guide since there are no candidates. It will be produced in English only (no time or money for translations) and we expect it to be 2 double-sided pages. More detailed and in depth background information will be provided for the speakers.
Election dates are as follows:
     City sends out ballot information Oct. 6
     Ballots to be mailed in between Oct. 17 and November 15

Development<br. No discussion. Report sent to all board members

Info for October due Sunday, September 18. Articles will include:
>> Review of 1st Education Forum with references to on-line resources and announcement of next forums Personal accounting of first-time experience with the consensus process, maybe from Yolanda.
>> Ballot measure Pros and Cons??? Whatever will be available.
>> Oct. 24th program on Oakland budget (Hot Topics)
>> Reminder of Suffrage Parade, with photo
>> Dates for Oakland mail-in Election
>> Announcement of National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC) program on the death penalty Oct. 6th . Board voted to co-sponsor it at this meeting.
>> Summary of Retreat and Sept. board meeting news
>> Leftover from last time will be short blurb about the Nikki Harris on-line training services
>> and a legislative interview.
>> Hot Topics October 24--Oakland Budget
Also, as usual, there will be the President's message and Membership news.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

June, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting (Revised)
June 20, 2011

The "Old Board-New Board" meeting was called to order by co-President Suzanne Loosen at the home of Louise Rothman-Riemer 6: 50pm.

Attendance: Carole Agnello, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Megan Chenoweth, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Judy Merrill, Debbie Mills, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo, Marion Taylor, Mary Weinstein and Sandy Venning.

Notified Absence: Katherine Oberle

Guest: Yolanda Schonbrun

Agenda was amended to add a request to co-sponsor a community discussion this Saturday, as requested by Echa. See Action section

May board meeting minutes approved as submitted. Debbie reviewed the treasurer's report. LWVO savings account has been moved from Chase to Torrey Pines, an Oakland community bank where we already have our checking account. We still have a CD at Chase that will mature in September 2011. The board approved this move.

The Board retreat is scheduled for Saturday, July 23 9am to 2pm at Swan's co-housing. Both Katherine Gavzy and Kathleen Cha are preparing the agenda and other details for this meeting.

Katherine G is updating the Board Roster and the Committee Chair list and will distribute this information soon.

Action Committee
Mary B. reported we were requested to send a letter supporting an application to HUD from Lakeside Senior Housing. After review by Sandra Coleman, our affordable housing expert, the letter was sent and a copy will be posted on the LWVO website.

The Committee sent a letter to the Oakland City Council stating our concern regarding the Council's intention to make the currently full time position of the administrative assistant on the Public Ethics Commission into a part time position. Letter posted on LWVO website.

Barbara Newcombe and Katherine G presented a testimonial to the departing staff director of the Public Ethics Commission thanking him for his work. We also wrote to the Mayor and interim City Manager asking that LWVO be included in the search for the new director.

The LWVO is working with Councilmember Jane Brunner and her staff, the director of the Public Ethics Commission, as well as other interested parties to clarify the definition of a lobbyist.

Echa - Make Oakland Better Now has asked for our assistance for ideas on what should be placed on the ballot to help Oakland move forward. They would like us to facilitate a community discussion next Sunday, June 26, 1-3 PM. The community discussion is intended to offer an opportunity for people to share their ideas. They may need timekeeper and question sorter volunteers. This is meant to be an "airing of ideas" An educational forum leading to future measures placed on the ballot. A motion was made and seconded to co-sponsor the event by sending an email blast to our members to inform them of the event. Mary B and Echa will work on this. Possibly ask Megan for the Candidate Forums list of LWVO volunteers.

100th Anniversary Event
Suzanne and Louise reported that "Got the Vote" might be the official name of the event. Sunday, October 2 in conjunction with Oaklavia. The plan is to hold a parade from Frank Ogawa Plaza to Fox Plaza. The organizers are working on entertainment and the Oakland Museum may display relevant items. The next meeting is scheduled for June 28th at Louise's office. We do not need to do anything at this point.

Education Committee - National Study
Carole Agnello was introduced as a new member of the Board. She is also a member of the Education Committee.

Yolanda reported the Committee would prepare for the Study in three steps. The first meeting will be held in September, could be our September kick-off program meeting, to present LWVO members with background information on the National Education Study and begin discussion of the consensus questions prepared by the National study committee. The second meeting would be held in October to continue work on the remaining consensus questions. LWVO Education Committee has to present the Board with the results of the consensus questions from the two meetings and a recommended response to LWVUS on behalf of LWVO. With Board approval, our response must be submitted to LWVO at the end of November.

The concentrations for this study are equity in funding and common standards in studies.

