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Recruiting Volunteers for Observer Corp

Volunteer Need: Seeking League members to attend public meetings including those of Oakland’s City Council, its committees, and commissions.

Description: Join the League’s Observer Corp and learn about what is going on in Oakland city government. Your task would be to 1) choose a committee or commission whose work interests you, 2) observe meetings (in person, via zoom, or via recordings) of the governmental committee or commission you have chosen, 3) take note of any action or discussion regarding issues that the League is tracking, and 4) report back to the Action Committee using a simple, structured report form. That’s it!

An Action Committee mentor will get you started and provide guidance about issues the League is following. It’s a great opportunity to learn about Oakland’s government and how issues are being addressed.

Volunteer start date/end date: TBD

Anticipated time requirement: 3-6 hours/month, depending on committee.

Venues for Volunteering-where the volunteer can work: In March 2023, the City of Oakland returned to in-person public meetings. City Council meetings will allow for hybrid participation, and recordings should be available after the meetings. Board and Commission meetings will move to hybrid meetings after procedures have been established to support hybrid options. Most Board/Commission meetings are recorded.

Task contact name and email: Liz Hartka


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