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Our Goals for 2020-2021

Here are LWVO's programmatic and strategic goals which will underly our actions and focus this program year.

Our programmatic focus this year is in the following areas:

  • Government Oversight:  Work with Councilmembers and partner organizations to correct deficiencies in City procedures and possibly ordinances in order to inform residents about ballot measures and provide for public discussion and debate in a more timely and transparent manner.  Enhance LWVO's legislative analysis.

  • Campaign Finance Reform:  Follow PEC's work on reform of Oakland's public financing system--encouraging one similar to Seattle's voucher system--for 2020 election, building public support through outreach.

  • Redistricting:  Work to ensure City meets its administrative responsibilities and public outreach to create an Independent Redistricting Commission that is competent, diverse, and committed and leverages partnerships with Oakland Rising and similar organizations.

  • OUSD Community Schools and Budget Issues:  Monitor and analyze OUSD's development of a plan to implement its Community Schools Policy, watching for opportunities for comment and/or advocacy.  Follow budget negotiations.

Housing, Voter Service to the Reentry Community, local Climate Action and Census Engagement will be on the radar as well.

Our strategic, organizational goals are:

  • Broaden and deepen LWVO's understanding of the diversity of our community.

  • Engage under served Oakland communities to increase their understanding of the political system and how their use of political power can influence change.  

  • Diversify the membership, leadership, partnerships of LWVO.   Read about LWV-CA's efforts to break down barriers in our democracy!  Read LWVO's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy.   Listen to Robyn DiAngelo talk in Oakland about white fragility.

  • Increase community awareness of the LWVO as a year-round resource for relevant programs, services and information about how civic participation can create change.

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