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Board Minutes 2013-2014

July old/new Board Minutes

LWVO 2013 - 2014 Board Meeting July 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:19pm at the home of Louise Rothman-Riemer, Oakland.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Amy Lyons, Alec McDonald, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Rosalee Schubert, Deborah Shefler, Sandy Venning, Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson

Excused Absences - Judi Bank, Leslie Smith and Bev Solo

Administrative Introduction of all Board members. Approve agenda - Louise R-R moved the agenda be approved, seconded by Rosalee. The Board approved by consensus. The May Board meeting minutes were approved by consensus.

Treasurer's Report Emily and Amy presented the draft Treasurers Report. There is one change on the report circulated to the Board. The "One Month Change" on the back page of the report should be from 4/30/14 not "2/28/14". The profit from the Annual Luncheon is $23,000. May be $1,000 to $2000 lower after final reconciliation? Net income for fiscal year 2013-14 is estimated to be about $20,000. This is at least $10,000 higher than the net income projection presented at Annual Meeting, primarily due to greater profits from the luncheon.

Board members should keep this document as it is a record of the year and we will be referring to it from time to time. Sandy V moved and Judy Merrill seconded the motion. The Board approved by consensus.

We need to add Rosalee Schubert, VP Administration, and Amy Lyons, incoming Treasurer, to the signature card at Torrey Pines Bank. President Katherine Gavzy moved that we resolve to make this change. Judy Merrill seconded the motion. The Board approved unanimously.

Both Amy and Rosalee will go into the Torrey Pines Bank and sign the cards.

Office relocation project update Katherine reported on the Latham Square building site. The lease has been signed and we have given a deposit check to the appropriate person. Recently, Katherine discovered the building has been sold and is now in escrow that is expected to close on July 18. The new owner does intend to accept the lease, but will be updating the floor of our new space. We are now scheduled to use space on a lower floor of equal size and are hopeful the current arrangement will work for us. The committee is looking at space elsewhere in case the arrangement falls through. We are in a state of flux as ownership is changing. Today, Katherine saw the conference room at the Latham Square location. As a tenant, LWVO will have access to this meeting area. The conference room does not have Wi-Fi. It will hold approximately 20 people.

VOTER We decided to publish the VOTER for delivery in late August. The goal is for members to have received the VOTER by September 2. Voter Service issues Photos of Annual Meeting National Convention Action Program Deadline will be second week in August A discussion followed on how we should identify the VOTER. Shall we print the word VOTER all in upper case; only use upper case V followed by lower case letters; or, should it be The Voter (upper case T and upper case V in italics)? After some discussion, the Board agreed to the third choice...The Voter (upper case T and V and all letters in italics).

Summer Board Retreat Sunday, August 3 10am - 3pm. Dawna will check to see if we can use the Mills Bender Room. Katherine will contact Sandra Coleman and Mary Weinstein regarding the Swans location. Yolanda will check on Oakland Main Library or Dimond Library. Rosalee will check on a Berkeley location as well as the Senior Center at Lake Merritt. Louise R-R will check on the Rockridge Library. Judy M. will check on Community Center she knows about. Rosalee will form a sub-committee for planning the August 3 Retreat. Katherine and Louise R-R volunteered to be on this committee.

Rosalee passed around the Refreshment List for upcoming year, the Roster Update sheet, and the Away Schedule.

Annual Meeting in May - Follow up - How many actually attended?

Changes to by laws - Annmarie will update the changes and distribute changes to the Board. Also, send the changes to Bev for posting on the LWVO website.

Committee sign-up sheets available to members attending the meeting were not well received. Very few members signed up for committees. Yolanda suggested we place a small bucket on each table with index cards available to members interested in signing up for a committee.

Is it worth it to sell wine? We need to review the process we used in May before next year's Annual Meeting. Parliamentarians - we need to plan ahead and review the rules well before the Annual Meeting.

Program September kick off meeting is scheduled for September 17 in City Hall, room 3. The topic will be Money & Politics. A film was shown at the National Convention on this topic. We plan to show this film and have a speaker. Possible speakers are: Dan Schneer, Dan Lundgren (who now works with the new money distribution to school districts and has an office in Oakland), or, Lonnie Hancock (our first choice).

Program to present the ballot measure Pros and Cons tentatively scheduled for first week October.

Action Oakland Ballot Measures - Mary reported the Independent Redistricting Commission has been approved by the City Council and will appear on the November ballot. The Action Committee recommends LWVO's support this measure. Louise R-R moved and Rosalee seconded we support this ballot measure. The Board approved unanimously.

Alameda County Measure B - This measure would provide funding via new sales tax and oversight of transportation projects. Since the measure has a sunset clause for the tax (previous measure that failed to pass had a tax in perpetuity) and the LWV Alameda County Transportation Committee strongly endorses it, the LWVO Action Committee recommends that LWVO recommend to Alameda County Council to support the measure. Since this is a county-wide measure, LWVO cannot take a position on it alone. Deborah S moved and Yolanda seconded that we recommend support of this measure to the Alameda County Council. The Board approved unanimously.

Update on Public Ethics Commission Charter Amendment for the November ballot. The City Council will vote on this tomorrow evening at the City Council meeting. Two members of the City Council are on the fence, so we need as many supporters as possible to attend the meeting. The Action Committee and Executive Committee approve LWVO support of this measure.

The new Measure Y - public safety measure. - Action is not ready to ask the Board to support this measure at this time. Terms and language are still in flux.

Voter Service Local ballot Pros & Cons video project - Judy M reported that Deborah has volunteered to lead this project as LWVO Project manager (previous project manager is moving to SF). A professional producer has been retained to do the less than 4-minute videos on each ballot measure. It will take one day to produce the videos. The production contract is August 1 through middle of September. The LWV county leagues (including LWVO) will contribute $800 for the video on County measure B. We hope to encourage younger LWVO members to be the speakers...we would like three speakers for these videos. The Board encourages the committee to go forward. Preliminary calendar for Voter Service activities: Mayoral forums - we have two definite dates. Louise is reserving the city council rooms. Gathering requests for ballot measure pros and cons speaker. We have received one specific request for a speaker on ranked choice voting only. We are moving ahead with this.

Sandy talked about voter registration in the high schools this fall. The teachers from the past are interested again as well as a few additional teachers in different schools. Sandy would like additional volunteers for this project.

Mary mentioned the upcoming Annual National Voter Registration Day on September 23. The Board needs to consider whether or not we want to hold a general activity in public on that day and register voters. Is there a likely place where we could set up tables?

Louise R-R suggested we ask National Night Out neighborhoods if they would allow us to send them voter registration and other voter information to hand out to the people participating in National Night Out. She will contact the people at the City who organize this.

Development October birthday party - Dawna reported on her plans for an October 18 birthday party at City Hall, 12noon - 4pm. Musical entertainment, speakers, a few decorations, local non-profits will be invited to come and display their publications, approximately four food trucks (Broadway and 14th). We will sponsor a voter registration table. We do not know the cost of the permit as of today ($250 - $650). Possible security cost (Oakland police). This event will be open to the general public. The East Bay Express said they would promote the event. A sound system could cost anywhere around $1500 to rent the equipment. If anyone has contact that might donate to this event (sound system, balloons, etc.), let Dawna know.

Dawna will get a clearer picture of the expenses for the Board to review before a decision is made.

Membership & Outreach We have new members. Louise R-R wants to renew meeting with younger members to encourage them to become active members. There are plans to renew the small dinners.

Communications Discussion deferred to Retreat

Announcements & Other League News If you are aware of events you think LWVO should attend, send the notice/flyer to all Board members.

The next East Bay Women in Business Roundtable luncheon will be held on August 1. The topic is Art and panel speakers include Margo Dunlap of ProArts Gallery and Lori Fogarty of the Oakland Museum, both good contacts for LWVO. Katherine plans to attend this $35 ($45 for non Chamber of Commerce members) luncheon. Louise R-R and Dawna will try to attend. The Board agreed to pay Katherine's luncheon fees.

The Board should consider the question, "Do we want to join the Chamber of Commerce?" For discussion at the retreat.

Rosalee reminded us that the state League in Florida sued the Legislature and won their lawsuit. The Legislature wanted to redistrict two areas in the state to prevent minorities voting. We publicized this event on our Facebook page: all Board members were reminded to "like" the LWVO page and "Share" our postings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

June Annual Meeting Minutes

LWVO - Annual Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2014

The 2014 Annual Meeting was called to order at 6:38 pm by President Katherine Gavzy at FAZ Restaurant, 1111 Broadway, Oakland, California.

  • New members present at the meeting were introduced to everyone.

  • Katherine reviewed the Annual Meeting process.

  • Judy Merrill and Louise Anderson were appointed to review the minutes of this meeting.

  • Suzanne Loosen was appointed to be the timekeeper for the meeting.

  • Rosalee Schubert and Dawna Williams were appointed to act as parliamentarians for the meeting.

Adoption of the Order of Business and the Rules of the Meeting

Katherine proposed to amend the Order in the Kit to conform to the Call (Bylaws changes proposed). Katherine reported we omitted the presentation of Bylaws and we need to amend the Kit. Listed under the Rules of the Meeting - Item 2. Eligibility: the date should be May 25, not June 4 as noted in the Annual Meeting Kit.
Katherine proposed we amend the proposed Order of Business to adopt the Bylaws changes as noted in the Call on page 2. Mony Flores-Bauer moved we make the changes and Mary Straus seconded the motion. All members present approved.

Credentials Report - Bonnie announced we have 48 voting members attending the Annual Meeting. We need to have 33 members in attendance to have a quorum.

Katherine presented the minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting for review and approval. A motion was made by Katherine Gavzy and seconded by Mary Straus to approve the 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes. Members present approved the minutes by consensus and without comment.

2014 - 2015 Budget

Emily Wilson, Treasurer, presented the budget for 2014-2015. Emily explained the key items for the upcoming office location, Voter Service expenses in an election year, Voter Service media project, and matching funding to be generated from Development Committee activities. After discussion of the proposed Budget for 2014-2015, Emily proposed we adopt the budget as presented in the Call to 2014-2015 Annual Meeting.
Emily pointed out to the members that the forecasted total income for 2013-2014 is more than $12,000 while the proposed loss in income for 2014-2015 is $8,000. This is due to the fact that 2014-2015 is an election year with increased expenses, while 2013-2014 is not.

The projected income from the April 2014 luncheon is understated by approximately $4,000.

Office expenses - office rent will increase by $2,700 due to office relocation.