Yolanda will email the web site to the board members as well as the background articles. She will also get a list of members interested in education issues and contact them regarding participation in this study.

Katherine G recommends we firm up our calendars re this issue at the July Retreat.

Membership Committee
Louise reported we have 18 new members and 7 returning members. We have surpassed our goal. The renewal letters have been mailed. The May new members coffee at Louise's home went well. A few new members indicated they want to be involved.

Voter Service
Judy M reported that Westlake Christian Terrace asked for our help with their election of a new resident council. LWVO would be responsible to help them set up an election process and to oversee the election. Bev has historical information on this process she will share with Judy. After a discussion, the Board agreed to charge a fee of no less than $100 up to and including $250 (plus supplies) for this service. We would need up to 3 LWVO volunteers for a full day, plus preparation time for this July election. The election is scheduled to occur 2 - 3 weeks from today.

Judy will get more details on the election, finalize the fee, and email the Board.

Sandy talked about Planned Giving. LWVCA has formed a group to assist local Leagues set up a process for this giving. We should keep this in mind for the future.

P.R. and Communication
Mary B has nothing to report. Echa and Kathleen Hirooka will co-chair the P.R functions in the future.

Legislative Interviews
Echa reported on the interview with Sandre Swanson. We have Mr. Swanson's permission to publish our interview with him in the VOTER.

Members-Only Website
Bev continues to work on this site. To access the site, go to: All Board members are urged to check it out and suggest additional content.

Katherine G would like a section called "Where is...?" This section would list items used by LWVO, e.g. signage for meetings, refreshment supplies, committee chair files, and their current location...our official archive. Our site won an award at the Convention and is continually updated

Katherine wants a work party to clean up the office and storage room in the basement. Katherine G, Louise, Annmarie, Judy Merrill and Megan have volunteered to help with this project.

LWV Bay Area - Bay Area Plan Meetings (MTC/ABAG) - Marion reported there would be another round of meetings in the fall and we will be kept informed. She reminded us to read the Monitor...subscribe electronically at The goal is to develop a regional plan linking transportation and housing.

LWV Alameda County Council (ACC) -Kathleen and Katherine G had nothing new to report.

LWVUS sponsored a television ad highlighting/criticizing the votes of two U.S. senators on the Clean Air Act. In response to the negative reaction of some leagues across the country, LWVCA has requested two of its officers who will be attending the LWVUS Council June 17-19 to respond to questions about what happened and why.

Katherine G asked the Board whether we want to respond to National on what we think of this issue. After discussion, the Board does not want to respond until we know more about what happened at the June 17-19 LWVUS Council. Helen Hutchison attended and will fill us in.

Katherine G will send a letter or Barbara Lee re Urgent Vote Action email we received from LWVUS today. We are all on the LWVUS action alert distribution and can respond individually.

Mary B, Helen Hutchison and Katherine G met with a representative from Mills College to discuss using her students as interns for LWVO's participation in a LWVC community education project on the state and local budgets.

VOTER NOTE: No July or August issues. We will discuss what to include in the August issue at the Board retreat.
"We Got the Vote"
Web site links
Introduce new Board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary

May, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting
May 9, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Co-President Suzanne Loosen at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:35 p.m.

Attendance: Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Megan Chenoweth, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Debbie Mills, Katherine Oberle, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo, Marion Taylor, and Sandy Venning.

Excused Absence: Judy Merrill and Mary Weinstein

Guest: Sandy Threlfall


  • Agenda approved.
  • Previous meeting minutes approved as amended.
  • Treasurer's report-accepted as submitted.
  • Board members updated their away dates.
  • Scheduling: "New Board/Old Board" meeting in June and Board retreat later in the summer...possibly June 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Louise' house. Pot-luck.
  • Board Retreat-board members should check calendars in July and August dates and let Katherine G know availability.

100th Anniversary of California Suffrage Event
Sandy Threlfall presented some ideas for a proposed march around Lake Merritt in recognition of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in California. She suggested October 8 for this event and asked the Board to co-sponsor the event. The Board asked her to firm up the details and come back to a Board meeting for further consideration. A subcommittee to work on the centennial celebration will include Program (Katherine Oberle), Development (Sandy Venning and Sandy Threlfall), and Membership (Louise).

May Program - On May 17, Henry Brady, Ph.D., Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley, will speak on the role of taxes in society at Oakland's City Hall Hearing Room 3

Annual Meeting - Katherine O will send an email to all of us for sign-up for food. Mary B will send out a reminder email blast a week before the event.

Hot Topics upcoming dates are: October 24, December 5, January 23, February 27, March 26, and April 23.

Lobbyist Registration - After Committee members met with Jane Brunner, Oakland City Council, to discuss this issue, Ms Brunner proposed a meeting with all interested parties on May 17.

