Making Democracy Work

Some Standard Forms

Use these whenever needed. Please note the comments for each one.

Communications Request Form

To begin coordinating a new event, publish something on the web or social media, etc., use this form:

Communications Request Form

To complete the form online, click here.

Event organizers should begin using the form at least a couple of months before the event. The Communications Committee will acknowledge receipt of the request within 24 hours.

Proof of Insurance Coverage

The "proof of insurance" coverage may be requested from an organization you are co-sponsoring an event with, or a venue you are using for an event. We are covered under an umbrella policy by LWV California.

Here is the proof of insurance coverage letter.


Provide the Indemnification-hold-harmless form ONLY if it is specifically requested.

Here is the indemnification hold harmless letter

Expense Voucher

Expense vouchers: Use this to request reimbursement OR to request the treasurer to mail a check to a vendor or person. PLEASE remember to write down the purpose and budget category of the expenditure -- if you are not sure of the budget category, refer to the detailed budget spreadsheet I gave everyone after the annual meeting last June. If you have lost the budget details spreadsheet, ask me for another one. If you spent money on something out of your pocket but don't want to request reimbursement, fill out the voucher and note "Contribution in kind." and give it to Emily anyway.

Don't hold on to vouchers etc until the next Board meeting expecting to give them to Emily there. It is much more efficient for everyone concerned if you mail your forms to the LWVO office and mark it Attention Treasurer. Emily picks them up from the office regularly between board meetings.

Here is the expense voucher

Insurance Certificate for Office

Here is the insurance certificate we provided to the Historic Central Building management when we moved into the new office.