Voter Service expenses will increase by $3,000 to account for the multi-media project.

Questions - Ann Killebrew - Questioned the increased expense of the upcoming office move. Katherine Gavzy explained the need to have larger and more accessible space. LWVO will share the expense of the new location with LWV Bay Area League. The new location will have a guard in the building lobby and we will have access to a conference room in the building.

After much discussion, all present approved the proposed budget.


Program - Yolanda Schonbrun presented the LWVO Board's proposed program for the upcoming year, including the updated Education position approved by the Board, and the proposed 2014-2015 Issues for Emphasis. The Board recommends retaining all local positions as is, including the updated Education position.

Last year the Program Planning Committee conducted a limited education study to see if the LWVO education policy needed update. The Committee concluded we should retain all local positions and not make a change. Kathleen Cha suggested the term "highly qualified" be clarified. Both Yolanda and Katherine Gavzy reminded the members of the League's practice not to get too specific when writing policy.
Yolanda moved we accept the local Education Policy as shown on page 2 of the Call.

Bylaws - Louise Reimer-Rothman presented the proposed changes in the Bylaws to describe the three types of Voting Members (Section 2.a)...those who pays dues, those who receive a gift membership or receive partial subsidy from the dues assistance fund (new), and those who are Honorary Life Members.

In Section 8, Electronic means and the LWVO website was added as an additional way to contact the Board and Directors when a special meeting is scheduled to take place.

Section 14, Committees - The Board may now appoint an off-Board member to a Committee (new).

In Article V, Section 4 of the Bylaws, a line was added that the Secretary will keep or cause to be kept a copy of the most up-to-date version of the Articles and Bylaws on the LWVO website.

Section 16, Budget Committee - the President was added as a member of the Committee.

Section 14, Committees - Rebecca Atkins proposed we remove the comma so the addition "or off-Board members" will not be separated by a comma. Ms. Atkins moved we approve this proposed change to Bylaws with exception to remove comma. Leslie Smith seconded the motion. All present agreed

Article X section 1, Membership Chair should be a member of Nominating Committee. Louise Rothman-Riemer moved we accept changes to Bylaws. This was followed by a discussion of the benefits of requiring the Membership Chair to be a member of the Nominating Committee as opposed to a recommendation that the Membership Chair be a member of the Nominating Committee.

Article X, Section 1 - The original proposal as noted in the Call states:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five Members, two of whom shall be Directors. The Membership Committee Chair, who may or may not be a Director, shall be a member of the Nominating Committee.
Bonnie Hamlin moved we amend the wording to state:
It is recommended that the chair or another member of the Membership Committee be a member of the Nominating Committee.
Bonnie Hamlin moved the members accept the second version and not the first version of the proposal. Kathleen Cha seconded the motion and the members present agreed with a show of hands vote.

The members present approved all the proposed Bylaws changes.

Introduction of Current Board of Directors

Louise Anderson
Judi Bank
Mary Bergan
Katherine Gavzy
Annmarie Hallin
Judy Merrill
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Yolanda Schonbrun
Rosalee Schubert
Leslie Smith
Bev Solo
Sandy Venning
Dawna Williams
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson was presented with a thank you spa treatment in appreciation of her professional contributions as Treasurer to LWVO.

Nominating Committee

Louise reported on the Committee activities. The members of the 2013-2014 Nominating Committee are:

Jane Klein (Chair)
Sandra Coleman
Annmarie Hallin>
Louise Reimer-Rothman
Zabrae Valentine

Nominated for 2 year term - July 2014 - June 2015

Annmarie Hallin
Amy Lyons
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Deborah Shefler
Yolanda Schonbrun
Rosalee Shubert
Leslie Smith
Bev Solo
Secretary, Dues Secretary
Membership and Outreach Chair
At Large
VP - Programs
VP - Administration
Communications Chair
Continuing on Board: Terms expire June 2015
Katherine Gavzy
Louise Anderson
Judi Bank
Mary Bergan
Judy Merrill
Sandy Venning
Dawna Williams
Alec MacDonald
At Large
Bay Area North Inter-League Rep.
VP - Action Chair
VP - Voter Service Chair
Voter Registration, VOTER Consultant
At Large
Off Board VOTER Editor
The following were nominated to the 2014 - 2015 Nominating Committee

Jane Klein (Chair)
Michelle de Robertis
Julie Waldman
Plus two on-Board members to be selected by the 2014 - 2015 Board

Louise R. R. moved that the members accept the above nominations. The members present voted to approve the nominees. Members present approved the incoming Board.

Members present approved the Nominating Committee.

Other Business

No other business.

Remarks from the President - No additional comments.


The Chairs of various committees informed the members present of upcoming opportunities to become involved this coming year.

Advice to the Board

None given.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:44pm.

John Diaz, Editorial Page editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and Helen Greco of California Common Cause then began their conversation on Money in Politics.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

Minutes reviewed by Judy Merrill and Louise Anderson

May Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:32pm at St. Paul's Towers, 100 Bay Place, Oakland.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson

Excused Absence - Mary Bergan, Yolanda Schonbrun, Leslie Smith, and Rosalee Schubert

Approve agenda - Agenda approved by consensus.

Approve April meeting minutes - Sandy moved and Judi M seconded the motion we accept the minutes. The Board approved.

Treasurer's report - Emily reported the cash balance does not include all the luncheon expenses. Emily is working with Amy, our new treasurer for next year, training her on the details. Katherine believes we will make about $25,000 from the luncheon this year. Louise R-R moved and Dawna seconded we accept the Treasurers Report. All agreed.

Office relocation project update - Katherine reported our broker believes the building owners will accept our latest offer. We offered a 7-year lease at $1.80 per square foot. We expect a 3% annual increase in the $607/month rent. We will get the first 3 months of the new lease free and the use of the conference room. We will have access to the new space as of June 1, if our offer is accepted. Board members who have volunteered to clean out and pack the office for the move are:

Louise R-R
Judy Merrill
Louise A
Sandy V

We will establish small teams to accomplish this task.

The Old Board/New Board meeting will be held early in July. Louise R-R offered her home for the Old Board/New Board meeting. Katherine will send out a doodle calendar to set the date, and also to set a date for the summer board retreat.

VOTER - preliminary list of contents
Bonnie has 3 articles - thank you to luncheon volunteers, thank you to luncheon supporters, call for volunteers for next year...particularly office volunteers
Annual Meeting on June 4 Recap of Annual Luncheon
Repeat the call for Voter Service volunteers for November election
Call for Membership Renewal and announcement that Interest Survey can now be completed online
Article on one of the organizations working on moving Oakland forward
We are considering a "Making Democracy Work" column with opportunities for members to volunteer.

Dawna suggested we consider having a guest column for the VOTER.

May 14 Immigration program final details - We have Rob Bonta, a staff person from Loni Hancock's office, and someone from the ACLU as speakers this Wednesday. Louise Anderson will assist Katherine that evening since Yolanda will be away. We need questions for the speakers.

June 4 Annual Meeting - will be at Faz Restaurant. The speakers are John Diaz, Political editor of S.F. Chronicle, and Helen Grieco, of Northern California Common Cause. Dawna will check with her source about purchasing a sound system. We would like to have our own system for this and future events. Dawna will meet with her contact this Wednesday.
Issues/questions for FAZ: can they bring in fans to help with the sun and heat from the West side windows? Last year there was noise from construction work in the lobby. Can they request that this be avoided this time? Committee Chairs need to submit their committee reports for the Annual Meeting to Rosalee by May 23.

We need Board members that evening to:

Review the minutes: Louise A and Sandy V.
Parliamentarian: Dawna
Proposed changes to the by-laws to the members - Louise R-R
Present the Program - Yolanda
Present the budget - Emily

Brief update from May Action Committee meeting - At the recent Action Committee meeting, they discussed Hot Topics and the Ranked Choice Voting forum that LWVO co-sponsored with Oakland Rising and

Louise Anderson reported on the Redistricting meeting. She felt it was a well-done event. The issue remains as to whether or not redistricting will happen. We hope it will be on the November ballot, but are unsure at this time.

Report on Ethics and Good Government task force - It is hopeful this will be on the November ballot. Katherine reported they incorporated much of what has been proposed by the Public Ethics Commission and LWVO in their proposed changes to the Public Ethics ordinance... give the Public Ethics Commission power, more staff and money, and codifying more clearly good ethical behavior. The proposal will go to the city council as soon as the Public Ethics Commission is ready, with request that Council put it on the November ballot.

Voter Service
Ballot measure Pros & Cons multi-media project - Judy M reported that Ashley James would head up the multi-media project on Multi Media with oversight by Judy Merrill. One idea is to tape an "interview' instead of the traditional formal presentation by LWVO members. This video must be completed and ready for distribution 6 weeks before the November elections. We are open to the format. The format will depend upon the person hired to produce this project.

We have budgeted $3,000 for this project and will be asking for bids. Much discussion followed on whether we should ask for a bid for each individual proposition or for a bid to combine the propositions.

We need to know what it will cost for both low bid and high bid and specify what is included. Judy M will rewrite the proposal and send it back to the Board as soon as possible and then connect with Ashley James. Sandy V reported they visited 9 high school classes where they presented the voting information to the students and pre-registered those who will be eligible to vote in the November 2014 election. They have 14 volunteers. They will have had 4 main presenters from this group. Sandy and her group would like to repeat these presentations in the fall.

There will be an opportunity for members to sign up for this and other Voter Service activities at the Annual Meeting.

There are 4 mayoral forums in the works sponsored by different organizations.

Development Committee
Report on Luncheon and birthday party plans -
No specific birthday party plans as yet. LWVO will be 90 this fall. Katherine would like to involve some of the new, younger professional members. Dawna is chairing the subcommittee to plan the birthday party.

We had more table sponsors at a higher level of support this year than in the past. We will know the financial impact of the luncheon once the expenses have been accounted for.

Membership & Outreach
Update on activities - Louise reported the idea to bring in new, younger members has been successful. Many new members signed up before and at the luncheon: we now have a total of 329 members.

Communications Committee
Decision regarding promotion of #oakmtg mayor candidate forums - Katherine reported this group decided we need a new spin on candidate forums. They are using Twitter and posting videoed interviews. They are requesting we spread the word of their activities. The question we have is "shall we support publicity and increase the knowledge of this organization?" After some discussion, a motion was made by Louise A and seconded by Emily that we publicize the #oakmtg mayor candidate forums. The Board agreed as long as we will add a disclaimer specifying that the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan; if the #oakmtg mayor activities begin to appear to be partisan we will rescind our support. So far this does not seem to be a problem. We will provide a link to their activities on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Report on LWVBA convention - Katherine, Judi Bank, Louise A and Annmarie attended. The LWVBA is excellent at parliamentary procedure. All but one of the Bay Area Leagues attended convention. Their keynote speaker was well informed on the water issues in California.

