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Board Minutes 2014-2015

September Board Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2014

The meeting called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:32 pm in the 2nd floor Conference Room of the League's new office building, the Central Building 436 14th St.
Attendance: Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Amy Lyons, Alec MacDonald, Judy Merrill , Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Deborah Shefler, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, and Dawna Williams.
Excused Absence: Annmarie Hallin, Leslie Smith
Guests: Bonnie Hamlin, Helen Hutchison, Allene Warren
Secretary, Annamarie Hallin, was absent and so Louise Rothman-Riemer and Dawna Williams volunteered to take minutes in her stead.
Approve Agenda - Agenda approved by Consensus
Treasurer's Report + Amy Lyons gave her first report as Treasurer. Amy and Katherine worked to up date the Quick Books software and to begin reporting for the new fiscal year. Amy still has to complete reconciling the Treasurers report of income and expense with the asset balances, which should be done by the October meeting. Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report was moved by Louise RR and seconded by Judy Merrill.
Retreat follow-up - proposed revisions to the Board Policy and the Action Policy, as discussed at the Retreat, to be brought to the October 13th meeting for approval by the Board: 1) Board Policy -- Leslie and Mary to draft revised paragraph 2.d.1; 2) Action Policy -- Amy to propose revision to process for decision-making between meetings

New Offices - Thursday, September 11, 2014 is the date in which the League will officially move into their new quarters in the Central Building. Bonnie Hamlin accepted keys members had to the old office and requested that those who forgot return them prior to the move on Thursday. Louise RR will take documents that need to be shredded. Bonnie and Katherine, will actually supervise the movers and close out the old office. Rosalee and Allene and Sandy V and Louise A. will help with clean up and move in.

VOTER - preliminary list of contents Deadline is September 19th for submission of articles Local and State Measure Pros and Cons New Office Pro and Con Videos announcement Announcement of Oakland Easy Voter Guide distribution in East Bay Express Oct. 8th issue Pictures from the various debates and forums were requested Reminder on Voting deadlines and links to URLs for Smart Voter and Voter's Edge as well as any other Voter resources (Bonnie Hamlin agreed to do that) October Hot Topic and candidate forum (sponsored at city hall plus cosponsored) dates Recap of September 17th Program on Money and Politics (Sandy V) Ranked Choice Voting again, if room. Action report, including ways for members to get involved with advocacy for local measures that LWVO supports. Will include contact info for LWVO point person on advocacy campaigns.(Mary)

There was a discussion about the insertion of voter materials in the newsletter and it was agreed that we would have only include pros and cons for local issues and the provide web site links to the state issues.

It was also agreed to send out email and Facebook page blasts as well as Voter piece recapping Vote with the League. (just # and title of ballot measure plus whether LWV supports, opposed, neutral or no position). Explanations of LWV positions will be available on website. Addendum to Other Administrative Matters + Rosalee has made corrections to the various rosters and schedules and will send the corrected versions out.

October location for the Board Meeting is yet to be resolved. Will it be in the Conference Room at the Central Building or at St. Paul's Tower's. Bev Solo said she would keep the option for St. Paul's Towers open.

PROGRAM September 17th Program, it was suggested that we double check with Nancy Skinner's office as she has often been a now show. The September 17th Program will be held in Hearing room 2 beginning at 6 pm. Yolanda having problems getting HR 2 or 3 confirmed for the October 1st Program (Ballot pros and cons by LWV Voter Service volunteers). Agreed she would workon (in priority order) : 1)A different hearing room at CityHall; or 2) Central Bldg conf room if Rosalee can confirm it is available on Oct. 1st (will be no charge because within 30 days); or 3) Change date to 10/02 and use City Hall room Louise A reserved for potential candidate forum but doesn't need.

ACTION Mary Bergan noted that there were a large number of candidates running for mayor including several who already knew they would not be elected. Mary presented Action Committee's recommendation to the Board to support Oakland measure EE (modifications to a minor city retirement program) and Measure N (new parcel tax for school district). The Education Committee also recommends support for Measure N. It was moved by Louise RR and seconded by Judy Merrill to support Oakland City Measure EE and Measure N A discussion was held on Measure N in which it was noted that the $120 Parcel Tax increase per household did not affect those who fell below the poverty line. It was also noted that this money would also benefit Charter Schools. Measure N will link learning and career readiness and make it a part of the curriculum. There will be a mentoring program which will help insure that the Measure's objectives are met. Mary Bergan noted that the school district was much more reliable on fiscal oversight matters than was the city. The Board voted unanimously to support both measures.

Mary also asked that the League assist in action for passage of the measures we support by phone banking,and other means; and putting information on our Website and in the Voter. Casey Farmer is managing the campaign for Measure Z ( Public Safety and Violence Prevention; Board voted at the summer retreat to support this).

VOTER SERVICE- Judy Merrill and Deborah Shefler discussed the pros and cons Video Project and said they were pleased with the first results. They believe that the video's will be available by the middle of the month. Deborah suggested that we need to seek promotion of these videos and felt that the East Bay Express would be a good outlet. Judy M. needs someone to upload the KTOP candidate forum videos to Youtube.

Simultaneously it was noted by Alec that we had not yet officially signed the contract to have the Easy Voter Guide inserted into the East Bay Express. This will be done in a timely way.

