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Local Government
Who have we elected ?

Office of the Mayor


  • is elected for a four-year term and can only serve two terms.

  • appoints the City Administrator, an employee, who is responsible to run City services like police, fire, parks, recreation centers, libraries and city streets. (City Council approves this person) 

  • recommends programs, laws and a budget to the City Council.

  • nominates residents to many commissions that provide oversight to important services.

Oakland Map

City Councilmember

Oakland is divided into seven districts. Each district has one Councilmember with a four-year term. In addition, one City Council member is elected by the whole city, “at large.”



The Council sets policy for City departments, can change local laws (called ordinances) for things like zoning, permits and licenses or local taxes. The City Council approves City contracts and the City budget.


OUSD Board Member

Oakland Unified School District is divided into seven districts. 



Board directors are elected to work as a team with the superintendent to ensure students have access to a quality education. They set direction, adopt and monitor a budget, oversee the  superintendent and advocate for children, the school district and public schools


County Supervisor


Oakland is in Alameda County. The County has five districts. Each district has a Supervisor who is elected for a four-year term.


  • appoints the County Administrator, who is an employee who runs the day-to-day operations for county services, such as public health, mental health, social services, probation, child support, public defender and elections.

  • adopts the budget, approves contracts (including

District Attorney

Oakland Map


The District Attorney charges and prosecutes criminal violations of the laws of California. Prosecutions are in such areas as felonies (like murder, homicide, manslaughter, rape, assault and aggravated battery) and fraud (like consumer, real estate, mortgage, insurance, medical and financial fraud) and crimes against elders and dependent adults, and environmental protection.

Peralta Community College District Trustee


The Community College District is comprised of Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland, College of Alameda, and Berkeley City College. 

The Community College District is managed by a Governing Board of seven Trustees. Trustees serve 4-year terms. Each Trustee is elected by Area. Parts of Oakland are represented in Areas 3, 5 and 7



The Board hires the Chancellor, who is the chief executive, and is responsible for educational quality and financial health of the colleges in the District. 

REGIONAL GOVERNMENT: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
Many important public services are governed by independent elected bodies that have authority beyond Alameda County.

AC Transit Board Member

AC Transit Ward 3

Directors serve four-year terms. There are no term limits.


Directors set the budget, set policies and manage services to keep buses
operating. These include hiring a General Manager and General Counsel,
setting salaries and benefits and managing labor negotiations.

EBMUD Board Member

EBMUD Ward 4
EBMUD Ward 3

East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) provides safe and adequate drinking water and wastewater treatment services in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Oakland votes on Wards (Districts) 3 and 4 of a seven-member Board. Directors serve four-year terms.



The Directors set rates, manage the budget and staff responsible for EBMUD services and facilities.

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