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Meet the Candidates running for each office and ask them questions.


Unsure about which district elections you will voting on?  Go to VOTE411, enter your address, click on save address and see races on your ballot.  A page will open on which you can see the list of the races you will be voting on.

Candidate Forums
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AC Board of Education Trustee - Area 2
AC Board of Supervisors - District 4
AC Board of Supervisors - District 5
CA State Senate - District 7
US 12th Congressional District

Pros & Cons

Explains the individual ballot measures and summarizes the major arguments both FOR and AGAINST.


Measure D

Increasing the Appropriations limit

Majority of vote to pass

 Alameda County

Measure A

Notification period of civil service examination


Majority of vote to pass

Alameda County 

Measure B

Recall elections 

(Section 62)

Majority of vote to pass

Pros & Cons
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Vote With The League

We never recommend an individual party or candidate, we will take positions on issues and associated ballot measures after significant study and discussion.

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When the League has studied an issue in depth and members have voted for a position on that issue, the League may support, oppose or remain neutral on ballot measures

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When the League has not studied an issue in depth or adopted a position, it makes no recommendation

Oakland Measure D

Increasing the Appropriations Limit

California’s Constitution limits the amount of tax revenues that the state, cities and other jurisdictions can spend unless voters approve of increased spending. Jurisdictions can request an increase every four years. It has been four years since Oakland last asked voters to approve an increase. Without passage of Measure D, Oakland will reach its spending limit and will not be able to spend tax revenues from measures that have already been approved by voters to pay for essential municipal services. Measure D is an important housekeeping measure to authorize the City to spend revenue for emergency dispatch services, paramedic services, libraries, police staffing, violence prevention, homeless services, children’s services, parks and recreation, and the Oakland Zoo. Vote YES on Measure D.

Alameda County Measure A

Notification period of Civil Service Exam
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The League has not studied the issues in this measure, and so makes no recommendation.

Alameda County Measure B

Recall Elections (Section 62)

Rules for recalling public officials in Alameda County have not been modified since the County Charter was adopted in 1926. Alameda County is the only county in California that has recall elections rules that are significantly different from California state recall procedures. Some of the rules are unconstitutional, and others cannot be implemented given the current election methods. It is critical that we update the County recall procedures so that we can avoid the unnecessary and expensive lawsuits that could result from recalls conducted under this outdated law. Further, such inconsistency with state law provides confusion and can limit voters’ ability to use recall in the way it was intended. Recall elections are one way that we hold elected officials accountable for their work. Recalls are not intended for appointed officials, nor to undo the will of the community. Instead, we should hold the officials we elect accountable for the work of those they appoint and utilize constitutional means to address concerns. By adopting the state recall laws for Alameda County, we can be sure that future recall elections in the County will be using the most up to date regulations and laws. Vote YES on Measure B.

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