Making Democracy Work

Where do we keep the.......


List here the location of items such as the coffee/tea bag, the banner, the card table and chairs, etc. so that we can find them when wanted.

Item Where
50-year member pins Louise Rothman-Reiner
Podium LWVO banner, 20" x 20" League Office cupboard
Large LWV banner (for luncheon and other major events) League Office cupboard
Refreshment supplies: paper cups, tea bags, sweetener and sugar, electric pot Katherine Gavzy
Signage for Program and other meetings Katherine Gavzy
Voter Service Candidate Forum supplies: paddles, timers, bell,
index cards for questions (blank and written on), pencils, pens,
rubber bands, cardboard tents with candiate names
(obviously out of date now, but we should keep them to remind us to make them again next time), SmartVoter bookmarks, Join Us brochures, ROV brochures on Ranked Choice Voting
Katherine Gavzy
Voter Service Candidate Forum supplies box: small LWV podium banner, laminated directional signs, laminated notices of of the Forum ground rules and audience guidelines Karen Anderson Forde; banners in League Office cupboard
LWV banner for the moderator podium League Office cupboard
Shopping bags for delivering P&C and EVG Judy Merrill
You Tube password and other connection info. Lee Aurich
Miranda Perry
League of Women Voters buttons small supply in LWVO office
small supply with President
Extra copies of Oakland Easy Voter Guide and
State Easy Voter Guide from last election;
with the Voter Service chair
Laminated Meeting directions signs (with arrows) 1 set in the Office bookcase next to desk 2 sets in Membership table materials bag 1 set (to be confirmed) with Voter Service chair