Bonnie Hamlin noted that members and others have been making donations to help pay for the videos, She encouraged more contributions. Bonnie suggested that t we insert a button on our email blasts promoting the videos (in particular the blasts sent to nonmember "Friends of the League") with a plea for constributions and a link to Pay Pay link on our website DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Bonnie Hamlin reported that we had a very successful luncheon and that we had more sponsors than ever before. She also said that the time had come to leave Scotts especially as they had not resolved their issues with the Bay Development Commission. Work has already begun to search for a new venue as well as seeking ideas for speakers. The Development Committee needs to have such suggestions by September 15th as it is often difficult to find the desired timed on prospective speakers calendars. They hope to have most things pinned down in October. One of the suggested topics for the luncheon was the housing issues in Oakland, and projects such as Bridge House.

Membership Report + membership report was distributed to the Board and due to time we delayed further discussion. We have about 75 members who have not yet renewed.. Not yet necessary for Board members to make followup phonecalls.

Bay Area League + Judi Banks reported their next meeting is October and so there was no report.

Announcements: The Third Annual Delilah Beasley Tea will be help on Saturday September 13th at the Pardee House in down town Oakland from 2- 4 pm. Angela Glover Blackwell will be honored. The tea is sponsored by the League and POWER (Progressive Oakland Women For Empowerment and Reform).

Those wishing to see the new League office were invited to come up to the 12th floor after the meeting adjourned. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Louise Rothman-Riemer in Annmarie Hallin's absence.

October Board Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2014

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm at the LWVO Conference Room 436-14th Street, 2nd floor.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Amy Lyons, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Deborah Shefler, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, and Dawna Williams,

Excused Absence Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert and Leslie Smith and Alec MacDonald.

Approve agenda - approved by consensus of the board.

Approve September meeting minutes - Louise A moved we accept the minutes and Judy M seconded. The board approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report for September - Amy reported our office move resulted in a few unexpected expenses such as ordering new checks, new carpet for the office (paid for by a contribution from LWVO member Terry Kulka), and paying the annual fee for Quick Books in advance.

Voter Service expense of $6,000 - includes payments for the videos and Easy Voter Guide for California. We have yet to pay for the local Easy Voter Guides.

Louise R-R moved we accept report as presented; Dawna seconded the motion and the Board unanimously agreed.

Follow-up items from August Retreat:
Proposed revision to Board Policy - will be discussed at the November Board meeting.
Proposed formalization of electronic meeting procedures + Amy requested each Board member complete the form she circulated to approve that we agree to vote by email (Director/Officer Consent and Verification for Electronic Transmissions of LWVO).
Annmarie will follow up with the Board members who have not completed the form and will file the completed forms in the LWVO office.
Reporting to the Board + Katherine distributed an information sheet on how board members determine what should be reported to the board, when it is necessary to request a board decision, and the correct procedure to follow when requiring a board decision. We will discuss this at the November meeting.

Absence Report circulated for updates

VOTER November issue preliminary list of contents:

Voter Service volunteer thank you
High School voter registration
Photo from Midnight Madness
VOTER reader poll on the videos
Recap of Action Committee
Holiday party

November 19th program: Access to Higher Education + an informative meeting on the League's study regarding access to higher education. The meeting will be held in City Hall with someone from UCB, CSU and a community college on the panel.

December 12 holiday party - Once again, Louise R-R has generously offered to host the party at her home. We will decide at the November meeting what each board member will contribute to the finger food potluck. Discussion about most effective ways to get word out to members: story in Voter, email blast + both approved. Louise R-R will try using a paperless post invite as well.

Mary circulated two information sheets: Campaign for League-Supported Measures and Vote with the League. She has lawn signs for Measure Z for anyone who needs them.

Katie Taylor, a new member, is phone banking for Measures N and Z and we are welcome to phone bank with them on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Mary will send an email to us regarding a Measure Z walk in Glenview.
If it is not possible for board members to participate, let others know about this. It is important to respond to the negative opposition to Measure Z. We could use the statement listed on Vote with the League.

Katherine mentioned that Dan Kalb is looking for contributions to Measure CC and Measure Z. She will send us all his email. This would be an individual contribution not in the name of the League.

Voter Service
Updates on forums/Pros & Cons materials and speakers

Videos/Voter Registration - Judy M discussed forum videos. There is a delay in receiving a copy of the forum videos because KTOP does not indicate the LWVO logo on the videos until several days after the event. Judy is concerned about the mayoral forum this Friday since we need this mayoral video uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible. Judy would like to pick up the DVD from KTOP without the LWVO notations.

Do we agree she can pick up the DVD which will include the candidates name, but most likely no reference to LWVO except the banner on the moderator's podium? The board approved this request for this one time. Judi Bank volunteered to make the larger, darker name cards for this Friday's mayoral forum. Judy Merrill will email the names to Judi Bank tomorrow.

There may be a write in candidate for mayor.

Everyone should distribute the links to candidate forum and ballet measure videos on our website and YouTube.

Katherine suggested we write a thank you note or testimonial to Michael (video creator). Deborah suggested we wait until after the election so we can cite the viewer statistics. Bev will give him credit for the videos on the LWVO web site.

