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For Groups & Organizations

Resources for your organization 

During the year:
  • updates and ways to get involved on key developments in Oakland government; collaborations on issues of shared interest; subscribe to our newsletter.


In election season:
  • voter registration and election materials, speakers bureau, non-partisan candidate forums, on-line resources; link from our home page. 


  • Partnerships with local organizations to register and engage voters in low-voting City Council districts

  • Speakers with non-partisan information about upcoming ballot measures for civic groups, senior centers, faith communities, social clubs, and neighborhood associations; use Contact Us from our home page to request a presentation.

Speakers Bureau & On-Line Resources

For elections:


Every election the League researches local ballot measures.  Through print, in-person events and on-line resources, we make information available about the pros and cons of each ballot measure.  

The League also considers whether to recommend passage of each measure.  Board decisions are conveyed in “Vote with the League” recommendations.


Community organizations, civic associations, neighborhood associations and social groups can request presentations from the League’s Speakers Bureau or assistance with on-line resources.


The League also sponsors and co-sponsors non-partisan candidate forums.




Government transparency and accountability and watching over the will of the voters are at the core of the League’s year-round work.


 Our volunteers monitor and analyze implementation of legislation and ballot measures in selected areas and we report our findings to the general public including through community events.  


Often in collaboration with other civic organizations we also support initiatives to safeguard the rights of all voters, get money out of politics, and promote fair and representative government.


For more information, use our contact form and select Collaboration Request from the dropdown.

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