Making Democracy Work

Protocol for Election Day Phone Calls

PLEASE RECORD ON THE MESSAGE PAD EACH CALL YOU RECEIVE (place cardboard insert under the yellow page associated with the white page you're writing on so your message doesn't go thru to the following layers!)

If you receive a non-election related call, please take as complete a message as possible and let the caller know that someone will return the call tomorrow. Please don't give callers the phone numbers of Board members, unless the caller is a member of the League!

Office volunteers, if you can't answer a question, refer the caller to the Registrar of Voters.

If the caller is raising concerns about the operation of a polling place, refer him or her to the Registrar who will follow up on such complaints. The caller can phone the Registrar with their complaint.

Absentee Ballots


If someone has lost their Absentee Ballot, tell them to go to their polling place and explain the situation and they will be given a Provisional Ballot and an envelope to fill out. They will place their ballot in that envelope. After the election, the Registrar of Voters will check to make sure they didn't vote their absentee ballot. If they didn't, their Provisional Ballot will be counted.

If a person requested, but didn't receive, an Absentee Ballot, tell them to go to their polling place and explain the situation. They will be given a Provisional Ballot.

If a person spoiled their Absentee Ballot (made a mistake in voting) tell them DO NOT try to correct it. Tell them to bring it to their polling place where they will be given a provisional ballot OR, after finishing voting for as many candidates as they want to, they can write a note about the mistake they made, explaining whom they meant to vote for and take the ballot and the note to the registrar's office or to any polling place in Alameda County to turn it in before 8 PM. The workers at the Registrar's office will vote a new ballot for them, correcting the mistake they made.

Locating Polling Place

1. The Address is Printed on the back of your Sample Ballot (thick 8 1/2" x 11" white booklet with black lettering and a black border around the front cover from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters)

2. You can get that information at, where you click on "California" and then on "Find your full ballot" and then type complete address into the space provided: include City, State AND Zip code.

3. We can do the polling place lookup for you if you give us your address, City, State and zip code. (Turn on computer. On desktop, look for the icon for Mozilla Firefox. Double click. Type into address line at the top of the Firefox Home page. When you arrive at the SmartVoter/VotersEdge landing page, click on "California" and then on "Find your full ballot" and then type the complete address into the space provided, being sure to include City, State AND Zip code.

The location of the polling place will be at the top of the page.

Registering, Re-registering, and Voting

What happens if I have moved and haven't re-registered?

If you moved from one address to another within the same county, you may vote

1) at the Registrar of Voters using a provisional ballot

The Registrar of Voters for Alameda County is located in the basement of
the County Courthouse, located on Oak Street, between 12th and 13th

2) Or at the polling place for your new address, using a Provisional ballot. Voting at the polling place for your new address allows you to vote for all of the candidates running for office in that precinct or district and for all of the ballot measures which are relevant for your new precinct or district.

If you vote at your old polling place, you can vote a Provisional ballot there, but your votes for candidates and measures that are specific to your old precinct and which don't appear on the ballot for your new precinct won't count, and there may be some candidates and measures which don't appear on that ballot, but would be on the ballot in your new precinct.

Do I have to show identification at the polling place?

If you registered after January 1, 2003, did not provide the required ID on the registration form, and are voting for the first time in an election where Federal offices are on the ballot (President, Senator, Congressperson) you will be required to show ID.
You need to show either a photo ID:
Valid California or out of state Driver's License or State ID of any state,
Employee card/badge
Public housing ID
Military ID
Student ID
Health club ID

OR one of the following which includes name and address
Utility bill
Bank statement
Government check/paycheck
Sample ballot
Lease or rental agreement
Insurance plan card
Property tax statement
Vehicle registration

If you don't have any of the above types of ID or do not wish to present such ID, you may vote a Provisional Ballot which will be counted after eligibility to vote is determined by referring to the voter's affidavit of registration.

I went to the polling place near my home, but my name wasn't listed in the Roster. The poll workers there can help you determine whether you are in the correct polling place for your address. If you are not, they can help you find out where your polling place is, or they will give you a card with a phone number to call to find that information. Or call the Registrar of Voters @ 272-6973. If you want to vote at that polling place, you can vote a Provisional ballot.