Redistricting - The Committee requested the Board's approval to read a statement at the May 21 hearing on statewide redistricting emphasizing LWVO's recommendation that the Redistricting Commission consider boundaries as defined by neighborhood organizations rather than the current City Council and School Board district boundaries.

Action Committee recommendations on Program Planning for the LWVCA convention:

  • Juvenile Justice: The Committee recommends that LWVO convention delegates support the proposal to update the Juvenile Justice position by concurrence.
  • Criminal Justice: The Committee recommends delegates do not support the proposal to adopt a new Criminal Justice position by concurrence unless the language of the proposal is clarified.
  • Proportional Representation: The Committee does not recommend that delegates support the proposal to update the Election Systems position by concurrence to include proportional representation; a study would be more appropriate.

The Board was reminded that delegates go to Convention "informed but not instructed," and each delegate is free to vote her/his conscience.

Ranked Choice Voting - On May 20 the Fair Elections organization will recognize LWVO for our support of RCV. Marion will represent LWVO and receive the award.

Public Ethics Commission - Daniel Purnell is leaving the Commission. LWVO will present him with a certificate of appreciation at his final Commission hearing.

City Budget Process - Echa is watching this process carefully.


  • Since January 2011, we have gained 16 net new members, bringing our total to 331. We have achieved our MGIK growth goal for the year (provided that we maintain this net level of membership through January 2012).
  • Renewal letters being updated
  • Meeting is now 3rd Monday of month
  • Each Board member will call three new members and encourage them to attend the new member reception at Louise's home on May 18. Louise will email our calling assignments.

Sandy V reported that the Annual Luncheon was successful socially and financially. We had 11 patrons and 13 donors.

P. R. and Communications
Mary B has sent email blasts on two upcoming events (May 17 Program and the May 21 redistricting meeting) and more will follow as dates get closer, including our June 1 Annual Meeting.

Legislative Interviews
Echa will attend the Sandré Swanson interview, per Kathleen C's request for a volunteer.

Members Only Website

  • Bev - So far we have folders on Members Only for Board agendas and minutes, policies, action committee minutes, roster and committee memberships, other categories to be added as requested. To view the information, go to
  • Katherine G suggests we keep a list of who has what on the web site...where is the banner, the coffee pot, etc. Let Bev know these details. All Board members are encouraged to check it out and send Bev suggestions.

  • Reminder: LWVO delegates to State Convention will be Katherine G, Sandy V, Mary B, Yolanda Schonbrun, Suzanne L, Judi B, Joey Hansell, Louise Rothman-Riemer.
  • Suzanne Loosen will represent LWVO at Bay Area Council meeting on May 21.
  • Bay Area Sustainable Community Strategy regional planning workshops: Marion will attend the Alameda program on May 19. Suzanne and Kathleen attended the Santa Clara meeting.
  • LWVUS is holding a council meeting in June in Washington, D.C., focusing on training leaders. Helen H will attend and report to us.

June 1 Annual Meeting
President's message
Education article by Yolanda
Toni Locke mother of year.
Interview with West Coast Arts, our printer
LWVCA Convention in Ventura
Bay Area Plan - Kathleen
Podcast tool - Echa
How to find out what is going on in California politics
California budget project - Mary B

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary

April, 2011

LWVO Board Meeting
April 11, 2011 (Revised)

The meeting was called to order by Co-President Suzanne Loosen at St. Paul's Towers, 21st floor meeting room at 6:38 P.M. Attendance: Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Kathleen Cha, Megan Chenoweth, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Suzanne Loosen, Debbie Mills, Katherine Oberle, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Echa Schneider, Bev Solo, Marion Taylor, Sandy Venning and Mary Weinstein.

Excused Absence: Judy Merrill

Guests: Yolanda Schonbrun and Jane Klein, Education Committee


  • Agenda approved
  • Previous meeting minutes need to be changed to indicate that Suzanne Loosen chaired the meeting, not Katherine Gavzy.
  • Treasurer's report-accepted as submitted.
  • Board away dates update-Katherine G requested Board members update our away schedules through June.
  • Budget Committee-An additional $200 in Voter Service expenses has been added to the 2011-2012 budget previously approved by the Board. The November election is expected to have numerous propositions.

Education Committee Yolanda Schonbrun and Jane Klein presented the Committee's review of the League's position statement on education, last updated in 1980. Committee members attend every Oakland School Board meeting and review the new school district Strategic Plan to determine whether or not it will be appropriate for LWVO to make a statement or take action in response, and if our current local Education Position would support such action. The Board, Yolanda and Jane clarified the Education Committee's goals regarding this process. At this point the Education Committee does not expect to have proposed updates to the existing position for review by the Board and presentation to the members at the June 1st Annual Meeting.