The Bay Area Monitor is very good at reporting Bay Area issues. Judi B reported The Monitor would like to hire someone to follow water issues and needs funding for this. Alec, The Bay Area Monitor editor, hopes to get funding from groups that are involved in water issues. He asked everyone to use their influence to get grants/donations for the Monitor. Judi suggested we consider supporting the Bay Area Monitor and mentioning it in the VOTER. All Board members are urged to subscribe to the Monitor - this can be for an online version only, and it is free.

Announcements & New Business

June VOTER recap for Alex
Young Wan of OUSD story on the Chief Justice appearance - it can be edited
Insert for renewal with a write-up
Inviting guest writers (future)
Young professional member push
Annual meeting reminder
Marian Taylor - Ranked Choice Voting
Voter Service help
New office location
Subscribe to the Bay Area Monitor online

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, Secretary to the Board

April Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes (draft)
April 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:32pm at St. Paul's Towers, 100 Bay Place, Oakland.

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Leslie Smith, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning and Dawna Williams

Excused Absence - Rosalee Schubert and Emily Wilson

Guests: Trisha Gorman and Marion Taylor

Agenda approved by consensus. Agreed that Sandy V, will lead preliminary discussion of content for next VOTER during the Administrative agenda section, with brief recap and additions of new items identified during the meeting to take place at the end.

Louise Anderson moved the March meeting minutes be approved and Judy Merrill seconded the motion. The Board agreed

The Board decided that after discussion of each committee segment we would decide which information would be printed in the upcoming VOTER. The listing below is to be included in the MAY VOTER.

President's Message - Katherine
Plan ahead for November election: call for volunteers for candidate forums and other Voter Service activities - Judy Merrill
Vote with the League (CA Propositions 41 and 42) for June ballot;
County league support for Measure AA - Katherine
Call to Annual Meeting insert - Katherine
Interview with Nancy Skinner - Sandy
Interview with Loni Hancock - Judi Bank
Short report on the candidate Forum for Alameda County Superintendent of schools - Judy Merrill (photo?)
Action Report - Mary
May 14 Program on Immigration - Yolanda (photos ?)
Announcement of Annual Meeting (in addition to Call insert) - Yolanda
March Hot Topics - Mary
New members

The Absence Calendar was circulated for updating.

Treasurers Report - In Emily's absence, Katherine reviewed the report. Louise R-R moved to accept the report and Leslie seconded. The Board agreed.

Next, we discussed the 2014 - 2015 Annual Budget. The Budget is projected to show a deficit of $11,474. This is the largest deficit we have had for a long time. Voter Service is a significant portion of the deficit. This is normal in a major election year, but it is especially large in the proposed budget because the board voted at March meeting to add $3,000 for the cost of professional videography and multi-media production on ballot measure presentations. It was pointed out that we have increased the budget for Voter Service expense but left the budget for Development fundraising income flat. The Board decided to give the Development Committee an additional fundraising goal of $3,000. Development will decide how best to do this. Judy M moved we add $3000 to the Special Fundraisers income line in the 2014-2015 budget. This would give us a net deficit for the year of $8,474l. Seconded by Louise R-R all approved. This is the final Board-approved 2014-15 budget to be presented to the members for approval at Annual Meeting.

Office Relocation
Louise A. reported on our potential office move. She and the committee are visiting three potential sites. One choice is in the Latham Square Building, located at 16th and Telegraph in downtown Oakland. The building has a nice conference room that would meet our needs. There is good light in the offices they reviewed on the 11th floor. (They will visit a similar office on the 9th floor this week.) Each location has two rooms with combined area of about 500 sq. feet. The space would be shared with LWVBA; LWVO taking about 60% of the area and paying about 60% of the rent. The rent is negotiable If we offer a long-term lease. We think the price is $2 per sq. foot per month. We would like a 5-year lease. Parking is an issue. It is BART accessible. There is a guard in the lobby until 7pm. The only problem is lack of visibility to the public, since building tenants can only have signage at the side (16th street) entrance.

As rental prices are quickly moving upward in Oakland, the general consensus of the Board is to ask the real estate agent to make an offer for us.

LWVC Leadership Council is scheduled for May 17 and 18 in San Jose. Katherine and Dawna will attend.

The LWVUS Convention is scheduled for June 6 - 10 in Dallas. We have voting rights for seven (7) members. But we only have budget to subsidize four delegates since that is the number we were allowed at last convention. The Board agreed by consensus that we will accept anyone's offer to pay for herself, and will find a way to ensure that we have 7 people at convention. So far, the following Board members have said they will plan to attend: Louise A, Mary, Yolanda, and Katherine. Dawna thinks she can but has to check her calendar. We will invite incoming new Board members Amy Lyons (Katherine to contact), and Natasha Middleton (Louise R-R to contact). We know that incoming Board member Deborah Shefler is not available. Alternates if any of the above cannot go are Bonnie Hamlin, who might also possibly be able to attend with the LWVC delegation, and Trisha Gorman. Let Katherine know as soon as possible if you would like to attend.

The LWVBA Convention is scheduled for May 3 in Sausalito. Louise A, Judi B and Katherine will attend. Let Katherine know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. It is only a few hours on Saturday and no expense.

Nominating Committee
Louise R-R read the list of proposed members of the Board, of the 2014-15 Nominating Committee and the off-Board leader nominees. Louise R-R moved we adopt this slate. Judy M seconded and the Board adopted the report as presented. The "official" (shorter) version of the Nominating Committee report will be included in the Call to Annual Meeting. The longer "report to the Board" as presented, including Notes from the Nominating Committee, will be posted on the Members page of the website.

When asked by the Nominating Committee if she would like to serve on the Board, Natasha Middleton mentioned she is not comfortable being on the Board until after the November election as she has a potential conflict of interest. The Board agreed by consensus to wait until November to select her as an additional Board member. We referred to our bylaws and confirmed that this can be done during the course of the Board year without going back to the members.

Program Committee
Yolanda mentioned the date on the LWVO web site should be May 14, not April 14 for the Immigration Hot Topics. Bev will update the web site.

Yolanda is working hard to finalize speakers for the Immigration Hot Topic. So far, both Karen Savage from ACLU and Rob Bonta have committed. Yolanda will send the agenda to Nancy Skinner and to Loni Hancock and invite them to come or send someone from their office (this will help balance out any apparent conflict of interest since Bonta is running for reelection)..

Leslie reminded us that May 14 is during Budget Week in Sacramento. We need backups as sometimes the politicians need to cancel other commitments that week. Yolanda has many names to call for back up, and has been empowered by the Board to find participants

We will not be specific in the VOTER as to who will be our featured presenters, just present a generic description of the topic.

Agricultural Study
Trish Gorman came to present the results of the Agriculture Update study Consensus. The meetings were held together by several local Leagues, but the answers to the consensus questions were recorded separately in accordance with LWVUS procedures. So these were the consensus answers of LWVO members attending the meetings.
The Board was asked to discuss and agree on the "comments" that the report added after the specific consensus results for each question. As a result of the discussion, Trisha will rewrite a comment on items included under Food Labeling for clarification. Judy M moved we accept the report, Yolanda seconded and the Board approved. Trisha will submit it to LWVUS on their website.

Yolanda reported on the Annual Meeting speaker search for the June 4 event. Among those proposed by her report to the Board, Dan Schnur is running for office (Secretary of State) so he cannot speak. Eric McGee of the Public Policy Institute is another possible speaker who will be appearing at another local League's annual meeting.We do not know if he is a good speaker . Trisha Gorman has heard him and sayus that in fact he is not.

Leslie will email to Yolanda names of public speakers that can talk about public safety and economic development.

We voted to prioritize our choices among those proposed in the Program report to the Board :

John Diaz - 6 votes for 1st choice
John McManus - 2 votes for 1st choice
Daniel Neuman - 1 vote for 1st choice

Dawna will contact Helen Grieco from Common Cause.
Yolanda will follow up.

Proposed venue for Annual Meeting:
First choice - Faz Restaurt - parking is an issue, glare from sunlight is an issue, nice setting - If Yolanda can negotiate something similar to last year. Board agreed by consensus.
Second choice is Laney College bistro, but we don't know if the student staff can be available and the room made private for an evening. Also some parking concerns although near BART.
Third choice is Mills College with a caterer. (Use of Bender room at no charge),\.
Fourth choice is Oakland Museum Café but probably way too expensive.

Action Committee
Mary is not asking the Board to decide on anything this evening.)

Judy M asked about the timing for the September Hot Topics proposed to be a presentation of Vote with the League. She thinks the ballot measure information from LWVC will not b e available in time. Mary said Action Committee will find out what will be available for their use and if not, find another topics..

Committee is asking the Board to contact their own council member and encourage them to place redistricting on the ballot this year. It will not confuse the voters. The Board is asked to go to a public meeting on redistricting. on April 30 at 5:30 location to be determined, She will notify us.

Leslie will send out a blast to the membership to announce the meeting once we know the location.

Voter Service
Nothing to report.

Development Committee
Luncheon is almost sold out. Board members should purchase their tickets as soon as possible.

Dawna reminded the Board we need help on the day of the Luncheon. Volunteers to contact

Membership Committee
Louise is working with Casey Farmer on recruiting young professionals to join the League and be hosted by us at the luncheon.

We now have seven new members and three returning with one lost. Net gain of 9 members putting us at 322 right now.

Leslie suggested a tour of the work along the estuary with a link to Membership as a possible "field trip' for LWVO and new members. All agreed thisis a good idea; referred to Membership Committee to organize.

Shinal is moving to New York but will continue to do our email blasts and some Facebook. Leslie is continuing to look for a new intern.

