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Notes from High School and College Campuses

Notes from High School and College Campuses

from YOUth Decide Committee Chair Carmen Murray

Our expanded team of volunteers--many of us retired teachers—has been working collaboratively with public and private high schools and community colleges to engage students in voter registration and civic participation. During the 2022 election cycle we made 11 presentations about voting and encouraging on-campus voter registration. Young people were especially interested in the mid-term election and took quickly to registering to vote online. Our activities will continue post-election and we invite others to join us in this rewarding work. We’re eager to introduce our League YOUth Decide volunteers to additional high school and community college populations (see Action below).

Our classroom presentations include:

● A video, The History of Voting, which leads to a discussion of voter suppression.

● A video, My Vote Don’t Count by rapper YelloPain, explaining how laws are made and why midterm and local elections are important. The closing message is “When you don’t vote, someone is happy to do that for you.”

The classroom teacher determines the focus of each presentation to be sure it fits the audience. Student-led projects are always popular. Student interns work under the supervision of communications professionals to support the League’s critical social media presence.

Participating schools during the 2022 election cycle included: Fremont High School, Street Academy High School, Lesson for the Changemakers Class of College Preparatory School, Laney College Art as Activist, Berkeley City College Art, Castlemont High School, and Presentation at Street Academy High School.

In addition to making presentations, team members are constantly reviewing and enhancing this exciting program, meeting the challenges of the post-Covid classroom. YOUth Decide will meet throughout 2023 to incorporate new committee members who will help us improve the program. Student-led registration drives will remain a priority.

Special thanks to volunteers Patricia Arabia, Julie Bernas-Pierce, Nanci Clifton, Peggy Lipper, Selma Meyerowitz, Dondrea Morgan, Lydia Nayo, Judy Proller. Special thanks to interns: Francesca Hales, Soleena Carrillo Ramanathan, Radha Feist, and Siena Chai.

Take Action – YOUth Decides would love to be introduced to additional schools. Our programs are best suited to high school and community college levels. Please email to join us or help us expand our program. Thank you!


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