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Observer Corps

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The Observer Corps, the LWVO’s “watchdog” arm, has been following some of the 40+ Boards, Commissions, and Committees in Oakland city government for decades. Our presence at city meetings is a reminder to our leaders that we, the People, have a right to know what actions our government is taking. The League believes that this access is fundamental to our mission as well as to the health of our democracy.


In this election year, 2024, the Corps will be paying special attention to any ballot measures – such as Measure Z – that are up for renewal. In addition, the Corps will be keeping tabs on issues of continuing concern to the League and to the Oakland citizenry: good government, public finance, and the health and safety of our community.

See our latest blog for more information about the Corps.
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Democracy Dollars

Democracy Dollars Update


Oakland voters approved the Fair Elections Act (FEA) in November 2022 to introduce Democracy Dollars to Oakland - an innovative approach to campaign finance reform. We are the second city in the country, after Seattle, Washington, to adopt this method of financing political campaigns with public money.  Oakland’s charter-mandated Public Ethics Commission, which administers the prior and more limited current system of campaign finance, is responsible for implementation.


However, success at the ballot box is just the first step toward implementation. Given Oakland’s budget deficits, neither the Mayor nor the City Council identified sufficient resources to fully launch the FEA in the 2024 elections.  Nonetheless, the Mayor’s budget included an allocation to begin preparations for full implementation in 2026.

See our latest blog for updates


What is Redistricting?

  • Redistricting is the process by which we draw lines around electoral districts, determining who votes in each district for city council and school board representatives.

  • Redistricting occurs every 10 years to account for changes revealed by census data. District lines are redrawn to ensure equal numbers of residents in each district. 

Learn more about redistricting and how the Oakland League remains committed to this process.



November 2022 Election Re-Count



  • Questions and concerns were raised about the tally by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters of some races in the November 2022 Election.

  • The Registrar stated that the Oakland Unified School District 4 race outcome was different from his initial announcement.

Learn more about the League's involvement to ensure residents have confidence in the election results

Election Re-Count
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