Bay Area and Alameda County Council
For the record: by email discussion and vote between March and April Board meetings, a unanimous vote of the quorum of 12 Board members participating in the electronic meeting voted to approve support by Alameda County Leagues of Measure AA - Sales Tax for Health Services in Alameda County - on the June ballot. Katherine reported this result to the Alameda County Council at their April 5th meeting. A super-majority of the ACC member League boards had voted to approve, so that will be the official League position.Off-Agenda discussion of media and presentations of ballot measure Pros and Cons for the November 2014 election:
Some of the issues discussed:
1. Would we do this for State measures or only for local? Noted that there may be only one local measure placed on the ballot by the Council (renewal of Measure Y), or at most three if citizen redistricting and Public Ethics Commission/good government reform proposals also get onto the ballot. Judy M. will find out if State League has funds to spend on media work for statewide ballot measures. If not, will we ask other local Leagues to contribute funds and volunteers to work on a product?
2. What are our local options, assuming LWVO members approve the added budget ? Dawna has lined up a company called Fireseason. Have crew and equipment ready to start as early as August.
3. How will presentations be posted to Facebook and YouTube?
4. Since all agree we want to avoid the "talking head" approach, what will be the format and how to edit the content?
Judy Merrill, Dawna and Leslie Smith will work on a comprehensive proposal to take to the Board in May for further and in-depth discussion.

April 25 - 1-5pm. IGS (Institute for Government Studies) Conference on top 2 primary issues. The event will be held at:
U.C. Berkeley
109 Moses Hall
Board members should try to attend.

May 12 - LWV Eden Valley - Ann Revel, the previous director on campaign financing. (Dark Money) will be the speaker. (conflicts with Board meeting)

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

March Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2014

President, Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm at Bender Room in Carnegie Hall on the Mills College Campus in Oakland at 6:30pm.

Attendance: Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Leslie Smith, and Dawna Williams.

Excused Absence: Bev Solo, Sandy Venning and Emily Wilson.

Agenda approved by concurrence after addition under Item 10, Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues Judi Bank will talk about Alameda County Measures AA and B. Katherine added an additional announcement under Item 11, Announcements & New Business.

February meeting minutes moved for approval by Louise R-R, seconded by Louise A and approved by the Board.

Absence Calendar - Rosalee made the changes and will forward the updated list to the Board. Everyone needs to update the Roster to show the Board member's email changes. Katherine will forward all corrected email addresses to each of us.

Treasurer's Report - February report was not presented because of delays caused by issues with the conversion from Quicken to Quickbooks. The report will be presented at the April Board meeting.

VOTER content and timeline for April - New process - we agreed that instead of doing a preliminary listing of VOTER articles at this point in the Agenda, as we did last month as an experiment, this time we will note the content to be included in the upcoming VOTER at the end of each Item under discussion.

Review draft of proposed 2014-2015 Budget - Rosalee, Katherine, Earl Hamlin and Emily are the Budget Committee: Two big budget items that are not business as usual;

  • Assumption is we will find a new location and move in this September (for Budget purposes), and that our share of rent in new location will be $600/month (for Budget purposes).
  • Voter Service costs for this year are budgeted at a total of $ 16,000 for Oakland Easy Voter Guide and state Easy Voter Guide and Pros and Cons, plus $1,000 to cover extra expenses for candidate forums, speakers, etc.

Budget also includes for the first time-estimated expenses to rent meeting space at libraries for Hot Topics, Program Planning, other meetings we don't hold at City Hall.

Discussion of adding to the budget to cover cost of getting professional multimedia work on our pros and cons presentations.
Motion from Dawna seconded by Louise R-R to add $3000 under General Voter Service in Budget for the purpose for multi-video exposure for use on YouTube. Approved unanimously by the Board.

Update in Membership area - Louise R-R said we have large supply of Membership brochures on hand and do not need to reprint; but keep the $250 budget for new homeowner mailings.
Budget Committee will make these changes and bring final proposed budget to April meeting for Board approval and mailing to members with Call to Annual Meeting. Katherine and Rosalee pointed out we will have to explain to members that the large deficit in the budget is expected in a major election year, and that our assets in reserve currently amount to nearly one full year of expenses.

Nominating Committee
Louise R-R walked us through the preliminary Nominating Committee report that was distributed to Board members before the meeting. Discussion ensued:
Natasha Middleton may be interested in coming on board as a new At Large member. Louise RR will send her a copy of the non-partisan policy, along with the Board Policy, to help her decide. We think she is involved in a candidate's campaign for mayor this term but that is not ruled out by the non partisan policy for a non-"visible" position like At Large, and so long as she is careful to keep any mention of LWVO out of campaign literature.

The position of VP Program is open at this time. A discussion followed on the practicality of having the Program Chair be an off-board position or not. The Board believes the position needs to remain an on-board position. Nominating Committee is urgently searching for a new Treasurer.

Yolanda distributed the consensus results on the new update of the local education Louise RR moved and Judy Merrill seconded we approve the updated position. The Board approved unanimously. This will be presented to the members at Annual Meeting.

Program on Immigration Policy May 14th - Karin Savage from ACLU will speak on Immigration as well as Gabriela Villareal from California Immigrant Policy Center. Yolanda has been trying to get confirmation from Assembly member Rob Bonta or someone on his staff as a third panel speaker. Katherine said she would speak with them again, as she is approaching his office to support the April 29th Luncheon. The event is planned for May 14 at City Hall.

Ag Study Consensus Meetings are scheduled for March 29 (full day) and April 1st and 3rd (half day each). Leslie (Communications Committee) will send an email blast on the Ag Study meetings.
The Annual Meeting is scheduled for June 4. We need a speaker and a venue. Yolanda will bring proposals for both to the April meeting.

Action Committee
The Action Committee's report was distributed to Board and will be published (in an edited version) in the VOTER. Mary noted that we continue working hard in coalition on preparing a measure to adopt citizens redistricting commission for the November ballot, but it would require 5 votes in Council to place it on the ballot and this looks unlikely.
Leslie noted that we have not updated our Guide to Local Government for many years and it needs to be updated. She thinks we should consider presenting the Guide in a multi-media format. online and able to be easily updated. Katherine noted that this is a very big job and we need someone to lead the project. Leslie will put together a broad based proposal for the Board's consideration at a future meeting. All present support this idea.

Voter Service
Judy Merrill reported the Voter Service Committee has been asked to partner in a mayoral forum. Some groups want to hold a forum before the closing date to file for the office. What should be our criteria on this matter? A lively discussion followed about whether to retain our current policy of holding candidate forums after the deadline to file for the office, and then inviting all registered candidates. Leslie moved we retain our current policy and Rosalee and Louise R-R seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Development Committee
Dawna reported that Belva Davis has agreed to moderate the "in conversation" format with the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court at our Annual Luncheon in April. We do have some seats for the Urban Debate League (we think 5) and a few additional seats for students. The Committee is requesting the Board members to submit questions to be asked of the Chief Justice by March 15. Give the questions to Dawna, Bonnie Hamlin or Katherine.

Should we ask the chief justice to present the awards at the luncheon? Katherine agreed to ask her staff. We would provide her with the descriptions of the awardees.

We need all to volunteer for the invitation mailing party on March 19. Contact Terry Kulka or the League office for the security door code at Swans Market co-housing. 10 Am to about 3 PM, stay as long as you like or are able.

It will soon be the 90th anniversary of LWVO. We are in the beginning stages of planning a 90th anniversary party in October 2014.

Membership and Outreach
Louise R-R reported we have 3 new members since the February 1st. 2014 cut-off date. Louise held a membership small dinner with a mix of seasoned members and new members. One idea that resulted from the dinner is to invite young professionals to come to the luncheon as a guest of the League and for them to become dues paying members for the upcoming year. They would be guests at Louise R-R and Terry K's tables. There are approximately 18 seats available.

Also discussed was the possibility of renaming the Dues Assistance Fund to something else, to make it seem less of a "charity," as some younger potential members find the $65/year dues as a bit high. This will be discussed further at the Membership Committee.

Also suggested is that we publish our full year calendar on our web site, and make the calendar published in the VOTER more extensive and informative than just the upcoming month. All agreed that this is a good idea. Leslie said it would require careful coordination and maintenance to be correct and up to date everywhere.

Communications Committee
Leslie reported on the proposed revised Principles of Communications Policy. All LWVO messages should be consistent, timely, accurate, relevant, non-partisan, transparent, and current. Member personal information must be protected. Louise RR moved we accept the policy incorporating some edits, per the hard copy distributed by Katherine at the meeting, and Judy Merrill seconded the motion. Board members will send their suggested minor tweaks to Leslie so a final Policy can be ready. Board approved unanimously.

Leslie reported Shinal would like to continue as our Communications Intern and would like to have a title. A new title will be helpful on her Resume. All agreed that a title such as Social Media manager or the like is appropriate, and we leave it up to Shinal and Leslie to decide on one.

Internship - We need one or more assistants who would report to Leslie but work with Shinal on Facebook, email blasts and Twitter. There is too much work for one intern. Louise R-R moved we have one or more interns for this project as outlined by Leslie in the job description that she distributed electronically before the meeting. Louise A seconded. All approved. There was some discussion concerning the need for measurable goals and accountability for this internship. Leslie assured us that she would take that responsibility.

Announcements & New Business
Two County Measures will require a decision by the Alameda County Leagues whether to support, oppose, or remain neutral. Each of the local League boards takes a vote and then reports results to the County Council. Measure B (Alameda County sales tax for transportation) will not be on the ballot until November, so we have some time to understand and vote on it.

Measure AA, sales tax for health services, will be on the ballot in June. Alameda County Council must reach a decision at its April 5th meeting, which comes before our April 14th Board meeting. Since there is a time crunch, Katherine will send the Board members the background information and we will follow the electronic voting process before April 5th.

Louise R-R announced Saturday, March 27, 10:30 - 1pm, there is an event celebrating Women's History Month at Mills College in Oakland. Katherine announced that State League is suing the state of California for restricting voting rights for felons. There will be a hearing on April 2nd, at 1:30 PM in the Post Office Building at 201 13th Street on the 2nd floor. We want a good showing of LWVO members there; please come and wear your LWV button. Katherine will forward the announcement from LWVC with details.

Action report: Mary
Regional League Activities: Judi
Ag consensus meetings: Yolanda tell Trisha
Annual meeting - hold the date June 4th evening
February Hot Topics follow up - Leslie
Luncheon - Dawna and Bonnie
Young professionals at luncheon- Membership Louise R-R
Immigration Program (front page) - Yolanda
Presidents message
Agriculture report
Dark Money event: organized by LWVEA in May - Katherine

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

February Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2014

Attendance - Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Leslie Smith, Bev Solo and Sandy Venning.
Excued Absence - Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson
Guests - none

The meeting was called to order by President Katherine Gavzy at 6:30pm at St. Paul's Towers, 100 Bay Place, Oakland.

