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Voting & Elections

General Election Information

Both the State and County governments are responsible for elections in California and our state has adopted many ways to make voting easy.   ​

More Days and More Ways to Vote​​​

Need to register for the first time?

Changed your address since last election?

Update your existing registration at

How do I register to vote by mail?

Vote by mail is permanent, every registered voter will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot

By when do I have to mail my ballot?

Your ballot needs to be postmarked on or before Election day

Can I vote earlier than election day?

California has early voting, you don’t have to wait until election day to vote.

Can I drop my vote-by-mail ballot in person?

Drop it at a secure ballot drop box, a voting location, or your county elections office 

How do I vote in person?

Find your polling place at

What do in-person voting locations offer?

Accessible voting machines and language assistance

2024 General Election Information

Vote!  Presidential General Election: November 5, 2024
  • The last day to register for the November 5 election is October 21, 2024 (15 days before the election).

  • We will have complete information about the November 2024 election on our website by late summer / early fall.   

Vote 411 rectangle with text.png

Starting with the March 2024 Primary Election, Vote411 will replace Voter's Edge to provide you with all the election information you need. 

Bookmark today!

What are the ways I can vote?
  • Vote by mail or in person at a voting location in Alameda County. 

  • Instructions for returning your ballot and for voting in person will be in the county Voter Information Guide and in the ballot packet you get in the mail.



You have the right to vote if you

  • Are registered to vote

  • Are U.S. citizen & 18 years or older

  • Were formerly incarcerated for a felony conviction & are

    • out of prison

    • on parole

    • on probation

    • on post-release community supervision

    • mandatory supervision, or 

    • on federal supervised release. 

  • Have a misdemeanor conviction.  You can always vote


Questions? Didn’t get your ballot? Need help? 

Contact:  Registrar of Voters

1225 Fallon St., Oakland


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