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The League of Women Voters Oakland is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteer work is often done through committees, and anyone is welcome to attend committee meetings to get acquainted and get involved. 

Committees to Serve the Public

Advocacy / Action

The Advocacy / Action Committee  conducts the advocacy work of the League of Women Voters of Oakland.

  • Tracking local government issues especially re: process, transparency and accountability.

  • Advocating League  positions in meetings with elected officials or through  written or oral public comment. 

  • Presenting programs to inform the public about local policies and issues.

  • Contributing content to the newsletter and the website.

  • In election years, analyzing Oakland and Alameda County ballot measures, advising the Board and preparing the League’s “pros and cons” statements on each measure. 


  • Publishes bi-weekly digital newsletter

  • Publishes to social media

  • Maintains LWVO Website


  • Sponsors social events and gatherings for members


  • Develops and directs member recruitment and renewal activities.

  • Welcomes new members to League meetings and events.

  • Tracks membership and dues

Voter Services

Voter Services provides voter education and registration services to the Oakland community, including:

  • Voter Registration

  • Candidate Forums

  • Speakers Bureau on state and local ballot measures

  • Maintaining Voter Registration Affidavit Boxes

  • Oakland Easy Voter Guide production and distribution, CA Easy Voter Guide distribution 

  • Produces videos explaining local ballot measure videos


YOUth Decide’s mission is to reach, register to vote, and educate students in civics and the importance of voting.  The vision is to create a culture of voting.

  • Partners with local public and private high schools and community colleges.

  • Engages youth in voter education and voter registration.

  • Guided by League volunteers who are experienced educators.

Committees for Internal League Management


The Budget Committee (BC) operates for a period of several months during the first part of each odd-numbered year. It oversees preparation of the Biennial Budget and submits it to the Board with adequate time for review and approval before distribution to Members for the Biennial Meeting held in May or June of each odd-numbered year.

Nominating / Search

The Nominating / Search Committee is charged with identifying members of the League whom they will nominate to serve as Officers and Directors of the League in the coming year.


The Technology Committee enables the day to day operations of the League by supporting the software and systems it uses for:

  • Website 

  • Membership Management 

  • Communications

  • Financial Management

The Oakland League also has representatives in the following:


The Alameda County Council of Leagues includes members from the Leagues of Alameda, Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville, Eden Area, Fremont-Newark-Union City, Piedmont, and Oakland


The League of Women Voters Bay Area is a 20-member inter-league organization

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