Agenda approved by consensus as amended to add update from Louise A. on distribution of Guide to California Government, as item 9 A., if time permits. January meeting minutes amended to specify that Shainal is continuing as social media "guru" and member of our Communications Committee but we need 2 new interns. Approved by consensus.
Circulation of absences calendar, updated Board roster and refreshments signups could not be done because Rosalee is temporarily lacking printer. She will circulate electronically after the meeting. Judi B and Yolanda (not Sandy) will bring refreshments to next month's meeting.

Treasurer's Report - Katherine reported in lieu of Emily. The Budget Committee meeting has been postponed to an unspecified date later in February. A first draft of the budget will come to the Board at the March meeting, with final to be approved at the April Board meeting for enclosure in the Call to Annual Meeting. Treasurer reported that the office rent has been raised 10% to $330 a month. The Treasurer's report was accepted after being moved by Louise R-R and seconded by Sandy.

VOTER for March: Hot topics...both anticipated and a review of the January event (Mary B)
Luncheon update and recruitment of volunteers for invitation mailing (Sandy V or Bonnie Hamlin)
Report on the Program Planning meeting (Yolanda)
Agriculture study upcoming meetings & consensus with dates (Trisha Gorman)
Volunteer for high school voter registration (Sandy V)
Ability to go green with VOTER (Leslie S.)
Something from National/State Leagues on their activities Bay Area League Day review (Judi Bank or Alec)
Beginning of interviews with Public Ethics Commissioners (Sandy)
Action Committee report (Mary B)
State League in action, national League in action: Katherine, if anything of interest
President's letter (Katherine)

Program January Program Planning - Yolanda reported on the results
. Members reached consensus to retain "as is" all existing LWVUS positions, with the following exceptions:
1. Under Representative Government and Voting Rights, join with LWVOH to propose a new study on alternatives to partisan primaries . We suggest changing the name of the study to "A Neutral Study of the Primary Process."
2. Under International Relations, update the position to include a focus on the process and content of international trade agreements
Recommended additional comments:
Meeting Basic Human Needs - Use the existing position to focus on income inequality
Yolanda will submit the results of our program planning review of LWVUS positions to LWVUS online.
LWV Bay Area positions: the group recommended retaining all existing LWVBA positions as is. Bay Area Level Issues for Education and Advocacy. We recommended the following for Bay Area, not prioritized

1. Regional Government; nature of cooperation between agencies, Portland Oregon is a good model.
2. Natural Resources; water, need to educate members

LWVO Program Positions:
The Education committee is still reviewing and finalizing the results of the consensus on proposed update of existing LWVO local education position. Yolanda will bring this to the Board at the March meeting, so it can be approved by the Board and sent to the members with the Call to Annual Meeting for June 6th.
LWVO issues for education and advocacy: the following were proposed by members at program planning. Not prioritized.

1. Need more publicity on Ranked Choice Voting, Gen Katz volunteered to work on this.
2. Local Government; "Adequate timing" for public speakers, how do we get the city
council and education board to listen? We should send letters to council and ed board on agendas needing to be clearer,

February Program since we could not confirm participants in planned Immigration program for February, we will not have a program this month. March 5 Program - immigration policy locally focused.
Yolanda has a civil rights lawyer who can give us a history of immigration bills
Many local elected officials have been active in local immigration policy
Yolanda will write a VOTER article listing the names of the two speakers who have accepted the invitation. We will note the third speaker as a TBA, if not finalized by the time the VOTER is produced.
Louise R-R will ask the ACLU's immigration specialist to be the third person.
LWVUS Agriculture study : schedule of consensus meetings in March and April will be posted on website and sent out via email blast.

Mary's Action Committee report will be published in the March VOTER.LWVO remains active in the organizing group working towards an Oakland ballot measure/charter revision to adopt local redistricting by citizens commission.

Measure Y Successor : will be subject of Public Safety Committee Meeting tomorrow evening... It would be very good to have a Board member attend the meeting tomorrow at 6pm
February 26 Hot Topics will be on Effective Participation in local government March 26 will be on Measure Y part 2 - police and fire

Leslie will send Board members an announcement formatted as a word doc, of the Feb 26 Hot Topics to forward to their community contacts.

Leslie suggested we have a #" "for Twitter for all Hot Topics.

Mary has been asked by the Mayor's Chief of Staff to serve on a Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee to look at the recommendations on privacy and the DAC. This advisory committee is basically an oversight committee. She asked if it is appropriate because Jean Quan is running for re-election this year. Mary will check to see if this committee will continue after the mayoral election. She will inquire as to whether the composition of the committee will remain the same whether or not the current mayor continues.

Katherine suggested Mary agree to serve as long as the committee continues as a non-partisan committee. Mentions of the committee and committee members must not appear in campaign material. The Board approved this decision. Mary will send us a copy of the letter she will send to the mayor's chief of staff with our conditions for participation.

Luncheon status - Belva Davis will interview the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court at our Annual Luncheon this April.

Membership and Outreach
Update on membership numbers and non-renewals - Louise reported we had a net gain of seven members as of Feb. 1st 2014 (the LWVUS cutoff). This gives us a total of 313 and a 2.5 % increase in membership. We qualify for 6 delegates plus the President at LWVUS convention in June. Last year we had a net loss of four and the year before a loss of six. The members we have lost are mainly those who were not active, moved away or died. We no longer carry on our roster of members those who do not renew and pay their dues.

Update on planned new member dinners - The Membership Committee is asking some long-term actively involved members to talk about how they can help us grow the League, at a dinner at Louise's home on February 24. The Committee is happy to have the Board suggest names of long time actively involved members to contact.

We are reaching out via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Louise appreciates the Membership Committee members, particularly Meg Bowerman, who are working hard to add and retain members.

Leslie reported that we need a process to make certain that announcements in the email blasts are backed up by the same mentions and more in-depth information on the web page. Also, there are often discrepancies between information in the email blasts and in the VOTER. We need to be consistent with our outreach information.

There was a lively discussion on this topic. Several suggestions were made. Katherine suggested that the Communications Committee develop a process to ensure timely and accurate and consistent flow of information, and make a recommendation to the Board for review.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Bay Area League Day - Judi Bank reported the event was well attended. The presenters reported on a plan to maintain their portion of the watershed for a fee and compare the results to building a water purification plant... Sea level rise options to meet this need.

Legislative Interview scheduled for February 8 with Nancy Skinner was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict for Assembly member Skinner. We are waiting to hear our request to reschedule for February 15 will be granted.

Bay Area North Interleague meets February 19. Judi will attend.

Announcements & New Business
Assemblymembers Nancy Skinner and Bonta are having a joint open house
Thursday, February 13,4:30- 6:00
1515 Clay Street, 22nd floor
Rooms 2201 and 2204
Board members are urged to attend if they can AND WEAR THEIR LWV BUTTONS.
Education for Democracy at Mills College - Judy Merrill reported on today's event during which the speakers discussed their study of high school students and their status with knowledge of the democratic process.

May 17 and 18 is State Leadership Council in San Jose - a mini event in the off year of the convention. Let Katherine know if you are interested in attending.

Each of us should be receiving leadership updates from LWVCA. If not, let Katherine know and she will get you on the list.

Leslie reported the proposed new higher education study has passed the first hurdle with the LWVC Board. She will keep us advised as it progresses (Leslie is on the state League committee).

LWVC's Guide to California Government - Louise Anderson reported that the Oakland public libraries have copies. Judy Merrill needs a copy.
Four copies of the publication are in the Laney College libraries. Louise A. will send a note to the Political Science Department Chair notifying him/her there are copies in the library. Board members should send Louise their suggestions for recipients and requests for copies.

Additional Ideas for March VOTER
Belva Davis role at the Annual Luncheon in April
How to access the video of Bay Area League Day

Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annemarie Hallin, secretary to the Board

January Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Katherine Gavzy Notified absences : Emily Wilson and Annemarie Hallin. In the absence of Secretary Annemarie, Rosalee Schubert agreed to take minutes. The December minutes were approved with this addition made by Yolanda Schonbrun under Program : "Two consensus questions, #6 and #7 were eliminated." Rosalee announced that Louise Anderson and Louise Rothman-Riemer would provide the refreshments next month. The Scheduled Absences list was circulated. Correction to the Agenda : Jan 25th Program Planning will be at the Cesar Chavez branch of the library, not Fruitvale branch.

Treasurer's report was presented by Katherine in Emily's absence. The budget committee will meet on January 24, 2014. The big item to consider is the cost of the potential relocation of our office. Katherine and Emily will present the first draft of the 2014-15budget at the Board meeting in February, after the Budget Committee meets. After this meeting, they will be able to predict what we can afford for new office space more accurately. In the discussion, about expected costs in the 2014-15 budget year, Judy Merrill informed the meeting that the State League will not provide us with printed ballot measure pros and cons for the 2014 elections. Access is online only; we will need to download and print at our own expense. Beverly Solo, Webmaster, asked if she should put IRS documents and budget and fiscal report on the web site. Katherine said that she should do so. Sandy Venning moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted as presented, Louise A. seconded the motion and the vote to accept was unanimous.

Administrative - 2013 Retreat follow-up : Katherine presented several proposed changes to the Bylaws, which were circulated to the Board before the meeting. . Louise R.-R. moved we approve the changes, Judy Merrill seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. These changes will be presented to the members for final approval at the Annual Meeting.

Jane Klein, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee ( which consists of Annemarie, Sandra Coleman, Zabra Valentine, and Louise R.-R.) reported that the committee will meet soon. She will be contacting Board Members soon to see if they will stand for a second term. She will also be asking whom we might want to invite onto the Board and if we needed additional positions filled. Nominating committee report must go out to the members in the Call to Annual Meeting no later than May 1st.

Sandy discussed the next Voter. (Sandy's speaking at this point in the agenda was new, and was an effort to provide enough time for the discussion which has usually been at the end of the meeting and somewhat rushed.) She said that Alex MacDonald, the Editor, requests that people be sure to meet the Sunday deadline. Items for the VOTER : Feb. 5th Immigration program with speakers (Yolanda); Feb. 26th Hot Topics meeting (Leslie Smith), monthly Action Report (Mary B), piece on the importance & value of membership (Louise R-R), profiles of the Public Ethics Commissioners (Sandy), Program Planning - why do we do it (Yolanda), Bay Area, State and National League activities (Judi Bank/Katherine), President's letter (Katherine), new State League grant for Voter Guide best practices (Judy M)

Yolanda, Vice President for Program, discussed the program planning meeting to occur on January 25. She said it would be at the Cesar Chavez Library at 9:30 to 2:00. She urged that all attend and asked for volunteers to help set up. The LWVUS and the LWVBA and LWVO positions will be discussed and reviewed for recommendations to retain, drop or modify. The Education Committee will present the results of their local position update study. There will be five consensus questions. There will be a report to the Board at Feb. 10th meeting with the results of the LWVUS/LWVBA /LWVO position review and the Education study consensus. After Board approval of the report, the results of LWVUS position review will be submitted to LWVUS in preparation for national convention, and the results of the local Ed. Study consensus will be presented to the membership at annual discussion about the agenand timing for the meeting followed.