Program and Outreach

  • May Program - On May 17, Henry Brady, Ph.D., Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley, will speak on the role of taxes in society.
  • Annual Meeting update - Katherine O reported she hopes to hear from someone at Next10. She has invited a person from the organization to be the keynote speaker at our Annual Meeting in June. Each Board member will bring a dish to the meeting to supplement the dishes LWVO supplies.
  • A group of women, Cinnamon Girls, is hosting a Tea and fundraiser at the Claremont Hotel and has invited LWVO send a representative. The fee to attend is $125 per person. Louise is checking to see if LWVO is invited as a guest or as a payee.
  • Laney College sponsored an event on their campus on March 24. Louise set up an information table at the event with the goal of making the League more visible to the college students. Student attendance at the event was very low due to stormy weather.

  • Hot Topics - The April 25 topic is Redevelopment. The Committee is very pleased with the new location for Hot Topics. Meetings are now held in the conference room at TransForm, 436-14th Street, next to a BART station.
  • Redistricting : The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is holding a public hearing on May 21 in Oakland. The Committee recommends LWVO inform members of this meeting through VOTER and a My Word column in the Oakland Tribune. Action will draft a statement for LWVO to present at the hearing and will seek Board approval of the statement at the May 9 Board meeting.
  • State League Program : The Action Committee makes the following recommendations to LWVO delegates at the Convention. It is understood that under League policy all delegates attend Convention "informed but not instructed." o Proportional Representation : there is a non-recommended proposal to add support for proportional representation to the Election Systems position, by concurrence. Action believes this requires more study. The LWVO Program Planning meeting in January supported an update study. o Initiative and Referendum : there is a LWVC recommended proposal for a study to update this position. Action supports that proposal. o Criminal Justice : there is a non-recommended proposal to adopt a new Criminal Justice position by concurrence. Action is reviewing the proposal and will make its recommendation at the May Board meeting o Juvenile Justice : there is a non-recommended proposal to update the existing Juvenile Justice position by concurrence. Action will review the proposal and make its recommendation at the May board meeting.
  • April 21 Rules Committee of the City Council will consider lobbyist registration. They have our statement.

  • Louise reported we have five net new members so far this year. Our MGIK goal is 16 net new by January 31, 2012.
  • Louise submitted for approval a draft of a proposed mailing to new Oakland residents. The letter would be sent to new homeowners since July 2010 in zip codes 94618 and 94602 informing them of our activities and an invitation to join. The Board approved the letter.

  • April All-City Luncheon-Sandy V reported we have additional additional full table sponsor and two additional half-table sponsors.
  • October event celebrating the 100th anniversary of women's vote in California. Sandy Threlfall has suggested a parade/walk around Lake Merritt with other women's organizations celebrating women's right to vote in California. This proposed event requires organization from Membership Committee, Development Committee and Program Committee. Louise, Sandy Threlfall, Sandy V, and Katherine O will be the sub-committee for this proposed event.

P. R. and Communications Mary reported that flyers and email blast reminders will be sent for the April Luncheon, April Hot Topics, and May program.

Legislative Interviews Kathleen C reported that the Alameda County Council has divided the interview coordination responsibilities among the Leagues in the County. Since all legislators are busy with the budget in Sacramento, interview meetings are being set up during May. Kathleen C will contact members who have indicated an interest in the interviews when the dates are finalized.

Members Only Website On this site, Katherine G reported we want to have: Board agendas and minutes, current composition of Committees, all documents the Board reviews at our summer retreats, leadership development, and a "how to" on each event so the next person responsible for the event has access to the history. Bev S will update the web site for members.


  • LWVC State Convention-Those attending should review the program and decide the sessions they plan to attend before they leave Oakland.
  • LWV Bay Area-It was recommended that Board members regularly read the Bay Area Monitor, a bimonthly publication reviewing regional issues.
  • May 19, Berkeley-Alameda County workshop on regional transportation.
  • Suzanne and Judi B will attend the LWV Bay Area council on May 21 at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.
  • Alameda County Council - at the ACC April meeting Katherine G reported our proposed update language (concerning oversight of private providers) to the Alameda County Position on Children's Mental Health Services. The other County Leagues will present this to their members at their annual meetings for approval..
  • LWVCA/US-In addition to the education study, National begun a study on privatization of government services. We will need a few people to study this issue so we can respond to the consensus study.


Annual Meeting May 21 redistricting meeting Obituary: Richard Winnie and Muriel Nelson May 18: New member social, sponsored by the Membership Committee May Program Education Committee report on the Oakland Strategic Plan President's Message May 19: Bay Area League plan

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary