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Election November 2022


Neighbor to Neighbor

A Voter Resource

Purpose of program

Do friends and family always ask you how to vote? Are you asked about ballot measures your friends don’t understand?

The November 2022 election will include 10 ballot proposals on important issues like Oakland business taxes and public finance of political campaigns.

Host a gathering with nonpartisan information prepared by the League of Women Voters about all the ballot measures. Help people make informed choices.

The League of Women Voters Oakland is part of a national network committed to building a strong democracy through informed, active voters. We’re here to help you get involved because democracy is not a spectator sport.

Sign up or get help

Click HERE to sign up.

For questions, send us a message HERE

Details of the program

When are gatherings held?

Ballots will be mailed to every voter starting October 10. Many hosts gather people after ballots have arrived.

What does the LWVO provide to hosts?

  • Ballot Measures (Pros & Cons Training) for Hosts

  • A downloadable Discussion Guide

    • Suggested discussion questions

    • Key dates for the November election

    • Information for voters to troubleshoot voting issues

  • Downloadable materials:

    • Brief, written descriptions of the pros and cons of each proposal

    • Easy Voter Guides with summary information on Oakland races and Oakland ballot measures, written for all reading levels
      (available in English, Spanish and Chinese)


Easy Voter Guides

Easy Voter Guide

Money & Oakland Politics

The League of Women Voters has long supported reforms to get money out of politics and to give voters ways to make informed choices.  While knowing who is supporting a candidate or a ballot measure does not change how much money is raised or spent, it is one source that can inform your vote.  

Current campaign reporting requirements still make it difficult for the average voter to easily get useful information.  Fortunately, Oakland voters have two useful tools:


Open Disclosure’s “Follow the Money” has donor information by office and ballot measure and enables you to search contributors by name.  



Show Me the Money” maps donors, because some people feel that it is significant to know if donors are from the jurisdiction of the candidate or ballot measure (as in “outside” money).

Open Disclosure was developed by OpenOakland, a Code for America brigade that works to improve the lives of Oaklanders by advancing civic innovation and open government through community partnerships, engaged volunteers, and civic technology in partnership with the Oakland Public Ethics Commission (PEC). The PEC is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland city government.

Money & Politics
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