Sandy asked for a chance to link the Education Committee to the High School Registration Project. It was decided that was a good matter for further discussion.

The next program will be on Immigration Reform. Assemblyman Ron Bonta will speak in a panel format with Sebastian Zanala. Topic will be "How Will Immigration Reform Affect Oakland?" That program will be on Feb. 5.

Trish Gorman, our representative to the local combined (Oakland, Emeryville/Berkeley/Albany, and Piedmont) committee in conjunction with the LWVO Agricultural Study, reported on the work of that group. It is being hindered by the slowness of the guidelines coming from the national League, but there are now consensus questions for discussion. There will beseveral opportunities for members of all cosponsoring Leagues to attend meetings for informational presentations and the study consensus : a full day on March 29th and two separate half day meetings on April 1st and April 3rd., Material about these meetings will be posted on the Web site and the Communication Committee will send out e-mail blasts.

Mary Bergan, Vice President for Action, reported that she has been working with Oakland Rising and Councilmembers Dan Kalb and Libby Schaaf to do an informal survey of Oakland citizens about Oakland redistricting and who should do it. She presented the current timeline for developing a charter amendment to adopt a citizens redistricting commission, and getting the charter amendment on the Oakland ballot. Hot Topics subjects and dates for Jan thru March were circulated to Board in the Action report and will be published in the VOTER.

Dawna Williams, Co-Chair of the Development Committee reported on the selection of the "Making Democracy Work" awardees for the Annual Luncheon. They are Mary Ann Wolfe, an exceptional Social Studies teacher at Oakland Tech, and the Bay Area Urban Debate League (Oakland high school students). In making this decision, the committee decided that it might be a good tradition to establish that longtime LWVO members be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Annual Meeting rather than be honored at the Luncheon which is an outreach occasion to the larger community. We decided to honor Mary Strauss at the June 2014 Annual Meeting. Dawna and Katherine discussed the new enticements to attract sponsors which included giving them more visual presence on the date of the luncheon. There was a discussion about whether to try to get a sponsor to fund a free drink (alcoholic or not) for each attendee in the new networking section. There was no resolution to this discussion. There was also a discussion about ways of funding a table for the young Debaters of the Urban League and the students of Ms. Wolfe. There were several suggestions for the committee to pursue. LOUISE A. will work on organizing a group of Oakland Tech parents to sponsor a table for students. Louise A. moved that we accept the Committee's selection of awardees. Judy Merrill seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously

Membership Committee chairperson, Louise Rothman-Riemer and Katherine reported on the high number of non-renewals (35). We now stand at 301 members. If we fall below 300, we will lose one delegate to the Convention. We will be continuing the informal dinners for new members

Leslie Smith reported for the Communication Committee. The option of "going green" with the Voter is now being offered in e-mail blasts. About 2 people have made that choice after each email blast. Shinal Lakshman is working and has less time available; she will continue as our social media "guru" but we are looking for two additional interns to support the email blasts and social media posts.

Judy Bank, our delegate to LWVBA reported that Bay Area League Day is February 1, 10:00 to 2:00. The topic is " A New Vision for Bay Area Open Space". The LWVBA convention is May 3. There was a discussion of the Bay Area Monitor, an excellent publication of LWVBA, available online or on paper. This League is recruiting for members to join their committees on Housing, Transportation and Natural Resources.

Katherine announced that Legislative Interviews of Alameda County Legislators will begin on Feb. 8 or 15 with Assemblyperson Nancy Skinner. Contact Annmarie who is coordinating these visits. It was suggested we invite new members to join the interview group. We may also need volunteers to interview Assemblyperson Ron Bonta and Assemblyperson Loni Hancock. Those interview appointments are being arranged by other Alameda County Leagues but LWVO members are urged to participate. Annmarie is also coordinating our involvement with the other appointments.

Announcements: Feb 10 at Mills College: "Education for Democracy"

MLK Day at McClymonds H.S. "Making the Dream Real"

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 by the President

December Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2013

Vice President, Administration Rosalee Schubert called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor. President Katherine Gavzy was inadvertently delayed. Attendance: Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Leslie Smith, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson.

Guest: Allene Warren


  • Approved agenda by consensus.
  • Approved November minutes by consensus.
  • Circulated the absences calendar and the refreshment signups were confirmed for the January meeting.
  • Treasurer's Report - Emily reported bulk mail increased by (see her report) She will propose a timeline on converting to a 503c. There is a long, drawn out process to make the change. Louise RR and Sandy/Rosalee seconded we accept the treasurer report.
  • Office relocation update - Rosalee reported the group met at Terry Kulka's home to outline the needs of LWVO for office space. The plan is to share space with Bay Area League. Each League needs its own particular area and we both need a conference room to share. We want office space downtown where we will be visible.
  • We are considering building space with other non-profits.
  • Guide to California Government book - Louise Anderson volunteered to determine the best options for LWVO to determine where the books should be distributed.

Program November 13 program January Program Planning February Program

Action Mary reported we are working with Oakland Rising in the effort to establish an independent citizens redistricting commission for Oakland. Mary will work with Urban Strategies to find funding for the study.

Development Committee Sandy and Emily reported on the status of the committee. The luncheon will be at Scotts on Tuesday, April 29. NOTE - we usually hold the luncheon on a Wednesday but moved to Tuesday to accommodate the schedule of our speaker. Deadline to submit nominations for Making Democracy Work is December 15. Luncheon cost for members will increase by $5 this year. Cost's for non-members will not be increased. We have three levels of cost for individuals/organizations who wish to sponsor a table and have decided to increase "incentives" for these levels. In addition to the basic "incentives"

The League offers three levels of participation above the individual luncheon ticket purchase.

Logo/business card in program Logo in program and banner in meet and greet room Logo in program, banner in meet and greet and opportunity to place company information on each seat.

Katherine will present these options to the Steering Committee for their response.

Membership & Outreach Holiday party this Friday at Louise' home. Board members will bring a dish to share. Louise will send an email to new members to invite them for Friday. Membership Committee will schedule dinners for small groups "what is League about, etc.". Scheduled dates so far are:

January 20, February 24 and April 6.

Each Board member is encouraged to bring one person to each event they attend...Hot Topics, etc.

The Committee is reviewing the list of members to determine long-time members. These members will be contacted and asked if they would like to suggest someone they think might like to join the League.

Continue to have information tables at League events.

Dawna suggested Membership team-up with her Muslim group at Mills College.

Communications Committee Leslie reported Shinal has received her pen from our Board thanking her for all she has done for us while acting as our Intern. Shinal wants to continue helping the League. Leslie does want a person to back up Shinal and is looking for another Intern to assist.

Leslie asked the Board about when to begin offering an electronic version of the VOTER as an option.

Education Committee Agricultural meeting in Piedmont went well.

February and May programs... February 5 - Hearing Room 3 in City Hall on Immigration. She and Trish Gorman will attend a meeting this Saturday on the resources in Oakland services. They hope to make contacts. Louise told her about the ACLU in SF who has an extensive group working on this issue. The Board suggested our initial focus be on immigration policy (rather than services).

May 7 room in City Hall reserved.

March - tentatively a joint meeting with Dark Money and Politics Ann Ravel at Cal State East Bay on March 24. Very tentative at this time. Or...the Ag Consensus questions could be better.

Consensus questions for Education Policy - The Board decided some of the consensus questions need to be clarified. Yolanda and the Education Committee will review everything and inform the Board for further review in time for the January VOTER. We will need the current education position on hand at the Program Planning meeting.

January 25 - Program Planning possibly at the Dimond Library or Mills College.

The local study process...a proposal is made at the Annual Meeting. The Board will approve the consensus questions at this time. This becomes the recommended program and is presented at the upcoming Annual Meeting (the result of the study).

Bay Area & Alameda County Leagues Legislative interviews - we will coordinate an interview with Nancy Skinner. Annmarie volunteered to coordinate the effort.

Bay Area League Day is February 1.

Announcements & New Business Does anyone on the Board have the 2012 Easy Voter Guide for Oakland? Let Bonnie Hamlin know.


Photos from holiday party Hot Topics - Redistricting Citizens local redistricting committee Action Committee report Each one bring one Program Planning on January 25 Bay Area Day, February 1 Bay Area Monitor Annual Luncheon

Meeting adjourned at 8:36.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin Secretary to the Board

November Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2013

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:36pm at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor.

Attendance: Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalee Schubert, Leslie Smith, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning and Dawna Williams.

Excused Absence: Louise Anderson, Louise Rothman-Riemer and Emily Wilson


  • Agenda approved by consensus
  • October minutes approved by consensus
  • Refreshment schedule for the Board meetings has been completed for the 2013-2014 calendar
  • Rosalee requested the Board update the board roster and the scheduled absences sheets.
  • Treasurer's report - Katherine reported for Emily. We are using some of our Ed Fund balance to pay for LWVC per member payments. Our Dues Assistance fund is healthy.
  • Sandy moved and Yolanda seconded the motion to accept the Treasurers Report. The Board approved unanimously.

Follow-up on Retreat
Leslie reported on Communications policy revisions. She is serving on the LWV State Communications committee and will hold off on these suggested revisions until she learns more about what the State League and other local Leagues do. Most leagues do not include personal contact information of members in the VOTER. Board members are requested to Leslie know of any questions or ideas she could bring up with the State committee. She plans to bring proposed revisions to our own Communications Policy back to the Board at the January meeting.

By-Laws: Any proposed changes to the by-laws must be presented to the entire membership at the annual meeting before they can be adopted. Katherine G Louise R-R and Judy M will aim to send out proposed changes via email to the Board by the end of December for electronic approval or discussion.

Office relocation update - Terry Kulka has set up a meeting on November 26. Bay Area League is also looking to relocate...possibility to share office space with us. Marion Taylor and Alec McDonald have been added to the committee along with Katherine, Sandy V, Louise Anderson, Rosalee and Bonnie Hamlin (ad hoc).

