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YOUth Decide

YOUth Decide: Creating a culture of voting

YOUth Decide’s mission is to reach, register to vote, and educate students in civics and the importance of voting.  The vision is to create a culture of voting.

  • Partners with local public and private high schools and community colleges.

  • Engages youth in voter education and voter registration.

  • Guided by League volunteers who are experienced educators.

Teacher and Student Toolkit

Compiled to support student and faculty efforts to create a vibrant community-based culture of voting through student-led activities integral to civic engagement, the Toolkit is rich with multi-media resources, field-tested sample classroom presentations and ideas to get you started! 


The Toolkit contains resources on:

  • Voter Registration

  • Voter Education (Includes Learning Modules)

  • Get Out The Vote

  • Sample Presentations/Slides for Virtual and In-class Sessions

  • What Can LWVO Offer Community Colleges?

  • Resources:  Websites+/Videos/Apps/Print Media

  • Data Collection Tools

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