Judy Merrill has extra Easy Voter Guides for us to take home to distribute.

Judy M asked whether or not we believe we produced the ballot measure pros and cons videos that we wanted to produce? Everyone agreed the completed videos were just what we wanted. Some thought they could have been even briefer since viewers tend to lose interest after 2 minutes (ours are Three). Discussion on this and the need to make them truly informative and useful, a fine balance.

Development Committee
Luncheon will be at the Scottish Rite near Lake Merritt. Attendees will be advised on the parking situation.

Membership Committee
Louise R-R reported the need to affix the new office addresses to the Membership brochure. She distributed stickers with the new address for our use when using the Membership brochures. Many membership forms were distributed at the Rockridge fair.

We have about 69 members who have not yet renewed. Katherine mentioned we need 45 renewals to stay even for the year. At the November board meeting, Membership will distribute names and contact information of non-renewals. Board members will follow-up with the non-renewals.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Katherine attended the Alameda County League meeting... Nothing specific to report. Judi Bank will report on the next Bay Area interleague meeting at November board meeting.

Katherine announced that on election day we need volunteers in our office to answer questions from citizens regarding voting process. Katherine passed around a sign-up sheet for those who are able to come into the office on Election Day. Complete written instructions will be provided. Katherine will send out an email to members requesting volunteers to cover the office telephone on Election Day. Board members should contact Bonnie if they have time to volunteer for this task.

The Dues Assistance fund has over $800. Not enough people use it. One thought is for members to draw on this account for gift memberships. If board members have a suggestion, send it to Louise R-R. The board has not made a decision on this issue.

A senior group sponsored by Nate Miley needs to hold an election and asked for League assistance. As a favor to Nate Miley, we have agreed to assist on November 7 from 11am to 2pm. His aide will have the by-laws available for our review of the event. Judi Bank and Katherine have volunteered.

VOTER recap
Save the date for holiday party
Introduction of Drew
Midnight Madness photos
Member responses to the videos
League election activities
High School Voter registration

Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the board

November Board Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2014

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:05pm at the LWVO Conference Room 436-14th Street, 2nd floor.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Deborah Shefler, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, and Dawna Williams.

Excused absence -Judy Merrill, Amy Lyons, Alec McDonald, Rosalee Schubert and Leslie Smith

Guest + Bonnie Hamlin

Administrative Absence report circulated for updates

The Agenda was approved as amended to move Membership Committee item in front of Program.

Yolanda moved the October board minutes be approved. Dawna seconded the motion and the October Board meeting minutes were approved by consensus.

Follow-up items from August Retreat:

Proposed revision to Board Policy was deferred until the December meeting.
Electronic meeting procedures + Annmarie will send forms to Alec, Leslie and Rosalee for their signatures. She has received signed forms from all other Board members. The forms will be filed at the LWVO office, both as hard copies and electronically on the LWVO computer. Louise R-R will scan a copy of each signed form for our office computer file.
Guidelines for reporting to the Board + Does the Program Committee need to seek advance Board approval to extend an invitation to a potential speaker, or is the Committee empowered to extend such invitations without prior approval?

After some discussion, the Board agreed to allow the Program Committee to make preliminary speaker selections based on the topics agreed upon at the summer retreat when we plan the program calendar. The Program committee will work with the LWVO committee or portfolio chair most knowledgeable in the topic area as a means of "vetting" the potential speaker. Following this process, the Program Committee will circulate the name of the potential speaker to the Board as an FYI.

Katherine circulated the October Treasurer's Report on behalf of Amy, together with corrected and restated reports for June 2014, July-August 2014, and September 2014.

The transition of Treasurers was not as smooth as we had hoped for many reasons including the change to Quick Books. We had to bring in a professional bookkeeper to help with reconciling and correcting past reports. Everything is fine now. The corrected June 2014 (fiscal year to date) shows a net income number a few hundred dollars different from the estimated preliminary June year to date report that was circulated at the July old board-new board meeting. Bev will update the LWVO website to reflect the restated June and the current October reports. Katherine explained that the Office (other than rent) expense includes the cost of ordering new checks with our new address and of one year of Quickbooks, neither of these was budgeted for. Voter Service expense does not yet include the total cost of the Oakland Easy Voter Guide and some miscellaneous expenses; when all is posted it should be close to the budgeted amount.

VOTER - Preliminary content for December Sandy reported that Alec suggested we change the deadline for the VOTER to the 21st of the month, rather than the week after the Board Meeting in order to include a write up on the November 19th Hot Topics meeting. The Board agreed by consensus. Sandy suggests we get the VOTER information to Alec before that date whenever possible.

Holiday Party Program Planning in January President's letter An introduction to Oakland's newly elected mayor, City Council members, and School Board members (if there is room). Encourage LWVO members to apply to be members on newly formed Oakland commissions and oversight committees, with information on how to do it. LWVO involvement as monitors for an election at a senior center as requested by Nate Miley Sandy will contact the teachers who participated in the high school voter registration...what did their students do to take part in the election process Oakland Tech student Drew Leavitt who worked with us on registration (and now has a student membership in LWVO), said he would write a piece about his experiences Membership renewal and growth: use a thermometer graphic to show our target number (330) and where we stand.