Calendar - shall we change our "Wednesday with the League" to another day of the week as the 2nd and 4th Wednesday conflict with the School Board Meetings.We will consider the 1st and 3rd Wednesday. First Yolanda will check on availability of City Hall hearing rooms. We would begin next calendar year (2014)

We need to develop a list of what to do with the 25 copies of the Guide to California Government copies we received from LWVC. Suggestions made by Board members are:

  • OUSD is holding a competition on civic engagement. We might give the winners of the competition a copy of the book as a prize.
  • School libraries
  • Give a copy to each OUSD government teacher who welcomes us into their classroom for student voter education and registration
  • Give a copy to the community college instructors who invite us to speak on Pros and Cons or to community college libraries.
  • Hot Topics follow-up
  • Sell individual copies to our members and public who attend LWVO events for $15 each (we paid $12 each for the first 25)
  • Making Democracy Work award recipients (along with the plaque)
  • All Board members are urged to think of more ideas and send them to Katherine, who will circulate a final list for prioritization.

Yolanda reported the on the joint program sponsored by LWVO and LWV Piedmont scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 7:00 - 8:30pm. The topic is Food and Farm Policy. All arrangements have been made.

She has emailed each of us the link to the LWVUS website regarding the agriculture study. Judi B is on the committee.

Leslie asked Yolanda and her committee to let her know whenever a notice regarding the agriculture study is sent to all members. The Communications Committee will work to get out the message. Sandy requested the information for the VOTER this week.

Judy B reminded us that the results of the consensus meeting must be approved by the Board before going to the National Convention. The Program Committee will set the date for the actual consensus meeting.

The arrangements for the Holiday Party are all set.

Program Planning is scheduled for January 11. Since this is a National Convention and LWV Bay Area Convention year, we will need to consider proposed changes to existing positions or new studies at the LWVUS, LWVBA and of course local LWVO levels. Yolanda has been checking the LWVUS website for program planning materials (nothing available yet) and will distribute to Board and other members when available. We also need to be ready to respond to requests from other Leagues for concurrence on Program items they want to present at national convention. If Katherine receives anything she will forward on to all Board members. The idea is to determine whether or not we actually need a Program Planning session in January and if so, how long...full day, half day?

Nothing planed for February. The Board and Yolanda will come up with suggestions by the December Board meeting.

March 24th we are co-sponsoring a program organized by LWV Eden Area. To be held on campus of Cal State East Bay in Hayward. Topic is "Dark Money in Politics" and the speaker is expected to be Ann Ravel, former head of California Fair Political Practices Commission and new Federal Fair Political Practices Commissioner.

Mary and the Action Committee will send a letter to the Oakland City Council congratulating them on the good job they did on review, debate and votes on the redistricting maps

Mary requested a copy of the Action Report be placed in the VOTER each month. The Board agreed.

Mary will edit the Action Committee report each month to make it suitable for publication.

The Action Committee requested that each Board member recommend a few non-board members to become engaged in the upcoming efforts to establish an independent citizens redistricting commission for Oakland. Two big questions are how would the commission members be selected and what is the criteria for being a commission member. The meeting on December 10 is to gather ideas...not necessarily to get volunteers. It will be held at Sandy Threlfall's house 11 Woodside Glen Court from 6 to 8 PM on Tuesday December 10th. All Board members with an interest are urged to attend.

City Council - hot issues will be in the public safety area. This will be discussed at tomorrow's City Council meeting. Mary agreed to inform the Board at each Board meeting about upcoming City Council meetings and the big agenda items.

Questions raised by Board members: 1) Whatever happened to Wasserman's report on public safety and a new policing strategy that he told us about at the June 2013 Annual Meeting? 2) Who is paying for the "State of the City" glossy report delivered to Leslie's door under the name of Jean Quan?

Records Management policy - On December 2 at 6:30 pm in Hearing Room One the City Clerk will present the proposed Records Management Policy to the Public Ethics Commission. Public input is welcome. The next step will be for the Rules Committee to agendize the policy followed by a review by the City Council and finally a vote by the City Council. All Board members are urged to attend the PEC meeting. We have been urging improvements for 10 years.

Development Committee
We have a speaker for the luncheon: Tami Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. The Annual Luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday April 29. This time, we will have extra space and time available for meet and greet. Consideration is being given to changing the menu. We should be able to welcome more guests due to reconfiguring the luncheon area. Several ideas are being floated around pricing. Making Democracy Work Awards: An email blast soliciting nominations will go out to all those who purchased tables last year, those who submitted nominations last year, etc., LWVO members, etc. Board members are encouraged to forward the email blast to their neighborhood groups.

Mary asked if there is anything in writing about the discussion between Scott's and BCDC. Bonnie H is keeping a close watch on the discussion and believes the discussions are honest and the will be resolved in time for the luncheon.

Our traditional "non-event event" fundraising letter will be sent out later this year.

Education Committee
Committee continues to analyze the National, State and Local positions and so far the National and State positions are more up to date than our Local position; the committee is close to concluding that National and State positions can be effectively applied "vertically downward" to enable LWVO to take action and respond to OUSD initiatives and issues.

States local control funding formula is BIG now. There will be public oversight. The OUSD will submit their plan early next year.

Membership & Outreach
Everyone has received Bonnie's report. Katherine reminded us of the annual push for non-renewals. Bonnie sent everyone an email asking us not to call non-renewing members we had signed up for at this time since they will have received personal email reminders from Membership. We had 306 members in January we now have 331. But that includes 57 still not renewed. We need at least 32 of them to renew by January 31 just to avoid a net loss of membership. Katherine reminded everyone that we have sizable Dues Assistance Fund balance and it must be used. We can remind potential new members or renewing members that they can always request temporary assistance from the Fund to cover their dues and then when they are able to contribute money back into the Fund.

Communications Committee
Leslie reported about recognizing Shinal for all her hard work on our Social Media efforts and Leslie purchased a Cross pen plus accessories for her. The cost was $107. Board members are encouraged to contribute toward this gift and to make payment to Leslie.

Leslie said our LWVO is well ahead of the curve among other Leagues when it comes to electronic outreach.

Leslie's research tells her that we should continue to use both pdf and html when posting the VOTER ("E-VOTER") on the web site. Bev asked members on the web site which they one has responded.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Judi Bank reported she attended the Bay Area inter league meeting. Bay Area League Day is scheduled for February 1.

  • LWVBA convention is May 3. A new board will be elected that day.
  • The Monitor - their publication. Board members should encourage LWVO members to look for the Monitor on the web site. Bev will make the link to the Monitor on the home page to make it more obvious.
  • LWVBA is looking for new board members and need members for the Housing Committee. Katherine reminded Judi to request our office to generate a read out of members who indicated an interest in housing issues. Sandy asked for clarification on the amount of time required to serve on the Housing Committee.
  • Berkeley has an active Climate Change Committee and has speakers for those interested.
  • Berkeley is interested in carbon
  • San Francisco is opposing building over 40 feet on the Embarcadero.
  • Marin had 52 races this year. They are studying the rise in sea level.
  • Diablo is looking at affordable housing.

We are asked annually to interview legislative members. Katherine will send the information to Judy M to work on it. We will be responsible for at least one legislative interview and usually assist with others. Katherine urged each of us to consider taking part.

Announcements & New Business
State league will have a leadership council in Sacramento May 16 - 18. Think about attending. This year the Meeting will be held in San Jose at the Fairmount Hotel. There is some money in the budget to cover two or three of us attending. Contact Katherine if you are interested. New Board members or Board members who have never attended State convention or leadership council are urged to consider.

National Convention will take place in Dallas June 6 to 10.

Holiday party
Hot topics
Action Committee on Oakland league in action Agricultural study
Public ethics commission update
Making democracy work Awards
Recent actions by State and/or National
What are the other leagues in the Bay Area doing? - Update from Judi B.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, Secretary to the Board

October Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2013

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:37pm at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor with a quorum of eight in attendance.

Attendance: Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson.

Approved Absence: Judy Merrill, Yolanda Schonbrun, Rosalie Schubert, and Leslie Smith

a. Agenda approved - Emily Wilson moved, Louise R-R seconded and the Board approved the modified Agenda by consensus.

b The Board approved the September Board Meeting Minutes by consensus.
c. Circulation of absences calendar will take place electronically because Rosalie was not able to attend this meeting.
d. Treasurer's report
Bulk mailing from Post Office is about $400 less than our records indicate,
The difference is being investigated and Emily will complete reconciling
This account.
The CD from Chase has been closed out and is now at Torrey Pines.
We have used $120 of Due Assistance this fiscal year.
Emily is working on our past FY tax returns and will send copies to Bev to
post on the website when filed.
Emily is working on the wording for the Planned Giving notice for the
Louise A and Sandy seconded the motion the Board accept the Treasurers
Report. The Board agreed by consensus.
e. Follow-up from Retreat -
Still outstanding: Communications Policy and By-Laws. The Communications Committee is working on their policy.
Judy M, Katherine and Louise R-R are working on a proposed update of
The by-laws and will report to the Board at the November meeting.
f. Calendar - We had agreed to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month as
LWVO nights...but these dates conflict with School Board Meetings. We had
a discussion regarding changing our League events to Thursday evening
rather than Wednesday evenings. We will consider selecting Monday if we are
able to use the public library for our programs. Our choices are City Hall or a
downtown location as a convenient location for many who attend.
Dawna will check on Laney College as another potential meeting place. We
will discuss this again at the November Board meeting.
g. Office relocation - The Greenlining Institute has purchased a building on 14th
Street in downtown Oakland and plans to lease space to non-profits later next
year. This could be a possible location to move our office.


November program on November 13 in Piedmont, topic is Agriculture, LWVO is cosponsoring with LWV Piedmont.
December 13 holiday party - Each of us will bring wine or a non-alcoholic beverage. Each Board member will bring one item (finger food). Every member who has renewed by a still to be determined date will be eligible to participate in a drawing for prizes. We are working on prizes.
February program to be discussed and planned at November board meeting.
Request from LWV Alameda to co-sponsor a program on Money in Politics. Date conflicts with our Hot Topics. We will announce the event to our members, even though we cannot co-sponsor. The Board approved by consensus.

Mary reported she has been meeting with City Council members with Helen H. regarding Redistricting. It has been an open process so far. We need an independent citizen's commission to set districts in the future and the effort is underway. A suggestion has been made to Mary that the Action Committee coordinate with Urban Strategies on future redistricting efforts. Libby Schaaf and Dan Kalb have invited LWVO, Urban Strategies, Oakland Rising, Greenlining, and others to be involved with the work of proposing a citizen's commission with authority (rather than the city council) to independently set up redistricting. This will require a charter amendment and therefore a ballot measure but it would not take effect until after the next census.

