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Changes Coming to Dues Management: Sustaining Membership Option Ending July 1, 2024

Our National League, LWVUS, is moving to a new member portal called ChapterSpot for all Leagues across the country. This new system will launch in January 2025 and will enable a more streamlined joining process that will facilitate the engagement of more members, through local, state, and national websites and through national membership campaigns. Also, auto-renewal will improve member retention to increase overall membership numbers and will lessen the administrative burden on local League volunteers to track down renewals.  

Currently our “individual” membership costs $75, of which $15 stays with the local League while $60 - a fixed rate per member - goes to support our state and national Leagues.  Any dollars over and above $75 stay local and support LWVO.  To that end, we have a “sustaining” membership level set at $100 that many members choose - where the additional $25 stays local with our League.  

Under the new system, dues will be split as a set % between LWVUS, LWV California and our League.  We will receive 20% of the dues.  So a $100 membership fee will result in only an additional $5 staying with our League.  Since many members choose to pay additional dues over and above $75 to directly support our local League as "sustaining" members, we will be eliminating the “sustaining” membership level and ask that you instead make a separate donation of any money that you would like to contribute directly to our League.  

We thank you for your continued support!  


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