Membership Committee Bonnie reported our membership renewal is not too bad. We have about 55 members that need to be contacted regarding renewing for 2014-2015. Bonnie circulated the list of non-renewals and asked each of us to sign up to contact 2 or 3 names on the list. She will follow up with each of us with the contact information. We should contact them before the next Board meeting. We should get the non-renewal members the materials they need to renew as soon as possible.

Louise R-R circulated a sign up list for items to bring to the holiday party scheduled for December 12, Friday evening, 6pm. Louise will send a personal invitation to new members. The party should also be announced to members via email blast and of course on the website

Louise R-R reminded us that the Nominating Committee had approached Natasha Middleton last spring to join the LWVO Board. At the time, Natasha Middleton was actively involved in campaigning for one of the mayoral candidates. Now that the election is over, the Committee approached Natasha again and learned she is strongly considering becoming a member of this Board. Louise will be sure Natasha receives copies of our policies before Natasha makes her final decision. Louise will also invite her to be one of the two Board members of the Nominating Committee (Rosalee is the other). Assuming she agrees to be on the Board, in accordance with our Bylaws she will serve as a Board-appointed director until the 2015 Annual Meeting, when the Nominating Committee will present her for approval of the members for a full 2-year term, along with the others nominated for Board.

Program December holiday party Program speakers and topics for next 6 months: Yolanda reminded us of the agreements for preliminary program at the August retreat (see your Retreat notes for details). January 17, Saturday + Program Planning Meeting, - Yolanda will get materials and guidelines from LWVC LWV California State Convention - May 16 and 17 in San Diego February 4 + Local Budget Process + how to present the Oakland city budget and the Oakland School Board budget so the typical citizen can understand them. Yolanda will begin working on speakers for the February date as soon as possible. Yolanda and Trisha will also explore replacing our usual evening programs at City Hall with "Lunch and Learn with the League" programs in a local restaurant.

Action Mary reported she had many people working on the election. They worked very hard and covered a lot of territory.

Voter Service Deborah reported on behalf of Judy Merrill. The committee will review all they did and see what worked and what did not. She asked the Board for input. The videos were viewed by 220 to 300 views each, as of today. The cost of the videos worked out to be about $2 per view. The committee wants to research to see the best way to advertise videos in the future.

Development Committee Bonnie Hamlin reported the luncheon will be held at the Scottish Rite Temple. An invitation was sent to Kamala Harris, California State Attorney General, to be our luncheon speaker. We should hear from her in a few weeks. Katherine is working with mutual contacts between LWVO and Kamala Harris. Our second choice is the founder of GoldiBlocks, a toy company that promotes science and math for girls.

Bay Area and Alameda County League Judi reported on the Bay Area League. The LWVBA would like each LWV member in the Bay Area to receive an electronic or paper copy of the Bay Area Monitor (

Saturday, January 31, is Bay Area League Day. The topic is "Climate Change in the Bay Area".

Diablo Valley League is concerned about the oil trains traveling through our area.

Announcements & other League news Katherine reported that at the November 18 Oakland City Council meeting, the proposed Oakland Governmental Ethics Act, written by the PEC and others, will be on the agenda. Action Committee and the PEC supporters would like people to attend the meeting to support this new ordinance. Katherine will forward the information regarding the issue so we can read it in advance. Board members should attend if possible. We will also send out an action alert email telling members and others to contact their councilpersons and tell them to vote for it

The Public Ethics Commission has a vacancy in January for one new Commissioner. Applications are due November 18. Bev will post it on the LWVO website and we will include it in our email blast.

Open Oakland is organizing another City Camp event at City Hall on January 9 where people from a variety of local organizations and groups gather to talk about using technology to improve transparency and civic engagement and government effectiveness. They invited LWVO to help plan it. Board members are encouraged to come to the event on January 9th.

WEBSITE: Bev will meet with her new back-up helper soon to review the process for the LWVO web site.

Recap on VOTER From the Smart Voter City Council/School Board, etc. Membership thermometer Emphasis on Redistricting Commission Result of November 18 City Council meeting vote on the Oakland Governmental Ethics Act we support Action Report
Deborah will write a personal impression of her first experiences as a Pros and Cons speaker.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

December Board Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2014

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:34pm at the LWVO Conference Room 436-14th Street, 2nd floor.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Rosalee Schubert, Yolanda Schonbrun, Deborah Shefler, and Sandy Venning

Excused absence - Judi Bank, Alec McDonald, Bev Solo and Dawna Williams

Unexcused absence - Leslie Smith

Agenda approved by consensus.

November Board meeting minutes - Rosalee moved minutes be approved and Louise RR seconded. Board approved unanimously.

Revisions to Annual Meeting minutes and Bylaws- no need to add "or LWVO website". Bylaws remain as previously approved.

November Treasurers report - Amy reported she worked with an outside accountant ($500 for 15 hours work) and brought the LWVO books up-to-date. She is continuing her research into the current budget and is constantly improving her mastery of the LWVO budget.