Tomorrow night the city council will review and discuss maps 17 and 18. Mary and Helen will attend the City Council meeting.

Tomorrow night, Libby Schaaf will ask the city council to make public information available to the citizens (open data policy) in a timely manner in a usable format.

Katherine asked the Action Committee to give a brief summary of issues the city council will discuss about 2 months in advance. Board members are encouraged to attend the city council meetings on occasion.

We had a discussion as to what we mean by being able to manipulate a pdf document. Open Data normally specifies that public documents should be made available in a "machine readable" format. We are not sure what this means.

Open data is a big issue at this time with many organizations and individuals actively involved in making sure government is open. The goal is to have easy access to government documents

Action Committee proposed a statement to city council supporting the Open Data Policy for board approval.

Louise A motioned and Louise R-R seconded the motion we make this statement to city council. The Board agreed by consensus. Mary will make the statement tomorrow night if necessary.

Records management at City Hall continues to be a disappointment.

Board members should try to attend Hot Topics at the Oakland Chamber of Commerce office.

Bonnie sent out a report on the Committee activities, and Dawna reported the Committee sent out a survey to groups/individuals who purchased tables at our last annual luncheon requesting feedback. They are searching for a speaker. After much discussion, the Board decided to invite the California Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to speak at our Annual Luncheon. Both the Marriott and Scotts are available for the luncheon. The Scottish Rite is not viable...parking is terrible. Question was food more important or is the fundraising aspect more important.

Continue taking nominations for Making Democracy Work.

Education Committee
Nothing to report.

Membership & Outreach
We are making progress with renewals. We had to postpone our October dinner for new members due to many conflicts of time. But the Committee hopes to schedule a dinner in early November.

Communications Committee
If you have access to neighborhood listserve please forward Leslie's notices.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues
Judi has nothing to report on the Bay Area League.

Katherine reported we are working more closely with Alameda County Leagues.
In an informal survey with other Leagues, Katherine asked whether or not they have an electronic version of VOTER as well as a paper copy.
We are the only local League that accepts paid advertisement in the VOTER.
Katherine also asked whether or not they pro-rate annual dues. We are the only local League that pro-rates annual dues. Membership will study this issue.

Announcements and new business
New office exploratory committee...discussed under Administration, section g above.
Initiative & Referendum Program in Sacramento October 24, 2013...Katherine, Helen and Mary are going. Free of cost for a few hours. Let Katherine know if you want to go.

Voter Service
Nothing to report.

Planned giving
Program on agriculture with Piedmont League
Save the date for holiday party
What did Yolanda send to Sandy?
If you renew membership by December 1-eligible for drawing.
September Hot Topics
Save the date for December 4 Hot Topics
Last chance to make a nomination for Making Democracy Work
Code for America November 9 Oakland CityCamp
Fundraiser for restorative justice at Laney College-trial of the century

Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin, secretary for the Board

September Minutes

LWVO Board Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2013

President Katherine Gavzy called the meeting to order at 6:36pm at St. Paul's Towers, 17th floor.

Attendance: Louise Anderson, Judi Bank, Mary Bergan, Katherine Gavzy, Annmarie Hallin, Judy Merrill, Rosalie Schubert, Yolanda Schonbrun, Leslie Smith, Bev Solo, Sandy Venning, Dawna Williams and Emily Wilson.

Approved Absence: Louise Rothman-Riemer

Agenda updated and approved by consensus.

June meeting minutes - correction to Education Committee and then approved by consensus.

Circulation of absences calendar, sign up for refreshments, correct Board roster.

Treasurer's report - Emily reported she and Katherine would close out our account with Chase Bank and move it to Torrey Pines.

A few members have requested the dues assistance. Dues Assistance Fund now totals about $300. It has been correctly reclassified out of income and onto the balance sheet (as an Unearned Income liability) for accounting purposes.

Emily is reconciling the bulk mailing account at the post office

The state and national PMP dues have been paid.

Emily is investigating the possibility of moving LWVO to a 501C3 for simplification of accounting processes.

Rosalie moved and Judy M seconded and the Board approved the report by consensus.


We discussed the upcoming kick-off meeting scheduled for September 18 at city hall. Yolanda will check with KTOP regarding videotaping of the event. Jane Klein will be the timer. The September18th meeting will focus on the status of education in the Oakland public schools. Yolanda and Leslie (Communications) will send Board members an information sheet so we can get the information to our neighborhood list serves or personal contacts.

October program - The topic for the October 9th program will focus on Oakland City Council and Oakland Board of Education school district redistricting. We plan to have a three-person panel including someone from the Oakland Votes coalition where LWVO has two members. Other panel speakers may be Eric McGhee of the Public Policy Institute with background info, and Devan Reiff City of Oakland Strategic Planner. Board Members with suggested questions should send the questions to Yolanda in advance of the October program. We hope to have district maps available via Power Point. Mary will meet with Yolanda and Trisha to finalize details.

November 13 - LWVO will co-sponsor the meeting with Piedmont League. The meeting will focus on the ongoing update study to the LWV national position on agriculture. The Piedmont league has been working on this issue for a while. The study and consensus process will be a cooperative effort among various Alameda County Leagues.


The Oakland district meetings on redistricting for City Council districts have been completed. Mary and Helen Hutchison will attend the redistricting coalition on September 18 for a "workshop" style meeting. There have been a series of public meetings on the issue, and these meetings are continuing. The school board district is the same as the city council districts. The Action Committee report on recent activities and planned upcoming Hot Topics meetings was distributed and will be published in the next VOTER.

Development Committee

Dawna reported the Committee is investigating a venue change for the annual luncheon, possibility of having a dinner vs. a luncheon, as well as a speaker (Robert Reich will be approached,). They will visit the Scottish Rite center to see if that is a possibility instead of Scott's because the space at Scott's is limited. The Committee is also considering other fundraising ideas.

The Committee is considering placing an article in the VOTER a few times each year asking members to remember the League in their wills. If we do so, we need to tell each donor to be very clear in their estate planning that the money goes to Oakland LWV rather than the state or national League, and if it is intended for the Ed Fund or our operating fund. We need to be careful and specific in what we ask. Emily will draft the proposal. Judy M and Leslie seconded. All agreed.

Education Committee

Yolanda reported the Committee prefers to limit their study to two areas within the local Education position. The Committee has been reviewing the existing League position and has determined the two areas they believe would benefit from further review/updating. One is the area regarding effective teaching initiatives and the other is budgetary and instructional accountability measures. The Committee will keep the Board informed as their study continues.

After much discussion, Mary moved that we reaffirm the original scope passed at the annual meeting and Judy M seconded. Here is the original scope approved by members at the June 2013 annual meeting:

"To look at the various components of the position, along with those sections of the LWV national and state education positions that may be applied vertically downward, to see if they are in line with new laws and regulations, current funding structure, new educational philosophy, new research, and update them as necessary."

The Board did not vote. Katherine suggested that perhaps it is still early on in the study, that the Board may consider this report from Education Committee to be a status of where they are right now in their work to identify the specific parts of the existing position needing updates. The study committee will continue reviewing the existing position and report back to the Board at the next meeting on any further new developments. Yolanda will invite all Board members who are interested to attend the next Education Committee meetings.

Membership and Outreach

Katherine circulated list of the members who have not renewed as of last Monday. Board members signed up to contact anyone on the list they know or anyone they are willing to contact regarding renewal. She gave helpful hints on making the calls.

The Committee requested the Board's approval of a proposal for a one-time introductory lower dues rate of $40 for new members aged 35 and younger.

Much discussion followed and several good questions were asked:
1. Should we take the amount of the difference between the lower fee and the regular fee from the Dues Assistance Fund?
2. What is the PMP we pay to State and National?
3. How about a study to see why younger members do not renew?

Membership will come back with a more comprehensive plan to attract and retain younger members. The Board is not ready to approve a special dues rate.

Communications Committee

Leslie talked about the Committee's suggestion to produce an electronic VOTER. We would keep the option of a paper copy. If agreed to by the Board, the option would be publicized in the VOTER in advance.

An email to all subscribers (who provide email addresses) would announce each month's issue with a link to a color pdf version of the VOTER on our website (instead of the current black and white HTML version). Katherine noted that several other local Leagues already do this.

Discussion focused on what to do about member contact information (currently published in the print VOTER). We need to respect member privacy. Perhaps delete contact information from the pdf only? Still to be resolved: the Communications Committee will come up with a more detailed policy and take it back to the Board.

Leslie moved we add an electronic option to the VOTER and Louise Anderson seconded the motion. The Board approved by voice vote.

Shinal has a full time position and will no longer be able to assist us as much with social media. Leslie asked everyone to send her an idea for a nice gift for Shinal. Board members will donate $5 each toward the gift. The Board agreed.

Bay Area and Alameda County Leagues

Judy has nothing to report until November.

Voter Service

Nothing to report.

Announcements/New Business

On-going issue. Chairs must get their reports to each Board member by Sunday evening at the latest so everyone has the time to read and understand reports BEFORE the meeting.

We have extra money and a suggestion was made at the retreat to move our office. Katherine spoke to Terry Kulka, a LWVO member involved in real estate in Oakland, who agreed to be on a committee to explore the idea. Louise Anderson, Sandy V. and Rosalie volunteered to be on the committee. Katherine will notify Terry.

Berkeley League has an active health care committee and is holding a series of meetings in September to which LWVO members are invited. Katherine sent out an email blast to announce them. .

Rosalie asked we let her know if she tells us she is not getting back to us, please telephone her as she continues to have email issues.

Leslie distributed for information only a draft scope for a new Higher Education study at State League level, which she and others proposed at the last State convention (delegates voted to approve it). The draft scope is being considered by LWVC Board in the next few months.

October VOTER

October Hot Topics
Alec will attend the Kick-Off and include an article on the event
Leslie will write on the electronic VOTER
Trish Gorman will write an article on the agriculture study
Katherine will write an article on the Ethics and Good Government Task Force Action Committee report
Wednesdays with the League: look ahead at upcoming Programs and Hot Topics
New Board members interview with Louise Anderson and Dawna
Rosalie will write something about the Board retreat
Emily will write the appeal for members to remember LWVO in their estate planning

The VOTER deadline is September 16

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Annmarie Hallin
Secretary to the Board