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Image by Binh Nguyen

Volunteer Opportunities

We are entirely volunteer-led and very much value the contributions of all of our volunteers. Here are some examples of ways to join us either by contributing in micro-tasks or roles that take approximately 2 - 5 hours per week.

During Election Season 

  • Voter registration and election information at community events

  • Community forums about issues, upcoming ballot measures and forums for candidates

Year Round

  • Communications micro-tasks such as:

    • interviews and research

    • taking photos at events

    • working with partner organizations on communications

    • creating flyers and voter guides

    • writing blog posts

    • social media outreach

    • working on our website

  • Attend public meetings and report proceedings

  • Contact government agencies

  • Confer with colleague organizations

  • Monitor online research

  • Promote youth civic engagement by developing and maintaining school partnerships

Ready to join us?

Use our contact form and select Volunteer Opportunities from the dropdown.

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