It has been brought to our attention that when the LWVO Articles of Incorporation were filed with the California Secretary of State in September 1980, they incorrectly described LWVO non-profit status as a "mutual benefit corporation" instead of as a "public benefit corporation." This means that the State does not consider LWVO compliant with numerous reporting requirements and possibly even state income tax requirements. Fortunately, our Bylaws correctly identify LWVO as a "public benefit corporation".

To rectify this situation, we must have a vote of the members to amend our Articles of Incorporation to change the appropriate language. We will electronically send an announcement of the required vote in the next VOTER and on the website, send out ballots via an email blast to all voting members with an explanation. We need 10% (a quorum) of the voting members to respond. Also, 100% of members who participate in the vote must approve the changes.

Annmarie moved that we conduct a vote of the membership to be carried out before January 31, 2015. The proposed new language in the Articles of Incorporation to be voted on will read:

This corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable and educational purposes. This corporation elects to be governed by all the provisions of the nonprofit corporation laws of 1980 not otherwise applicable to it under part 5 of division 2 of that law.

Amy Lyons seconded the motion. The Board approved unanimously.

Louise noted that if we do not make the change in wording, if LWVO dissolves the money goes to the members, rather to the state league or charitable purposes.

Amy will run this by the attorney before we email the members via the VOTER.

Follow-up items from August Retreat:

Proposed revision to Board Policy: since this has not been presented the Board as of December, we will drop the matter and re-affirm the Board Policy as it was revised at the 2013 Board Retreat.

VOTER for January - preliminary list of contents
Monitoring the Senior Center vote as requested by County Supervisor Nate Miley
First experience of speaking on Pros and Cons - from Deborah
Hot Topics of January 28
President's message
Holiday party with photos
Program Planning on January 17
Article on Articles of Incorporation vote to amend needed Membership
Thank you to whomever donated the camera
Possible article on grand jury report on the school board
City Council vote December 9th on Ethical Conduct act

Program Planning - January 17 - Yolanda reported the session will be held at the Rockridge Library 10:30 - 3pm. This is a brown bag event. Parking is meter parking or BART parking lot (free on Saturday). Side street parking is limited to 4 hours on Manila Avenue only (2 hours elsewhere). The plan is to discuss the LWVC positions by breaking out into 3 groups...government, social policy, natural resources, in the morning. Mary Bergan will facilitate the Social Policy group. Yolanda will ask Sandy Threlfall to facilitate the Natural Resources group and Yolanda will ask Helen Hutchison to do the Government group.

In the afternoon we will discuss Oakland positions (Katherine G will facilitate) and Bay Area/Alameda County positions (Judi Bank). Judy Merrill will be the timekeeper.

Board Members - If you can help set up, come at 10am.

February Program - Budget Process in City and OUSD - February 4. The speakers have not been determined.

A proposal was discussed to try replacing evening events at City Hall with "lunch and learn".

Judy Merrill suggested that whenever we have a meeting at City Hall we ask KTOP to film the meeting and then we could post it on Facebook.

Other Leagues get a private room at a restaurant and charge attendees a fee for lunch, We might possibly have everyone bring their own lunch (or use local takeout) and hold the meetings at City Hall room 3 (rooms 1 and 2 do not allow food).

The idea behind the luncheon is to see if we can attract more people and possibly a group of younger attendees.

The Board agreed to try to hold the February meeting as an experiment in midday "lunch and learn." We are asking Yolanda and Trish to reserve City Hall room 3 for the February meeting. We will provide water and coffee.

Mary presented the Action Committee report

Hot Topics January 28 - the impact of employee pensions on the Oakland city budget.

Hot Topics February 25 - beyond gun control - what's being done, can be done, to reduce gun violence in Oakland?

Public Ethics Commission - Katherine sent a second letter to the City Council thanking them for voting in favor of the proposed Ethical Conduct ordinance at the first reading and asking them to vote in support again at the second reading on December 9th. Now that the new Charter Amendment empowering the Public Ethics Commission was passed by the voters in the November election, the PEC is ready to go with their new authorities and resources and will hire staff as soon as possible (by July 2015).

Meetings with City Council members - Action Committee will set up individual meetings with new and continuing councilmembers after January 1st to review LWVO and their own priorities. If any Board member wishes to join the Action Committee at one of these meetings (perhaps with your own councilmember) let Mary know.

Membership & Leadership Development
Natasha Middleton was confirmed as a new Board-appointed Board member. The Board had agreed to this confirmation at the November 2014 Board meeting and Louise R-R confirmed it with Natasha. Louise R-R will follow up with Natasha and make sure she has the information she will need as a Board member.

We have 339 members as of now. We are pursuing members who have not rejoined as of today.

Update on renewals - we need to meet our goal. If we do not get renewals from at least 2/3 of the remaining non-renewed people, we will not grow at all and will probably fall below last year's number of 313.

New membership initiatives - small dinners, noon time networking with the League...brown bag lunch particularly with non-profits.

We would like to have a Join the League button on our web site Home page, in addition to the "Join or Renew" menu item. Referred to Bev Solo to see if she can do this.

Nerds Night Out - Announced by Louise R-R, this event is held at the Parkway Theater, 24th and Telegraph on the 4th Monday of the month at 7 or 7:30. This is a possible venue for LWVO to hold a program or just come with our membership and voter information materials. All Board members should drop by and see what it is like.

