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VOTE WITH THE LEAGUE: Library Services Retention and Enhancement Act

City of Oakland Measure C


2/3 vote required for passage

Measure C extends for 30 years the parcel tax enacted in 1994, and again in 2004 as Measure Q, to provide funding for the Oakland Public Library system. The tax rate will remain the same.

Funds from Measure C can be used only for library services. Those enumerated include opening at least six days a week and expansion of programs in support of literacy, lifelong learning, and information technology, as well as after-school homework programs and services to unhoused populations.

Funding for the Library comes from the City’s general fund and from parcel taxes. Measure Q revenues account for almost 40 percent of library funding. Without Measure C, libraries will be forced to cut services and hours; some branches will likely close.

Measure C will keep all Oakland libraries open to continue to provide safe places for children and teens, literacy programs for adults and seniors, as well as connection to government services and assistance for those in need of them.

Measure C includes exemptions from or reductions in the tax for low-income homeowners and housing projects. Oversight provisions will give the Library Commission ability to provide recommendations for improvements in library operations. The City Auditor must provide biannual audits.

The League supports sufficient and flexible revenues to meet the needs of government, and urges a YES vote on Measure C.


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