Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

Who are we? We are the League of Women Voters, an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. We are a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.

LWV Studies Money in Politics!

To kick off our Money in Politics national study this fall, LWVO is partnering with LWV Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville to host a film showing and discussion. Film producer Holly Mosher We will show clips from a compelling new documentary Pay to Play: Democracy's High Stakes, introduced by its award winning producer Holly Mosher, pictured at left. Holly's previous films on related subjects included Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety and Free for All! on the topic of election fraud.

Two local non-partisan leaders against hidden campaign contributions, Jay Costa, Executive Director of CounterPac, and Miriam Marks, Data Director of Maplight, will illuminate some of the questions League members we'll be wrestling with in the new national study on campaign finance.
For details on the event, see LWVBAE's website.

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October Program: Money in Politics

Program: Thursday, October 15, 6pm - 8pm

Is our democracy in danger of corruption by uncontrolled political spending?

With a major election just a year away, the League of Women Voters is studying Money in Politics. This first event in the series will be a Forum on October 15, cosponsored with the Public Ethics Commission.
Come hear about Money in Politics: how does it work, what is legal and what isn't, what can we do about it?

Join our discussion with: Left: Ann Ravel, Chair of the Federal Election Commission, former head of California Fair Political Practices Commission
Right: Paul Ryan, Senior Counsel, The Campaign Legal Center

Left: Denise Barber, Managing Director of Follow the Money

Hot Topic Discussion: Wednesday, October 28, 6pm-8pm
Join us for a follow-up to our Program with a discussion about issues surrounding the role of Money in Politics. Come learn and share your views with local experts at this informal roundtable discussion.

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Constitutional Amendment Forum and Consensus Discussion

Amending the Constitution! Hold a constitutional convention! What exactly is involved in each of these? What are the implications? What should and should not be considered when amending the Constitution? If these questions intrigue you or you simply have some opinions you'd like to express, come to LWVO's public information program on the process for amending the Constitution and method for evaluating potential amendments.
Public Information Program: Wednesday, November 4, 6pm-8pm, featuring Jonathan Stein of Common Cause and the ACLU.
Constitutional Amendment Consensus Discussion: Saturday November 7, 9am - 1pm. Open to all, voting by LWVO members only. Want to help form consensus, and aren't already a member? Join the LWVO!

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Calling All Girls! Calling All Girls!

Here is an opportunity for politically interested girls, called Girls in Politics.

Check out their Programs! These girls are our future League members and leaders!

Oakland Public Education Progress Report Released

The Oakland Achieves Partnership recently released its third annual Public Education Progress Report.

The progress report examines key student progress data ranging from preschool to college readiness in all Oakland public schools, both district and charter. In one location, it provides key data indicators--by student demographic groups--for parents, educators, and policymakers.

For the full report, click here. For the executive summary, click here.

Oakland Rocks the State League Convention!

2015 State Convention Photo
LWVO delegates Mary Bergan,Ernestine Nettles, Louise Rothman-Riemer, Katherine Gavzy, Judy Merrill, Amy Lyons, Deborah Shefler, Bonnie Hamlin with LWVUS President Elizabeth MacNamara and LWVC President Helen Hutchison. May 2015.