Development Committee
Update on status of 2015 Annual Luncheon planning. Katherine reported that Kamala Harris couldn't be our speaker. Robert Reich said no. Our latest choice is Sylvia Earle - she speaks on the ocean and environmental issues. We are waiting to hear from her. It was also suggested that if Ms. Earle is not available, we ask SPUR to provide speaker.

We may have a "giving tree" on each table so guests can choose vouchers for small donations; or maybe even a fishing pond (suggested by Sandy V) in keeping with the ocean and water theme.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Louise A - Alameda County Council is writing to the registrar of Voters because different counties charge different fees to place a statement in the official candidate statements and the LWV amounts charged can be prohibitive and therefore unfair to those running for office.

Announcements and other League News
January 10 is Oakland City Camp at City Hall, organized by Open Oakland and other civically engaged tech groups. The details are on the Internet. Since we would like LWVO to be better known among the members of the group, we should try to drop in for a while. Katherine forwarded the flyer and links.

Yolanda announced the Swearing in tomorrow night for the new Alameda County Superintendent of Schools.

Amy announced that SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research), a well known and respected non-profit, will open an office in Oakland in January.

Hot Topics January 28
Senior Center election
President's message
article on Pros and Cons
Holiday party w/photos
Program Planning January 17
Change in Articles of Incorporation
Public Ethics Commission and Ethical Conduct ordinance
Thank you for the new camera
City and OSUD budget program on February 4

Allene Warren's report on response from the Grand Jury's report on OUSD

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

January Board Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2015

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:34pm at the LWVO Conference Room 436-14th Street, 2nd floor.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Natasha Middleton, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Deborah Shefler, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning and Dawna Williams.

Excused absence - Alec McDonald and Rosalee Schubert

Guests - Jane Klein Chair of the Nominating Committee and Clyde Nelson, visitor/prospective member

a. Circulated the absences report for updates
b. Welcomed new Board member Natasha Middleton
c. Approved agenda - Action, Development and Membership relinquished some of their scheduled time to accommodate the detailed presentation of the Communications Committee. The motion to amend the timing of the agenda was made by Louise R-R and seconded by Judy Merrill. All approved.
d. Approved the December meeting minutes with the suggested changes from the Secretary. Revised minutes will be distributed.
e. Treasurer's report for December - Amy reported everything is on track. Amy would like to change the format of the Treasurers Report to be easier to read. Amy and Katherine will work on this. Katherine told us we need to begin budget planning for next year by the end of January. Louise R-R volunteered to be added to the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee consists of Katherine, Rosalee, Amy, Louise R-R and other interested members. Louise R-R moved and Judy M seconded that we accept the Treasurers Report. All approved.

VOTER - Preliminary content for January President's Message
Program Planning report (Louise R-R)
Introduction of Natasha as new member of the Board
City Camp - photos from Dawna, article by Katherine/Mary B/Dawna/Louise A.
Luncheon - save the date
February Hot Topics
Low voter turnout article - Natasha
Remember the League in your Will

Nominating Committee
Jane Klein, Chair of the Nominating Committee, reported on the progress of the search for next year.
All current board members except Rosalee and Katherine will continue. Some portfolios are still being filled. Louise R-R will be the new President. Katherine and Louise will need support from the Board to plan the transition: Katherine suggested that the Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair and Communications Chair should form a transition committee to work with her and Louise on this. Any other Board members interested should volunteer to join this.

January 17 - Program Planning at the Rockridge Library, 10:30 - 3pm - All Board members should try to come and bring a new member with you. Yolanda reported that everything is set for the day. The following people will facilitate discussion of the positions: 1. State League positions: Mary Bergan (Social Policy), Sandy Threlfall (Natural Resources), Helen Hutchison (Government). 2.LWV Bay Area: Judi Bank; 3. LWV Alameda County: Louise Anderson; 4. LWVOakland: Katherine G. Yolanda urged all board members to read the positions ahead of time.

February 4 - Lunch and Learn with the League at City Hall Room 2, 12 noon - 1:30 - BART will make a presentation. When Yolanda has the name of the speaker, she will email the name to Leslie and Bev. Louise R-R mentioned that AC Transit board and BART board are trying to work together to coordinate better.

March 4 - Higher Education study at City Hall, Room 2 in the evening.

April - Topic is School Budget process.

May - Annual Luncheon

June - Annual Meeting

January 28 Hot Topics - The impact of employee pensions on the Oakland city budget

February 25 Hot Topics - Beyond Gun Control - What's being done-can be done to reduce violence in Oakland?

March 25 Hot Topics - Building a Budget for the Common Good (City Budget)
All Hot Topics are always in the 436 14th Street large conference room at 6 pm.

Membership and Leadership Development
Louise R-R - The focus of the Committee is on renewals. According to the Membership Committee report, we had 339 members as of January 8th (an increase of 26 over our 313 total on Feb 1 2014) but this included 28 people who had not yet renewed and were overdue. Of that list of 28 people, we felt comfortable deleting 6 names that had either renewed since January 8 or are firmly expected to renew by the Membership Committee and Board members working on personal contacts. One new member joined before the Board meeting. This puts our expected total by January 31, when LWVUS needs final member data, at 318. A small 1.5 % growth, short of our goal of 330. All Board members who had signed up to contact non-renewing individuals agreed to make one more attempt before January 31.

