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The League of Women Voters Oakland is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteer work is often done through committees, and anyone is welcome to attend committee meetings to get acquainted and get involved. 

Committees to Serve the Public


The lead arm of the League on policy research and developing advocacy positions. 

On-going work:

  • Monitoring the City Council, its committees, and commissions

  • Collaborating with other advocacy organizations, on issues like redistricting, campaign finance reform, and the effectiveness of oversight commissions

During election years:

  • Analyzes local and county ballot measures and recommends positions for LWVO

  • Prepares “Vote with the League,” a document that encourages voters to follow the League’s lead in support of, or opposition to, local measures.


  • Publishes bi-weekly digital newsletter

  • Publishes to social media

  • Prints/Distributes Easy Voter Guide 

  • Maintains LWVO Website


  • Organizes outreach activities to recruit members

  • Distributes membership information, voter registration and educational materials at Oakland events

  • Manages membership renewals. 


  • Manages the annual process to determine advocacy and education priorities for the coming year

  • Works with the committees to produce programs, speakers and panels 


Follows the Oakland Unified School District, making sure it attends to the needs of all students, encouraging its success, and focusing on educational equity issues, financial solvency, and school safety.

Reentry Task Force

Uses League resources and leverages community partnerships to create opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals to learn about their voting rights and more easily enable engage in the election process.

Oakland Votes Collaborative

Works in collaboration with more than 35 community-based organizations on non-partisan voter registration and get-out-the-vote services to strengthen outcomes in these historically low-participation districts. 

Voter Service

  • Coordinates voter education and registration for the League

  • Collaborates with under-represented groups to increase their access to the political system

  • Creates voter education programs such as:

    • Candidate Forums, often hosted in partnership with community groups, other local Leagues and neighborhood councils.  

    • Pro and Cons presentations about local, regional and state ballot measures. 

    • Distributes voter registration forms (“affidavits”) to post offices, libraries, and other public facilities and nonprofit locations throughout the city.

    • Oakland Easy Voter Guides, multilingual voter education pamphlets tabout how to vote, statements by local candidates, and plain-language descriptions of local and regional ballot measures for and against. 

    • The Voter’s Edge website (a joint effort with MapLight and the LWV of California Education Fund), enabling voters to register online and check on their registration status. It also includes up-to-date information about candidates and ballot measures (including who supports or opposes them). 

    • YOUth Decide, which engages students in voter registration at several high schools and colleges. Volunteers, including student interns, have produced a Teacher's Toolkit with content to support civics education and engagement, as well as a bi-lingual voter registration presentation. 

Committees for Internal League Management

Fund Development

Ensures the League has adequate resources to implement a full range of programs above and beyond membership dues. Organizes additional fundraising activities among our friends, sponsors and supporters.

Nominations Committee

After consultation with committees, identifies and recruits new volunteers to support committee work and provide new leadership.  


Recruits and supports succession planning of board members through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens, and oversees the review and adoption of appropriate governance policies and procedures by the Board.

Volunteer Development

Supports the League’s mission and vision by maintaining a well-trained, diverse and responsive corps of volunteers.

The Oakland League also has representatives in the following:


The Alameda County Council of Leagues includes members from the Leagues of Alameda, Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville, Eden Area, Fremont-Newark-Union City, Piedmont, and Oakland


The League of Women Voters Bay Area is a 20-member inter-league organization

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