Development Committee
The luncheon is on the second Wednesday in May - May 13 at the Scottish Rite Center. The speaker is Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in Residence.

Communications Committee
Leslie presented a Summary of recent activities. Her report and addendum with statistics were distributed to Board members and will be posted on the Members Only page of the website.
Email Blasts have increased in numbers sent and readers. There is an increase in cost due to this increase in numbers: Vertical Response began charging us $18 more per month late in 2014, compared with $10 per month in the budget.

Social Media changed quite a bit this year. We have an increase in "Likes" and have met our goal for this year.

The goal is to "lead" people from Facebook and Twitter to our LWVO website where we have all of the information regarding LWVO calendar, issues, etc.

We want to "Like" other likeminded organizations on Facebook and hope they will "Like" us to increase the number or people who will be aware of what we do and who we are.

Leslie covered quite a bit of information regarding LWVO's existence on Facebook and Twitter and the advantages of having a "page" available and the necessity of increasing the budget for this medium.

Leslie needs an increase in the Communications Budget to continue to meet the increased interest in the LWVO Facebook and Twitter pages. After discussion regarding whether or not we should increase the current year budget, Amy moved that we supplement the budget for social media by an additional $300 to pay for "boosts" to broaden the reach. She also moved we supplement the current year budget for Vertical Response monthly charge by $160 for a total of $460 increase for the year. Deborah seconded the motion. All approved. Katherine pointed out that we will expect these increases to continue in the new 2015-16 budget.

Do members want to continue posting on their neighborhood list serves or do we want Leslie to do all the posts? All want to continue posting on their own. Leslie will continue to send us reformatted versions of the email blast announcements so they can just be forwarded on to our own listserves.

Leslie has posted the need for an intern with U. C. Berkeley. She is waiting to hear. The job description was taken from the description that the Board discussed and approved earlier.
Katherine mentioned we no longer have someone to send press releases to announce our calendar events in the print and online press s such as East Bay Express or Oakland North and Oakland Local. We would like to begin this again. Leslie says we can and will do this again.

Amy asked if the web site could be reviewed for a new format/presentation. Bev replied that we use a State template (League EasyWeb) and may not have many options. Bev will do some research on this.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
January 31 - LWVBA League Day. There is a sign up on the web site.
The Bay Area League-North group to which Judi Bank is our delegate normally meets 2 days after we do. So Judi's reports to the Board may be fairly stale.

Bay Area League wants to increase the circulation of the Bay Area Monitor. They would like us to share our member email list with them. The Board agreed to do so. Katherine will send the email list to Alec McDonald.

Many Leagues are sending the VOTER electronically rather than US Mail...with a few exceptions.

Berkeley has a Climate Action Committee - working on community choice aggregation. Judi will write a notice for the VOTER regarding this and members can contact her for the appropriate information.

Announcements- & other League news
State convention is May 15 through 17 in San Diego. Registration begins February 1.
We have previously been allocated 8 spots. We should all think about attending.

Recap on VOTER - added items
Article on Facebook by Leslie
Judi Bank on proposed idea from bay area leagues (community choice aggregation)
Voting turnout by Natasha

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

February Board Minutes

February 9, 2015

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:36pm at the LWVO Conference Room 436-14th Street, 2nd floor.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Natasha Middleton, Amy Lyons, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning and Dawna Williams.

Excused absence - Alec McDonald and Deborah Shefler

Unexcused absence - Leslie Smith

Approved agenda by consensus

January minutes approved after spelling error corrected. Motion made by Louise R-R, seconded by Judy Merrill to approve. All approved

Treasurer's Report - Amy reviewed the report with the Board. Some luncheon sponsorships have come in. Katherine noted that we have budgeted a net loss of about $8,000 t due to the election. But will we end the year with a larger deficit? Contributions have been slower coming in than last year. The Development Committee will work on this, if necessary. Amy would like to change the format of the Treasurer's Report beginning with the next fiscal year. There was general agreement to this idea from the Board.

We need a net profit of at least $20,000 from the luncheon to meet our budgeted net income of ($8,474). The Board was reminded that we budget a negative net income every election year. Judy M moved and Louise R-R seconded we accept the Treasurers report. All agreed.

The VOTER - preliminary:
President's message
March 4 - Program on City retirement debt
March 21 POWER event at Mills College
Hot Topics on March 25
April 1 - Program - Oakland school district budget process
Review of February lunch and learn program on BART
All City Luncheon - awardees, new site, and parking facilities
January Hot Topics review Low voter turnout article
Ethics Commission interview and photo
Higher Education LWVC study
Membership update - how we reached our goal
Review of Bay Area League Day

Proposed Chamber of Commerce membership + Katherine made the proposal to the Board. Most non-profits in Oakland belong to the Chamber of Commerce. A question was raised concerning whether or not the Chamber endorses political candidates. We have learned that the Chamber's "PAC" a separate legal entity actually makes the endorsements, not the Chamber itself, which could be less potentially compromising for LWVO, but is not made clear enough in public statements from the Chamber. The Board determined that belonging to the Chamber would not compromise the League's policy on endorsing candidates. The annual fee is $343 per year. Louise R-R suggested we join and stress to them they need to be more transparent when they make a candidate endorsements. LWVO and the Chamber have worked together many times in the past. After much discussion, Louise R-R moved we take out a one-year membership in the Oakland Chamber of Commerce with the understanding that we will attempt to encourage more transparency re candidate endorsements. Natasha made a motion for LWVO to join the Oakland Chamber of Commerce. All agreed.

January 17 Program Planning report - Yolanda thanked everyone who assisted. She polled those who attended on the space, how the division into groups worked, parking, lunch options, etc. All who attended liked the location. Concerning volunteers to work on recommended issues for education and advocacy, Judy Merrill volunteered to work on the water issue in place of Leslie Smith who is unable to commit to the issue at this time. Yolanda will submit the report on LWVC Program Planning to the State League. Motion made by Rosalee that we accept the Program Planning recommendations for positions, studies, issues for education and advocacy for all levels: LWVC, LWVBA, Alameda County and LWVO. Amy seconded the motion and the Board approved. Concerning recommended LWVO issues for Education and Advocacy, Louise R-R offered to work with Gen Katz on the issue of use and retention of surveillance. These recommendations will be presented to the members at the Annual Meeting.

February 4 - BART discussion + A good presentation by BART. The consensus is that it is worth trying a noon presentation at City Hall again.

March 4 Program - Understanding Oakland's Retirement Debt at City Hall room 3 in the evening. The speaker will be Daniel Bornstein. If Daniel Bornstein agrees, we will invite a second speaker...possibly Henry Gardner current interim City Administrator of Oakland?

April 1 Program - Oakland Unified School District Budget Process - Suggestions for a speaker as well as a venue for the Annual Meeting - SPUR was suggested. LWVO board members will reach out to SPUR about a speaker. Also Bruce Riordan, a member of ABAG and a climate change specialist, was mentioned as a possibility. Yolanda will begin with ABAG. We need a new venue that will accommodate approximately 65 members. Possibly Plank at Jack London Square.

May 13 - All City Luncheon

February 25 - Hot Topics on Beyond Gun Control March 25 - Hot Topics on Building a Budget for the Common Good (City Budget)

Membership & Leadership Development
Louise talked about the POWER event on Saturday March 21 at Mills College from 10am to 1pm. The topics concern civil rights and where we are now and the role of women. Shall we co-sponsor the event? If so, we will publicize the event, lend our name and have a membership table only. Louise RR moved we co-sponsor the event and Yolanda seconded. The Board agreed.

Development Committee
Katherine updated the submitted report re total contributions to the year-end appeal: including donations recently received in the office, total is $3,930.

All-City Luncheon - We have a new Advisory Committee this year that includes the president of the 100 Black Women group, the President of the Oakland African-American Chamber of Commerce, Gregory Chan of East Bay MUD, in addition to the continuing committee members. Lori Fogarty of the Oakland Museum has offered to help with spreading the word about the event and with parking.

Legislative Interviews + Each year, LWVO and other East Bay Leagues work together to interview our state legislators and report back to LWVC. The state LWVO provides the interview questions. This year, the Berkeley League will arrange for and coordinate the interviews with Senator Loni Hancock and with Assembly Member Tony Thurmond. Board members interested in taking part in the interviews with Loni Hancock and Tony Thurmond, should contact Carol Stone of LWV Berkeley at 549-0959. LWVO will arrange for and coordinate the interview with Assembly Member Rob Bonta (shared with LWV Alameda and LWV Eden Valley. Judi Bank has volunteered to take on this responsibility. Board members should contact Judi if interested in the Rob Bonta legislative interview.

LWVC convention will be held May 15 - 17 in San Diego. LWVO will have eight voting delegates. The early bird registration rate for the convention is available until April 15. We have a budget and some expense will be out of pocket. Board members should think about attending and about upcoming LWVO leaders not currently onboard who would benefit from attending. Send names to Katherine.

Katherine suggested we nominate ourselves for the Voter Service (videos) award and the Action award at the San Diego convention. Mary B for Action and Judy M for Voter Service have the nomination forms and links. Action award nomination is due April 6 and Voter Service nomination is due March 27.

Communications - Website
Members Only page - Bev said there is nothing on the Members Only page that is not suitable for anyone to see...just not very interesting to most people. Katherine suggested the Administrative VP (Rosalie or her successor) determine what should be on the site and the person responsible for the information to actually do it. The webmaster would do the actual updating. Bev will bring up the subject at the Board Retreat.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Bay Area League Day - Those who attended thought it was great.

Announcements & other League
March 13 - Civic Learning Breakfast invitation at Holy Names University in Oakland by the California Taskforce for Civic Learning - Yolanda, Sandy and Louise Anderson would like to attend. Louise R-R will check her calendar.

March 21 - Mill College event
Mary and Yolanda attended the School Board meeting. The School Board will meet twice a month until June to advise superintendent on hiring competent people. The new superintendent and school board are updating the strategic plan begun by Dr. Smith when he was Superintendent of Schools a few years ago.

All of the above in the Preliminary section
Leslie Smith - email blast designer acknowledgement
Co-sponsoring POWER meeting on March 21

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, Secretary to the Board